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Terrible customer service at Shell Energy

Content sourced from a selection of current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot. 20 August 2021

Terrible customer service & accounting practices

Easily one of the worst companies I’ve ever had to deal with. When Sell Energy took over Green Star Energy they failed to properly transfer over my account. When asking for a final bill they tried to backdate it over 2 years prior despite the fact that payments had been made. I have been passed from team to team, had someone from customer support pretend the phone line was bad to not deal with this ticket, and had multiple email chains go dead from their end. I have provided bank statements, proof of ownership/residence and 3+ months on this is still not resolved. Might be the worst customer experience I’ve ever had to go through. Would not recommend as a utility provider to anyone

I have been with Shell Energy formally…

I have been with Shell Energy formally First Utility for the last 9 years always on a fixed tariff. I have had the notice that my fixed deal was ending on the 31/08/21 the cheapest tariff offered was variable costing 30% more than what I have been paying. I spoke to them on the 12/08/21 and more or less got told take it or lump it, I ask to speak to a manager and after some argument it was agreed that a manager would call me back within 48 hours. IT IS NOW THE 20/08/21
I have now signed up with a well known supplier with a fixed deal until March 2024 at the same price as Shells variable rate, plus a £100 credit on my account. SO MUCH FOR CUSTOMER LOYALTY

Update on last review.

Update on last review./
Now 7 days after initial complaint and still have not spoken to anyone in customer complaints, someone rang on the landline yesterday and left a message even though they know I work and my preferred option is my mobile which they have the number for. Their call centers are really good, you get through in a reasonable time, their staff are friendly and helpful but as they cannot actually do anything to resolve the issue, they are a waste of time, it’s very hard not to be rude to them when they know your pain. In 63 years of living this is the worst company I have ever had to deal with, yes you can get problems but usually, like when I changed to Vodaphone and had similar problem, they at least spoke to me and after 5 days all was well, it’s the total frustration of being fobbed off and being ignored that makes it so frustrating,(7 days in a row I have been promised a phone call) they haven’t responded to or sent an automated acknowledgment of emails sent, their complaints department is a blackhole.

Very expensive supplier

Very expensive supplier with lots of lie, their tariffs are way above the standard rate! They predict your usage and estimate your monthly direct debit, keep checking your account. When I was with First Utility I never paid over £100 a month for 8 years. Sometime might had to pay little more just to cover up the last usage. Since Shell took over my bill went over £100 recently they were about to charge me £314 a month.. Shocking!! Immediately switched to other supplier. I have been with them for over 5 years now they because I leaving before the contract 3 years contract wasn’t finish I only stayed with them for 2 years they want me to pay exit fee £30, what a joke!! They are thirsty for money!


Where do I start. The change of of company’s when Shell took over to hard. Bank payments all over the place and the prices crazy. Said I was looking to leave and they said they would waver the changers due to the problems. And to I went on tour ( Army) come back moved and tje problems got worse and the bills got higher. So I left and they sent me one bill and it was wrong do spent hours to get in contact. And wS waiting for new bill. Never came. So hours wasted on phone getting no where. When to Ombudsman who were amazing within days Shell get me 75 pound off and the correct bill. But it get worse. Get the email. And I agrees I’m happy with the offer. And emailed on 14th July Ombudsman and Shell. Rung 5 time to pay 56 pounds. Could not get through. So did the call me back no one call when I got to speak to someone they could not find account and hung up. Then a few days later debt collectors get in contact. For 46 pounds confused here. Made payment to find Shell had messed my credit score up. And in no hurry to sort this. But they don’t care they just cost me my morage. Over 56 pounds.


Very difficult to contact by phone and you can get bounced from one section to another but on the long term they try to get your problems sorted.

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