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Content sourced from recent customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

3 Sept 2021

Shell energy the worst energy supplier …

Shell energy the worst energy supplier ever not use this company for anything..they will make any sum up for final bill and make out it your fault .. worst of the worst ever …

Still waiting for some action that you…

Still waiting for some action that you promised last year.
Poor customer service I wonder if shell would spring into action if I stopped paying.

5 stars for Amy, 1star for Shell

I have to mention that the Shell representative I have communicated with minutes ago, Amy, was very helpful and professional. The one star rated by myself now, is solely for the Company. Amy and all the other employees I have spoke to, deserves 5 stars, but if I rate 5 stars on Trustpilot, they will go to Shell and I am not happy with Shell. I was overcharged by the sistem who keeps saying EVERY MONTH, that my readings are outside the range expected.

Lies & Extremely Bad customer service

really bad customer service! they promise the 3% fuel offer for energy customer and you come to find out that it was a lie! Disgusting supplier and I wish i never joined with shell.

Liars full of C**p

Liars full of C**p
I wrote a review on shell in April and May. To cut it down short I was being charged way over too much every month for gas and electric nearly £300 a month. I had calls from all different people saying they will be dealing with me now!! Guess what never had that same person ever again always someone different. Then had last phone call from a Margret and we was going around and around in circles pissed me off a bit, so in the end I said to her we are not getting no where she was giving me all payments I made? I wanted all my monthly bills like I explained to her I’m on OctopusEnergy and they put a smart meter in and my bills are coming in at £100 a month. She then said you are right you did not sign any contract to stay with us!!! Which I bloody well new!! So we are going to give you the £100 back!!!! Well been waiting 3 weeks called up and the man said for some reason they didn’t release it because they don’t no your address it makes you laugh even the man on the phone said your address is right in front of me anyway he said I will get it processed and get it out to you!! Well guess what 3 weeks later still nothing. Not only have this company had me over ever month for a year there not even paying out £100 they took off me and should not of. If I owed u this would be a different story…… I will be calling tomorrow PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY THEY HATE PAYING OUT THEY ARE FULL OF BULL***T
Just got off the phone there still asking me to confirm my address!! You sent me bills out to this address and my address is on your screen!!! Just spoke to a lady and I do apologise she got it…… I’m waiting for a 48hr call back from a manager!!! This company seriously needs to be look into. charging saying I signed up for a new contract after asking to see the evidence you omitted there was no such evidence as me signing up to a new contract. Because I deafly wouldn’t sign up to a new contract to a firm who are full of crap

Update on last 2 reviews

Update on last review, still no one has contacted me, apparently the only person in complaints who can handle my complaint or sort the problem is on holiday, Shell are still refusing to allow me to speak to anyone in Authority, (customer call centre manager apparently on holiday as well) any one in the complaints team, they wont give me a contact number for complaints an email Nothing.

I just don’t know what to do next if you cannot speak to anyone, perhaps thats how they deal with akward casses ignore them and hope they get fed up and go away.
Complaint ID 9179142 August 13th 2021

Shell and their double projected forecasts

My Energy August 2021 v4 was due to expire end August. After shopping around, I signed up to Shell’s Energy August 2023 v2.

Shell will tell you that your new energy plan will be protected from energy price rises until the end of that term. But of course, within a week or two, you will receive an email saying the direct debit for this plan will increase based on “projected usage”. Anything to milk more from the Customer. They already gave me my “projected usage” when they emailed me to advise the current plan was about to expire. So why, after signing up to that plan, has my projected forecast gone up again? Why???

It is such a shame that this skulduggery has become so common place in the UK. It s just sad, especially when many are struggling to get by.

Be warned if you are an existing Shell Customer. You sign up to a new deal with them and they will send you another “projected forecast” email (after you have committed) and you’ll cough up more cash each month. Crooks.

Less You Use the More You Pay

When you sign a contract with them it I do you but not them. If you dispute a bill that seems pure crazy, they make you jump thru hopes doing all manner of tests. The end result is you always ending upswing gwhat they say you owe. The amount always seems to rise after every complaint you raise too. Then they threaten you with legal action for the trouble you have caused them. They have no interest in facts or reality, only in what their modelling says is Correct. Given below is a paraphrase from one of my letters to them. From actual life my bill should be on the lower end, but it just gets raised after every chat with them. Vide:

Dear Shell,

My benefits crashed in summer of 2020; with virtually no funds coming in I barely had the heat on all winter. My winter was spent in the dark, in multiple layers, in many hours in bed and under covers. I have stripped out most of my light bulbs and live in an L.E.D twilight with a policy of cold drinks and minimal kettle. The television is gone. For all of this and more you keep raising my “estimated average” it seems almost daily.

Well here we go again I am leaving Shell…

Well here we go again I am leaving Shell Energy.
I cannot log into my account. I know my account is well in credit. But with not being able to log into my account how can I find out how much my credit is also they will be taking another payment from my bank account. What a shambles this company is.
They have even sent me an email for me to send my meter readings in. The new company I am going to on the 2nd of September has informed that I must give them my final reading and they will pass it on to Shell.

Beware Of Their Refer A Friend Reward Scheme

I correctly referred my mother to the scheme. I even received an email on the 23rd June 2021, to that effect. It stated my mother and I would receive the £50 reward in a manner of our choice of those available within 60 days.

On Thursday 26th August 2021 I rang Shell Energy. I did so as no reward was received and more than 60 days had passed.

The rude Indian, who answered said firstly he had never heard of Mention Me who assist Shell with the reward scheme. He then said after the inference I was lying that I did not complete the referral scheme correctly, so was not entitled.

This rude, overseas call centre person then became even more stroppy. I insisted I spoke to a Shell representative in the UK immediately, not a possibly sometime in the future when someone read his notes on my call. He even inferred I was a racist. I am most definitely not. I do however object to individuals at overseas call centres who are rude and not not know their Job’s or even basic customer service.

I was told by the UK person the matter would be resolved within 7 days.

Yesterday, 2nd September 2021 I received a holding fob off email saying that the matter had been referred to the department in question on Tuesday 31st August. I chased Shell by telephone yesterday stating this whole matter is appalling. Technically fraud.

I still await resolution. I wonder if the would be so patient with those who do not pay their bills!

A global Anglo-Dutch conglomerate who says they are a green company. A petrol, diesel seller. I am no climate change believer. I do however hate, fraud, hypocrites and cretins.

Not good enough!

I doubt your word. Why did I get an email on behalf of Shell Energy stating within 60 days of the date of that email, 23rd June 2021!?

Sorry, not acceptable behaviour from such a well known multinational company.

With due cause I doubt anything Shell now says.

Regarding your update Sara. Thank you. The fact remains, emailed timescales broken. Verbal resolution broken. The 7 days from the 26th August was not a resolution. It was a “holding” email. Stating that as of the 2nd September the relevant department was contacted 2 days before the 2nd September. That is 5 days after I telephoned on the 26th. The matter was not resolved within the 7 days. As yet, no apology for for your call centre agent abroad, no urgency. No explanation of the 23rd June 2021, 60 day promise of reward not been adhered to.

I may seem pedantic. I am Autistic and deal in facts only, not fiction. I am annoyed that Shell let me down again. They also let down my 75 years old mother and my 81 year old father, with whom she lives.

Avoid this company Sara was supposed to…

Avoid this company Sara was supposed to contact me about my installation charge
£60 light now,sara must be very busy
Sara didn’t bother

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