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Do not use Shell Broadband at all costs!!!

Content sourced from recent customer reviews of Shell Energy Broadband published on Trustpilot.

3 Sept 2021

Do not use this company for Broadband at all costs!!! My signal is useless, I phoned the help desk ( eventually got through), they told me the WiFi signal won’t travel inside my home from the one room where the router is!!!! £20 a month for a system that won’t work. Save yourself the hassle of cancellation and use another company. Rip off merchants big time.

Shell broadband to be avoided.

Shell broadband to be avoided. Just signed up for the £16.99 per month for 11MBPS, but then received an email stating only 1 to 3 MBPS. IMPOSSIBLE to contact Shell help who just cut off my calls.

Will therefore write to Shell to CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL

I have registered for the new broadband…

I have registered for the new broadband connection with Shell energy on 14 Aug and received the router on 28 Aug. They activated the connection on 1 Sep. Connection was very poor and I cancelled the connection on 2 Sep. But Shell energy charged me to pay 110 pounds as the early termination fees. I am not sure what is the meaning for the 14 days cooling period? As per Shell Energy cooling period starts from the registration date. If they deliver the router after 14 days then I don’t have any cooling period? Also I’m wondering whether it is the genuine process? Shell tracking Reference ID: 9331322

I was with Post Office Broadband and…

I was with Post Office Broadband and happy with that. They sold out to Shell so I myself switched to a supplier of my choice Still 2 payments taken in 1 month (1 Post Office and 1 Shell) Still no final bill for ‘leaving’. Here’s hoping that they take those payments off the final bill ! Considering I never signed up for Shell, I find this shocking

Please avoid at all cost!!!

Please avoid at all cost!!!! Their customer service is so rude! I tried explaining to the guy that I’m leaving the country because of my father passing away and he nearly almost laugh in my face!!! And then after I ask him what’s the address to send the broadband back he hang up!!

I left a review on the 16th August…

I left a review on the 16th August praising the customer service at Shell. Since this review i have completely changed my mind. Because after 5 very long phone calls trying to sort out my wireless broadband connection i finally gave up and cancelled my account. They never sorted my internet out. The customer service was absolute rubbish. So avoid this company.

Not able to login on mobile or PC

Not able to login on mobile or PC, IF you leave feedback, it states ‘we are unable to respond to feedback’. Why even have a feedback button then. My bill is also not here, which, if it arrives and i am late, i will sue.

Beware of this company

Beware of this company! They take advantage of vulnerable people and push them into a contract that they threaten you if you try to get out. They say their fast broadband is 0-1 megabyte, which is obviously nothing. Criminal company.

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