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The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

18 Oct 2021


Cowboys. After 2 years of issues with Shell Energy, Abdullah (head of Executive Complaints) decided there would be no support offered to fix the tariff issued they’ve caused, despite acknowledging the fact that there caused them. His direct report, Aziz exact words were ‘Sorry, its just we’re going through a crisis at the minute so we cant do anything for you…

Absolutely abhorrent customer service. If you don’t fancy the hassle of having to go to Ofgem, to have a complaint decision overturned, I would stay clear of this company. They have no customer service skills and will blame you for the issues they cause.

Wish I had never switched to them

Wish I had never switched to them. Get nagged for meter readings every 2 days (which I do). No sign of the promised voucher to spend in their so. Website falls over constantly. Complaint logged, and no response after a week. Will switch away as soon as the dust settles.

Worst company I’ve ever dealt with!

I have had nothing but trouble with Shell Energy from the start and it got worse…Much worse!

1, I was not connected for 4 days after the start of my contract and was charged.

2, My bills were never the same and always different, something I have never experienced before with any of my previous ISP’s.

3, My bills were over complicated and it took me 6 months to realise they were over charging me and after bringing this to their attention, it took them another 3 months before they sorted it out. It was only 1p and most people will not be bothered by this but if they’re doing this to millions of customers, well it’s a nice little scam isn’t it.

4, They bury charges in the small print.

5, I was asked to return my router when I left (something I’ve never been asked to do previously by any of my many ISP’s) which I did on the day they asked. I wondered about this after the problems with my bill, if this was a way of milking more money and although I can say it wasn’t to my surprise, it was, even though I had sent them proof 3 times in a proof of postage certificate by email they still charged me for not returning my router.

6, I spoke to Shell Energy on the phone and eventually they removed the charges for my RETURND router and said they would send me a revised final bill, I explained that as I am no longer a customer I can’t excess my online account to view said bill so when it’s ready could you send it by post, they responded with yes and it should be ready around mid October and will be £9.20, which is around now as today is 15/10/21. So last week before I’m due my final bill and bear in mind I have never missed a payment or even been late with one to Shell Energy a collection agency called Mill Collections contacts me for a bill I apparently owe to Shell Energy for £44???

7, I call Shell Energy and tell them this and say I want to make a complaint, then something even stranger happens as I’m told I’ve failed security and they can’t talk to me about it!

I made a complaint using Resolver and Shell did get back to me, saying they would wave all fees the only problem I have now is that this Mill Collections is hounding me, by email, letters to my home and phone calls, I’m literally worried sick as to this affecting my credit rating as I’m currently looking for a mortgage with my girlfriend. I’m also concerned about data protection as this must be a breach of law?

I have read that the government/Ofgem have just handed Shell Energy millions of customers because of the collapse of some energy companies…God help them!

Do yourself a favour and go nowhere near Shell Energy.

Awful service, She’ll treat their customers with indifference.

Earlier this year I decided to change from Octopus Energy to Shell as they quoted me £900 pa for fixed dual fuel use.
After 3 months they informed me that the bill was increasing to £1,600 pa. so I closed the account and changed to EDF who were far cheaper. I got an email from Shell saying I should pay their final bill of £94.81 by the 8th of October. I paid this amount on the 7th October with my visa debit card. Then I got confirmation that they had received payment of the £94.81 but the account number they credited was not mine. I rang customer services and all they would say was the bill still needed paying. Then the first of 6 emails arrived each threatening legal action and even bailiffs if I didn’t pay the £94.81. I responded with 5 emails showing screen shots of my bank statement and their receipt of payment to the wrong account.
But still reply to any of my emails, I consider this indifferent service despicable. Thank god I have left Shell Energy.

Feel awful to Shell for its terribly horrible service !

Feel awful to Shell for its terribly horrible service! I moved to the flat since 27 Aug 2021 and the previous tenant was using Shell and did’t pay for the outstanding balance.

However, Shell Energy (formerly known as First Utility) counts the electricity fee from 09 Jan – 26 Aug 2021 in name of “owner occupier” which I did not live in there.

I reported to Shell Energy to make a cut-off on 26 Aug 2021 as £0 then resend the electricity bill to me counting on 27 Aug – 07 Sep 2021 in name of new tenant. Otherwise I cannot pay the bill on time as I have no idea how much to pay since 27 Aug. Shell asked me by email for evidence and I showed them evidence then they disappear and no response anymore.

Shell also appointed MIL Collections to collect debt and threaten me there might be further actions if the outstanding balance is not paid which I am not responsible for that as I am not living in there from 09 Jan – 26 Aug 2021.

Even my property manager and I sent the hangover letter for the proof for move-in date plus meter figures by email, Shell Energy has no response at all and MIL Collections is still disturbing me by the threaten letters. There is always no one to listen calls on Shell hotline.

I just sent letter to the Citizens Advice. I am gonna make a formal complaint by legal action to FCA to accuse the illegal behaviour of Mil Collections and also I am going to report the issue to the Council, other regulator and all social media.

I wonder if they always use these tricky acts to cheat on people’s money ?

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company
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