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Shell Energy branded on Trustpilot as “A company of Liars”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 10 April 2020.

A company of Liars.

There is nothing positive about this company. They are a disgusting company and utterly useless in every sense. They try to tell me I owe them almost £2,000 because their systems are so awful its systems override meter readings, they end up refunding me over, £1,100 and are now illegally blocking me from moving supplier.. They have deliberately added the same balance back on my account which suspiciously was immediately after I said I was leaving… They are completely inept and underhanded. Stay away from these lieing prats. They have had 5 previous chances to correct this and tried to tell me each time it was sorted. Don’t even consider doing business with these liars.

Incompetant Do not touch

What a complete shower Shell energy is. The normal Customer service are completely useless .I was told that they could not sort my bill out ,an estimate of usage of my tenant who had left supplying them with a meter read. The bill that was sent ,was double what it should be. Told to pay it and they would refund the money later …….I think not !!!!! They wouldn’t take my meter read despite a new tenant taking over .She has now left Shell energy but yet again they have sent me her bill of usage . They send to me using my address and the rental address mixed together how it gets here I dont know…..
There was one good person on the weekend customer service who sorted out the mess and did the necessary things to sort out the inflated bill Despite this they still send me mail and the new tenant’s bill .It would appear she also had problems with them ….Also I will never get back the 3 hours of my life waiting to be answered or put on hold and they wanted me to call back they’re having a laugh …..Steer clear of them ….poor poor poor incompetant service

The slowest ever broadband I have ever…

The slowest ever broadband I have ever seen. Please dont go for it even if you get it for free!!!!

Had called shell energy to ask if we…

Had called shell energy to ask if we could delay payment due to covid-19 and they said yes we can do that for 90 days for you not a problem. And today they took the payment out of my account and left me with no money to live off bunch of sods and thats me being nice about them. Would not recommend ANYONE to use shell energy

contacted Shell as self employed re…

contacted Shell as self employed re coronavirus to request a 3 month payment holiday. I gave them my most up to date meter readings and was told I was £20 in debit and that my request would be answered in 4-5 days.

I then received a call from the department that authorises payment hols he said that was fine and that I was £60 in credit. And that my payment holiday had been accepted.

I then received communications from Shell saying they had tried to take my direct debit but it had been unsuccessful (I had cancelled it re payment hol) I then received another text today saying that my account was in arrears to call to pay.

Creating uneccassary stress and needless calls back to them again due to their lack of communication or updating their system.

Avoid at all costs there customer services don’t have a clue guy I spoke to today 07/04/20 then cut me off about 5.30pm so wonder if they close or finish work but he did not say he had to go but left me on hold – and despite having my account details in front of him has not attempted to call me back he did offer as goodwill to credit my account with the £20 that I’m in debit but that is nonsense as the other guy told me I was £60 in credit. I have no faith whatsoever in anything they say to me…

Really poor customer service

Really poor customer service! I have changed energy company due to their poor service. I had a problem since Feb 2020 when they had sent a technician to install a smart meter-affected my boiler. Firstly it is very difficult to get through to shell energy , spoken to several advisors after long waiting times and they all have different advice. Finally spoke to someone from Customer resolution centre after 6 weeks who says that I have to provide evidence which is difficult to obtain now ! Really disappointing service and be very wary of this company !

Shell energy, what a joke!

Over the last couple of months I have called Shell on several occasions, and they are the most useless company I have ever used.
One advisor advises one thing, then you speak to someone else and they give you a different story!
Every couple of months they up my direct debit, saying it is due to I’m using more or arreas but when you ask why they can’t give you specifics! They are just money grabbers in my eyes! I live on my own and pay nearly 100 a month to them. Prime example February after my direct debit was taken, 6 pound was owed on the account today all of a sudden I am owing them 114 pound, with me paying march’s DD. How can a working single person use all that Gas and Electric!

The advisors seem like they don’t have a clue what they are talking about, to even leave i have to pay 120 pound plus my so called arreas

I ‘ve finished with Shell

AC Number 3607007 .I ‘ve finished with Shell, although it cost me £100 early exit fee I ‘m still saving £150.
As mentioned in my previous messages about the company .About a year ago when I was with Shell I thought I would see If I could save by switching. Two company’s offered me £10 per month less then Shell, which I thought I would take. On going into my account Shell informed me they could do it even £10 cheaper,which I took of course.
I was paying £111 per month ,that would make it £91. The direct debit never reduced on the new deal, still £111.Shell had all my energy usages for several months before ,so how could there estimate of £91 be wrong.
Any one getting a estimate from shell should check very very carefully how much they will be paying.
Although it cost me £100 (what a mug to agree to this in the first place ) it was well worth it in the end.

Very challenging company to deal with

Very challenging company to deal with, will do their very best to get as much extra money as they can out of customers with hidden charges.

Failing internet connection

I joined Shell Energy in October 2019 but began experiencing regular buffering soon after. Although in response Shell Energy offered of a two-month trial of their fibre package, they failed to implement the trial after I accepted the offer. They have now issued a “deadlock letter” to enable me to refer my complaint to Ombudsman Services.
Unfortunately, my internet connection has now begun cutting out altogether several times every day. When I tried to contact Shell Energy, their lines were busy. So I used the call-back service but they never called me back. Subsequently they simply repeated that we had reached “deadlock” and that I could take my complaint to the Ombudsman.
As I rely on my connection for my job, I cannot wait for several weeks or months while the Ombudsman investigates. Terminating my contract early therefore appears to be my only option, but Shell Energy have told me that they will then impose their hefty early termination fee. I now feel trapped by a company that does not listen to their customers’ complaints

I have been extremely upset with Shell…

I have been extremely upset with Shell Energy and their false promises of saving you money. This is far from the truth and wished i had read their reviews before changing suppliers
Their salesmans outright lies of low tariffs did not materialise and I was taken in by His glib words.
Now I am with a new provider and was charged for February 2020, less than half Shell Energy’s bills.
I urge anybody considering Shell as provider. DON,T .
She’ll Energy have caused me considerable stress. In my 78th year I do not need it.

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