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Absolutely dreadful, arrogant staff at Shell Energy

Extracts from Shell Energy customer reviews posted during the past few days on Trustpilot: “My advice if you are thinking of switch to Shell DONT! Unhelpful, fraudulent company!”: “Shell Energy will never supply me with gas, electric or anything else in the future!”

Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 27 June 2021.

Help! I am SHELL-shocked

If there is hell on earth, then Shell company must be it. It’s been harrowing hell since I joined this company some six months ago as I could not afford my previous provider’s new rise. Shell gave me a quote that I could hardly refused as it was about half of what I was paying. This quote was given after numerous meter readings, therefore I could not foresee any problem arising from my fixed tariff. Unfortunately, after just two months they raised my bill three times over the agreed monthly payments. The most devilish action is that they did not even contact me to find out how that new payment would affect me. They just delve into my account and deduct the enormous sum of £130 which might sound petty cash to them but amounts to a fortune when one is a state pensioner with limited income. I have contacted them on this platform and got some lame excuse about the amount of electricity I used. Few days after I received an email about a smart meter to be installed in my apartment that would supposedly allow me to control my electricity usuage. I was overjoyed at the prospect and agreed for the smart meter. I followed the advice to minute details that is: switched off all standby appliances when not in use, cooked every other day, uploaded only one laundry once a week at 2 am in the morning (supposed to be cheaper night rate), did the ironing once a month, keept an eye on the monitor to ensure I was not overusing. I was so sure I was doing the right thing that I could not wait to see how much I saved after such drastic measures. Hell! the blasted bill came to the same £130 this month. I was SHELL-shocked, deeply comatosed by this current electricity bill. I complained to them and as usual not even an acknowledgement. Last time they replied to my review on Trustpilot, they had the audacity of telling me to see the complaint procedures. All my complaints have been through their procedures via my account with them! I am asking that my billing is reviewed to reflect my current usuage and that my direct debit payments adjusted accordingly, failing which I would appeal to the Ombudsman. Furthermore, I am having nightmares reading all the complaints about overpricing. Please, anyone, please if you have managed to escape this blasted situation, let other people know what to do, especially people on limited income like me, as I don’t think I could take another electric shock from Shell!

Mis-Sold to and now paying the price!!

Moved in to my property that was already being supplied by Shell, they were more affordable than my previous supplier in my previous property so decided to use Shell. I agreed a monthly amount for both gas and electric of £143.00, and paid this from moving in to my property in May 2017 until August 2018 when a sales advisor from Shell contacted me to say that he wanted to undertake an account review, he reviewed my usage and said I paying too much, switched me to a new plan paying £75 a month (at the time I did think that was more than half of my previous amount, but because he had data of my usage it had to be correct) and as part of the agreement I got a £50 Amazon Card – he also said I would by given priority to have a SMART meter installed at the property.

Fast Forward to August 2019 – I receive a text message saying my direct debit wasn’t enough to cover the debt – I contacted Shell who said I owed £2656 – I was completely aghast at this – provided meter readings – at which point they said the meter reading I have given them was less than what they had recorded when I moved in to the property – I sent the meter readings for the next 4 weeks to show usage – my argument was if they had an incorrect meter reading how can they hold me accountable for that amount when they can not accurately know my usage. They said I was still liable for the amount owing, whilst they reviewed the dispute my direct debit didn’t need to be changed! Yes they advised this! Meaning whilst they dragged there heals debt was still being accrued.

Through out 2020 there was a lot of contact, where i was pressing them to install the promised SMART meter so I can see my usage and finally in Feb 2021 it was installed.

This gets better – based on my usage £143 a month (which is what I used to pay) I set up an affordable Direct Debit in November for £150.00 and was happily paying this until Feb and WITHOUT NOTICATION £770 was taken from my bank – they claim they sent me emails but to do this day having asked for a copy of the email and the inbox it was sent to evidence hasn’t been sent.

This was my Rent Money which I had to beg to be returned and 14 days later was given back – the gentleman I spoke to convinced me I could trust that the the Direct Debit moving forward would only be for the agreed amount, and should any changes need to be made I would receive a telephone call from them.

This Morning 25/06/2021 – I log on to my online banking to see again £610 has now been taken out of my bank, again without authorisation, and again they are unable to provide me evidence of email confirming change in payment, I am told that they cant notify me by phone like I was told the would, and it is up to me to check the online account portal to see if there are any pending increases in payments due.

I had to BEG for them to set the payment amount to the affordable £150 I was paying, I want to pay but they were saying that I couldn’t pay that amount it needed to be more, and when I asked for the refund for my rent to processed again, I eventually broke down in tears because they were just putting up obstacle upon obstacle, and unwilling to help.

This company will not take responsibility for there part in this, I was mis sold to in August 2018, and if I had continued paying what I had agreed to when I agreed to switch to them, I wouldn’t be in this position. I have raised multiple complaints, told that they would be escalated – but to this day nothing happens.

My advice if you are thinking of switch to Shell DONT! Unhelpful, fraudulent company!

Erroneous inflated final bill

I was with first direct for a longtime and when it was taken over by shell energy, I continued with them for another 2 years. I found that they were no longer competitive in their prices and decided to leave for another provider by the end of May 2021. I was initially told that I was in credit of over £160 and that would be credited within a fortnight after leaving. I checked with the meter readings and had it confirmed with their staff over the phone. But when it came to reimbursing, I found out that they only credited £32 and upon enquiry they gave all sorts of excuses to circumvent the actual problem. I found it impossible to escalate the matter and no one from the company higher ups wanted to know me. Totally a pathetic service. Avoid at all cost. Mathew

Switched away from Shell energy to…

Switched away from Shell energy to British Gas my last direct debit was accidentally cancelled they reflected this in my last bill ( which I paid on the day I received it) by more than doubling my standard charge for the final period! Shell Energy will never supply me with gas, electric or anything else in the future!

Arrogant staff

Absolutely dreadful, arrogant staff.

Made an error, that happens. Denied they made an error. After an hour of back and forth they acknowledged they had so I asked to log a complaint.

Logged one and closed it immediately as they “had resolved the complaint”, which I disputed.

Asked for a deadlock letter and was told they wouldn’t issue one as they had “resolved the complaint” so “you can’t go to the ombudsman”

Never have I experienced so many errors or dealt with a company so arrogant to claim they have done nothing wrong.

Mis sold terrible service

Mis sold terrible service. Very unhappy

after closing the account before the 14 day cut off period…

after closing the account before the 14 day cooling off period you still seem to think that you are supplying me with energy. I have spent a total of two hours on the phone trying to get your staff to close the account but with no luck , been cut off twice and only one of your staff attempted to ring me back. I would be very grateful if this situation could be resolved as soon as possible.
l have kept the emails ref no,8796388,8771732 confirming the cancellation sent 17 June 2021 and 21 June 2021, the last time l contacted you was on the 25 June 2021 but half way through the call l was cut off again that s when l decided to give up and refer it to the ombudsman-services. Not a very promising experience

No Amazon voucher! Rubbish

Part of the deal was an Amazon voucher. I doubt I will ever see it as it’s now been over 90 days.

THE worst company EVER

I strongly advise everyone to stay away from this company. My first 4 bills were under £200 per month (in line with the person who lived here before me) then Shell didn’t bill me for 14 months (even though I asked for a bill) then I receive a bill for £9,707 which amounts to £693 a month if you divide the £9,707 by 14 months! I made a complaint to the Ombudsman who actually didn’t investigate anything but only read the communication between myself and Shell. They sided with Shell. This was back in 2017 and since then there has been a long list of errors, faulty meters (one running 40% too high and one running 20% too high. Shell won’t change the meter that runs 20% to high as they say this is within their ‘tolerance’ levels! I have had hugely erratic bills – I could go on and on here! Anyway, I am still in dispute with Shell and have been advised by the Ombudsman to get a ‘Meter Determination’ test. I should have been given this years ago (before I hired a solicitor and Ombudsman Service) Shell Resolution staff have been useless and at one stage, the advisor thought the call was ended and I actually heard him mimicking me and laughing! Shell paid me £50 compensation for this member of staffs rudeness! Another time, I was held on a call for 48 minutes and eventually got through to someone who asked for my name, address and postcode – I told her and she said ‘sorry, you have not passed security’ Of course, I had given the correct info but she told me to hang up and start again. I told her to repeat the questions and I would answer, to which she replied ‘no, you have to hang up and redial’ They closed at 6pm and the time was 5.50pm so I knew I wouldn’t get through.
This company have got to be the absolute worst company ever. EVER. I now have a bill for over £10,000 and the Ombudsman has been useless. Although my dispute started with the bill for £9,707 in 2017, the Ombudsman says he will not go over that part of my complaint! Outrageous! I have had the worst experience as both a customer and a complainee. Shocking! I genuinely advise people to steer clear of Shell Energy.

Kyle from Shell has replied – see below – and here is my reply to Kyle! ::::::

Errmh no thanks Kyle!! I’ve had your ”resolution team” deal with this since you first hit me with a bill for £9,707 in February 2017 and it has been a fiasco and shambles the whole way through so why would I put myself through one more minute of your excruciating customer service??!! I have been told by the Ombudsman to ask for a Meter Determination Test (I should have been offered this back in 2017) BUT I did phone Shell Energy yesterday to ask for this and your agent has never heard of it! I messaged the Ombudsman and he got in touch with Dan at Shell to explain to Dan what it is and that I am within my rights to have one. Dan promptly phoned me at 10am today to say he would email me the application form. Needless to say, this has not been done and it is now 5pm! EVERYTHING is a shambles!! Meters, billing, communication, clueless staff etc etc etc. I still ”’owe”’ you the £10,000 – what a joke!!! So, I invite you to try and prize it from my tightly fisted hands!!!

This review is not for Shell Energy to ”’try to resolve”’ NO we are way beyond that! This review is to warn people not to be taken in by your false claims of reducing bills!!!!

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