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17 Dec 2021

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.


DO NOT USE THIS AWFUL COMPANY WHO BULLY PEOPLE AND HAVE COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT PEOPLE WORKING FOR THEM. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING COMPANY WHO SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. They not only changed my direct debit but then blamed myself when they realised they had set up the wrong payment amount and insisted that it was my responsibility for informing them. They then left me with a 1000 plus bill before Xmas and then the bullying started, as well as awful sarcastic behaviour from staff. To top it off they then listed this bill on my credit report because I wouldn’t pay it in full, even though I have never missed a payment. Avoid them like the plague

On the phone for over 90mins with Shell…

On the phone for over 90mins with Shell Energy, still bill and readings not resolved. I was asked to verify my account on the 14/12/21 which I did and I submitted a reading, not asked for by SE. SE sent an estimated bill on the 14/12/21. On the call they could not see my readings which I could see on their website, but they could for 7/12/21 which I could not or provided. They will not put my bill on hold until the readings were corrected as mine are lower. And told me to pay the bill or not, its up to me. I never pay estimated bills, my usage history is there on my account along with my payment history, both on time and correct the only problem is Shell Energy not been able to use their own website and/or give good customer service.

You are totally joking.

You are totally joking.. my experience with these cowboys seems to be vastly different to others.. Spending hours on the phone to sort out meter readings, then they dont give me my credit back, then they attempt to bill me from a bill 3 years ago (I wasnt even with them) so no.. not a good company.

Gets worse

I wrote a review 4 days ago following a complaint I had had to write to the company which as yet I have not had a response to as yet.
In response to my review a lady called Sara has replied on trustpilot giving a complicated explanation re the smart meters. In addition, she stated that I would be prompted to send in energy readings. So far nothing since I was transferred to Shell. Sara also stated that her company would call me re the night-time rates that I was querying. A simple enough matter I would have thought or perhaps not as at the time of my telephone call over a week ago, I spoke to 3 different people and not got anywhere. So far, nothing. We live in hope.

Shell Energy rip off

We have been moved to Shell Energy from Green. Energy (who have folded). No communication whatsoever from Shell re the tariff we have been placed on but it turns out to be a Flexible 6 Tariff. The cost of the cheap rate (overnight) electricity is the same as the day rate! Its probably legal but underhand and dishonorable. Beware.

Awful customer service

Awful customer service-hanged on a phone for over 1.5. hours. The issue was not resolved. While chatting to a representative over messenger, I provided my account number and the person could see my details. Despite that, I was still asked to provide my personal information including my full name, email address for them to be able to arrange to call me back which is completely inappropriate considering novaday’s scams. Sorry guys- the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

From the Frying Pan (Green) into the…

From the Frying Pan (Green) into the fire (Shell). My experience with Customer Services has not been good. Unable to understand a simple request. Emails sent to complaints is pointless as they do not read the content and just send a standard reply. I would appreciate a call from someone to inform me what tariff I have been assigned to and how much credit I have. Shocking experience so far.

A disaster

Trust pilot, please put in minus reviews for your star ratings as this company does not even deserve one star. Last week I spent a lot of my precious time on the telephone regarding my account. I have just received my first bill and my supply address is shown incorrectly. This after having spoken to 4 people including a supervisor. I am currently waiting (13 mins now) to be answered. Shell when are you going to get your act together

All I have to say don’t go near them

All I have to say don’t go near them. Sent my meter readings they wouldn’t take them just says invalid I email them thinking it would be quicker no it wasn’t 1 month later I got a reply saying my reading was refused was it was not the amounted what I should of used hence a£197 bill . So after only 3 months been with them I’m in the process of switching.

Totally dissatisfied

Having been transferred to Shell energy after Green energy (an excellent customer supplier) went into receivership I thought everything was acceptable. Was informed via email to leave the direct debit payment as is then a bill arrived approx 3 months estimated energy usage with no payments made. When speaking to Shell energy the representative did not understand the simple situation and just kept saying the bill had to be paid. This was not the point of my call I wanted to know about the direct debit payments and where they had gone. The outcome was totally unsatisfactory and I am still at a loss as to where my payments have gone!When the energy situation settles down I will definitely be looking for an alternative to Shell energy.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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