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OPL 245 was a tipping point

Comment by Bill Campbell (retired HSE Group Auditor of Shell International) on the article “Corruption charge looms for outgoing BHP director Malcolm Brinded” 

It was good news for those who care for Shell and it’s reputation when Brinded and his guard dog Ruddock were shown the door in 2012. Brinded had contaminated the boardrooms of Shell UK and RDS for 15 years with his toxic behaviour. Corruption of external parties also in the shape of the North Sea safety reguluator using his special relationship with the then Secretary of State for Scotland. Still wary of the demise of reputation during the reserves debacle it seems the Chairman and his counsel with the support of the non executives called time on Brinded sensing Shell was heading yet again into the scandal zone.

Perhaps he is being helped towards prosecution from within. Was it coincidental that when the morning raid took place both the CEO and CFO were absent, was it a coincidence that the Police were aware there was a cache of interesting stuff in the office of the non executive Chairman, held in a file cabinet that used to be Brinded’s.

The most interesting aspect that hints at an insider is the transcript of the telephone conversation between BvB and Simon Henry. How on earth did this piece of super sensitive correspondence get from the highest levels of RDS into the public domain? and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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