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Since the 1990s, Shell has been at war with John Donovan

Extracts from the ebook “John Donovan, Shell’s Nightmare” (now available on Amazon websites globally)

From page 16

Extract begins

It is fair to say that the first dozen years of the business relationship between Shell and Don Marketing was very successful for both parties. Not only in the UK but around the world. We enjoyed a mutually beneficial and trusting relationship.

In the two decades since 1993, the mutual admiration evaporated and the relationship became so acrimonious that The Times newspaper published a City Diary article in 2007 about Shell’s hostile relationship with my family.


Since the 1990s, Royal Dutch Shell has been at war with a family who registered a website, The Donovan family, led by 90-year-old Burma veteran Alfred, perhaps quixotically want Shell to change its management. Shell has failed to shut down the site, which has attracted job applications and, allegedly, even a terrorist threat, all of which are dutifully passed on to the company.

Thus, we became widely known for bouts of litigation with Shell – all stemming from the theft of our intellectual property by the ruthless oil giant.

The events set out will hopefully explain the sense of deep injustice that has driven my activities for over two decades.

Basically, I campaign for Shell to operate according to the pledges set forth in its own statement of Business Principles. To me, that does not seem an unreasonable ambition.

I have provided links to cited documents, letters, emails, and articles, all of which are posted online.

It comes from various sources. Discovery in previous litigation with Shell; correspondence with Shell; leaked information; plus legal documents obtained from the US Courts and also information obtained from Shell in response to Subject Access Requests made under the UK Data Protection Act.

Consequently, the reader does not have to accept my word alone for what would otherwise appear to be outrageous tales about an epic battle, still in progress.

I am a long-term Shell shareholder.

Extracts from the John Donovan ebook ends.

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