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Louisiana Benzene Case against Shell settled

“Shell’s potential exposure to litigation throughout the US for benzene exposure claims may now be very significant – this could be a repeat of the asbestos claims of a few years ago.” Extracts from an article published 11 April 2014 by under the headline: “Parties Remaining in Louisiana Benzene Case Scheduled for June 2014 […]

Shell Oil Co blasted by City Officials and Law Firm

City officials and a law firm representing homeowners in the Carousel housing tract in Carson on Monday blasted Shell Oil Co.’s proposed plan to clean up petroleum-contaminated soil in the neighborhood. “It’s a joke,” said Tom Girardi, whose firm is suing Shell on behalf of hundreds of Carousel tract residents and the city. “We know […]

Nigeria: Bonga Oil Spill – FG Fines Shell $11.5 billion

Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company, SNEPCO, was, yesterday, ordered by Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, and the National Oil Spill Response and Emergency Agency, NOSREA, to pay a total of $11.5 billion, about N1.84 trillion, as fines and compensation for the 2011 Bonga oil spill incident. “The kind of impunity Shell and […]

Fire put out at Shell’s German Godorf refinery

Thu Jan 9, 2014 11:07am EST Jan 9 (Reuters) – A fire at a chemical tank at Shell’s 195,000 barrel per day Rheinland refinery in Godorf, Cologne in Germany was put out at 1515 GMT on Thursday, just over an hour after it started, the company said. “The plant’s and the external fire brigades and […]

4 states confirm water pollution from oil and gas drilling

PITTSBURGH (AP) — In at least four states that have nurtured the nation’s energy boom, hundreds of complaints have been made about well-water contamination from oil or gas drilling, and pollution was confirmed in a number of them, according to a review that casts doubt on industry suggestions that such problems rarely happen. Extracting fuel […]

Shell under fire over ‘toxic waste risk’

Published at 12:01AM, December 10 2013 Dozens of huge concrete tanks containing unknown amounts of toxic petrochemical waste will be left on the seabed under the latest proposals for decommissioning some of the oldest and largest oil rigs around Scotland’s coast. The energy giant Shell plans to apply early next year for permission to leave […]

Oil spill coats river, sea near ENI Nigeria facility

Vast stretches of the delta’s unique mangrove swamps are blackened and dead from oil pollution. By Tife Owolabi: YENAGOA, Nigeria Tue Dec 3, 2013 5:39pm IST (Reuters) – A large oil spill near Nigeria’s Brass facility, run by ENI, has spread through the sea and swamps of the oil producing Niger Delta region, local residents […]

Canada’s Tar Sands Oil Boom Yields Toxic Wastewater Lakes

Companies including Syncrude Canada, Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil affiliate Imperial Oil are running out of room to store the contaminated water that is a byproduct of the process used to turn bitumen—a highly viscous form of petroleum—into diesel and other fuels. By 2022 they will be producing so much of the stuff that a […]

Shell/Motiva had five of the largest releases of air pollutants from Louisiana refineries

Louisiana refineries and associated chemical plants had higher air emissions from accidents in 2012, new report says By Mark Schleifstein, | The Times-Picayune: November 12, 2013 Extract The biggest air pollution accident in 2012 was the release of 648,733 pounds of mostly carbon monoxide on May 8 by Motiva Enterprises in Norco. Motiva also […]

Company town: One woman’s fight to save her town

Her concerns grew stronger after an explosion at Shell’s refinery in 1988. (The plant is now owned by Motiva, a joint-venture between Shell and Saudi Aramco, the Saudi national oil company). The explosion toppled a 16-story tower, and cracked walls and ceilings in houses and ceilings around Norco. It set off alarms 25 miles away […]

Shell, Chevron Pay Millions To Settle Contamination Claims

By Jeff Sistrunk Law360, Los Angeles (October 16, 2013, 4:19 PM ET) — Shell Oil Co. and Chevron Corp. have agreed to pay $4.5 million and $1.1 million, respectively, to settle claims by the Crescenta Valley Water District that their gasoline contaminated the utility’s wells and nearby groundwater, according to court records. U.S. District Judge […]

Shell shuts Nigeria pipeline again, 150,000 bpd deferred

 Shell Nigeria said on Wednesday it had shut down its Trans Niger Pipeline (TNP) owing to reports of leaks… The latest leaks were reported at B-Dere, Nonwa-Tai, and Bodo West, all in Ogoniland. Shell blames oil thieves for almost all leakages, although environmental campaigners say a failure to replace its decrepit 50-year-old equipment are as […]

Defiant Shell unwilling to quit crime-hit Niger Delta

Oil giant Shell has denied running away from its problems in Nigeria. Shell employs 600 contractor companies, who Janzen says “in principle” survey the lines around the clock;  Campaigners suggest some contractors may be implicated in theft, arguably putting Shell indirectly in the frame. 30 September 2013 The tanker sailed into the Niger Delta, right […]

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Links to a selection of current Shell related articles kindly supplied by a regular contributor Montepeque of Platts Caught in Battle Over Oil Assessments: Bloomberg: The oil-market investigation became public in May when European … Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA), three of Europe’s largest oil companies, … Shell will keep oil shale R&D, sell its other Colorado […]