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Trustpilot Toxic Customer Reviews of Shell Energy

Extracts from Shell Energy customer reviews posted on Trustpilot in the last 48 hours: “Terrible customer service, rude agents, poor communication”: “support/online chat is a complete joke. Worst provider EVER!”: “The most terrible Energy company in the UK. Please stay away from SHELL ENERGY.”: Broadband from shell has been atrocious. It simply does not work.”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted in the last 48 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 09 April 2021.

We could be watching a film

We could be watching a film. But instead we are watching the iPlayer buffering.
It been this way for 6 months now, since we moved to shell from talk talk for our broadband. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR BROADBAND WITH SHELL.

Absolute disgusting

Absolute disgusting, incompetent company that fabricate data / scripts to suit their own agenda while pushing people to the brink of suicide. Most unsympathetic liars I’ve every dealt with in my whole life when it comes to energy providers that I’ve dealt with over last 20 years. Their attempts at “investigating to resolve there own fck ups in the first place” demonstrates that utter clowns would do a better job. A WARNING TO ALL….DO NOT SIGN UP TO THIS COWBOY OUTFIT.

Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service, rude agents, poor communication and lack of transparency/candour from shell and its representatives

Terrible customer support

terrible customer support, reply every 6 or 7 hours on twitter if your lucky.

Worst provider I have ever had

Worst provider I have ever had. Always Ignore my email requests of help to resolve the issue of no WiFi in half of my house and my WiFi extender not connecting with your router. Tye phone support/online chat is a complete joke. Worst provider EVER!

Shell Energy not transparent questionable business ethics

Have already written a damming review with regard to SHELL’s non transparency which due to bad business techniques see’s the Customer being penalised. I have dealt with major utility companies and never had problems. SHELL created the problem whereby if the customer is unhappy and pause the Direct Debit, they are NOT advised that this will adversely affect the Fixed Price Plan. I found myself contacting OFGEM. OFGEM contacted SHELL on my behalf and my DD has now been resurrected by SHELL. Goodwill payments have been accepted by me from SHELL. However, I still question their business ethics. Be aware that although documents exist within SHELL regarding payment by DD, it does not highlight the penalty of increased costs ie Standing Charges if they fail the customer. Further training requirements have been identified.

Shell are the biggest money leeches/parasites ever

I normally switch broadband at end of each contract and can confirm that Shell is the worst service I have ever had. They deserve No star. I see everyone saying how easy it is to transfer TO them but try getting OUT of them even when your contract ends. They have ridiculous fees that don’t make sense. I have to pay a cease fee to leave them even after the contract has ended. Now they say I have to send the router back in its original box from 12 months ago or else they will charge me over £30- I have never heard/done this before. Shell are the biggest money parasites I have ever come across. DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. Don’t know what I expected from a company that specialises in Oil and has a reputation for environmental pollution.

Shell Energy there to keep you in debt forever!!!

The most terrible Energy company in the UK. Please stay away from SHELL ENERGY. I just paid £700 off of my bill only to be told that I now owe even more money £1,200. SHELL ENERGY will put you on the most expensive tariff just to put and keep you in debt on purpose . The customer service team will not only laugh at you they ask questions like ( when they know you only use electric)… do you heat your house with electric????

AVOID like the plague

AVOID like the plague. They go off industry meter readings, the bills are not fixed, estimated, and stops you from switching. And also a fraudulent set up as why I’m with them. It’s took me over a year to leave because they wouldn’t allow me to. The worst! I could write more but just avoid. If this is one energy company that should be closed down for cons, it’s this one

No direct debit taken

Just changed to Shell, and all seemed to be going well with meter readings etc, but the first direct debit was not taken, now we’re over the due date for the second. Customer services were a complete waste of time – the person at the end of the line said it was for the finance department – can’t put you through to finance – will check and get back to you – still waiting. Probably have the debt collectors next saying we haven’t paid.


Rubbish. Impossible to contact vis chat, phone or email. I sent two emails 10 days ago and I’m still awaiting a response. The phone never gets answered and every time I use the chat option I’m no 50 in the queue. I’m now cancelling my contract as I’ve never encountered such a useless supplier

Home schooling was upsetting for my…

Home schooling was upsetting for my son.
Broadband from shell has been atrocious. It simply does not work. £180 to cancel the contract and yet they are happy to take my money every month, for a device they cannot provide. BEWARE!

How are big companies like this allowed to rob from families??

Firstly I signed up and advised the…

Firstly I signed up and advised the direct debit payment to be taken on the first of every month, it was actually taken on the 23rd? I do not understand why?. Secondly I contacted one of your colleagues with regards to my current smart meter not giving me any numerical information, she assured me they were working on it and it should start working at some point????, well that point has not been reached and I have NO IDEA on how much GAS and ELECTRIC is costing me to purchase from yourselves, so I have no idea how to budget my costs!!!!!. Your immediate response would be helpful……………

Costly smart meter installation

Since changing over to Shell in Dec 2020, there have been numerous comprehension problems. Despite telling them I wanted a smart meter installed, they kept asking me “do you want a smart meter installation?” Then, they ask me to call them on MY PHONE NUMBER!!! Perhaps, they should use ROBOTICS which have a higher degree of intelligence. Now, they inform me that post installation, they will cap my gas supply and I would have to pay a gas engineer to check my gas appliance. What has a meter installation got to do with my appliance needing a check? This company is the pits! Absolutely, useless. I can’t wait for my contract to end with them.

Nobody lived in my house since Dec…

Nobody lived in my house since Dec 2019. I move to stay with my son. That time l used Green Star Energy. On 23/3/2020, we left the UK. But got a msg from Green Star to pay the bill in May, so l paid. Then, we got back on 23/9/2020 and l went back to check my house. Found bills from Shell and couldn’t relate that Shell has something to do with me. Then, the Debt collector chased me. It took 6 months to sort out. She’ll over estimated my metre and l kept reading the metre to them every month and they never amend to actual readings. I insisted to pay the actual usage and after 6 months they did it. Very frustrated.

No helpful communication

I switched to Shell near on two years ago now with a two year contract. When I switched I was told my smart meter from prior supplier would work. Two months of being with them I was sending in meter readings. I did this for a while thinking this was them checking it against the smart meter being a new customer and all. After a few months I stopped. I went online and saw I could request a new smart meter so I did. I pay monthly DD and get a quarterly bill with details of future payments. This went up around £50pm and I couldn’t afford it. I called them to ask what was going on. Only to be told my smart meter wasn’t compatible with their one. And that my bill was now all estimated. My monthly bill got reduced to the lowest I could pay to pay some of the debit off. This has now been the case. This was back in 2019. Now in 2021 I am still waiting for a smart meter. I know there has been multiple lockdowns which restricts works but considering I requested this back in 2019 before any of this started it would have been fitted by now my last supplier did it within a month of requesting.

I have emailed to complain about the amount of wait time with no updates on the time it could take to be installed since first requesting. The responses have been really unhelpful ‘you’re on a list’ is the usual response but no actual answer as to why I have been updated on why there has been a wait. Or a possible date it could be installed. But now I don’t want it as soon as this contract ends I’m switching suppliers as don’t want to pay £75 per fuel to leave the contract early.

Just so unhelpful and ridiculous wait time for a smart meter well over a year and a half


Moved house recently. Before moving, we asked our historic supplier to supply the new house. Shell objected. Fast forward 2 weeks in the property and Shell was still objecting so I tried to contact them via their chat, after waiting for too long, decided I would have more chance over the phone. After another long wait on the phone, finally got to speak to someone. While he was nice, it took one hour of me arguing I didn’t want to stay with Shell for him to finally assure me that the “objections” for gas and electricity were now lifted and that I could move to the new supplier. I also had no other choice but to register and choose a tariff with them in order to move away from them! Anyway, fast forward another 2 weeks and my energy supplier tells me that while they’ve lifted objections on the gas, it’s still not the case on electricity! Back to square one, another long wait on the chat and phone to finally talk to another advisor and after a short while she came back to me confirming that the final objections were lifted. When I got to ask why this wasn’t done the first time around, I got put on hold never to hear about her again. This all ordeal to me sounds like entrapment practices and I wouldn’t be surprise if some less patient customers stay with Shell for that reason. Coincidentally but probably unrelated, we had some power cuts today. Now, I’m still waiting confirmation from our new supplier that they’ve been able to take over. Finally, I can’t wait to see if Shell’s (inflated?) bill for the short amount of time we were with them have exit fees on it, since I was guaranteed that I wouldn’t have to pay any in my first call.

The move to Shell has taken months and…

The move to Shell has taken months and is still not complete. They sent incorrect meter readings to the old provider which has still not been resolved. I have changed energy provider several times and have never had so many problems. I could not recommend Shell to anyone.

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