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Shell Energy absolutely chronic customer service coupled with consistent harassment and threats

28 Jan 2022

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy and Shell Broadband published on Trustpilot.

Absolutely chronic customer service…

Absolutely chronic customer service coupled with consistent harassment and threats. Impossible to speak to anything other than a bot (currently I am no 70 awaiting “chat” service). This company should be investigated by the ombudsman, it is simply not fit to trade

What customer service?

No immediate option when moved across from Green, but its fair to say they couldn’t organise the proverbial in a brewery. Two ‘tickets’ lodged for tech problems 10 days ago now and simply heard nothing from them since. The nature of the problems are costing them so in no hurry to chase them up!

First Class BS!

No relevant team member bothered to call as promised earlier.
Shell Energy must be the most incompetent utility company available.
Absolutely zero confidence or trust…just full of BS

Worst customer service of any company ever experienced

I cannot belive the incompetence if this company.
The people who work here just lie and do not follow up with issues
I have several problems and nobody can be bothered or care.
I could name and shame the main culprits and if things don’t improve I will

Company in chaos.

I have had two bills from shell since changing from Goto energy. I paid the bill in two sums but they kept sending me emails saying i had not paid even after i had a payment confirmation from them earlier. They where supposed to set up a direct debit for me but i ended up having to set it up myself.Sounds like the company is in chaos. Also it needs to have a British call centre. Not happy. Can not wait to change over to another company.

Moving home & closing account

Was switched to Shell after Green went bust. Moved house after two months with shell so phoned in my last reading, only for this not to be actioned. Still receiving bills over a month later, and have been informed it will take up to six weeks for them to close the account and send back any outstanding credit on the account.

I am a current consumer with Shell and…

I am a current consumer with Shell and must say complaint handling is absolutely appalling. Supplier was switched from First Utility when they dissolved over to Shell, soon after DD increased without prior notification, tariff also increased, I was given different change of supplier dates, they had no meter reading when the change taken place. I discovered I was in credit, but Shell energy failed to notify me and yet they kept taking my money from my account. So unethical.

I was informed if I don’t respond my complaint will be closed within 5 days. Despite me stating I do not have regular internet access write to me. They promise to call, acknowledge and keep in touch and yet they fail miserably. I requested information under SAR, to be posted to me so I can have it at hand to review, been told they can’t due to COVID. Baffled yet they are happy to post other documents.

The same person who was managing my complaint told me that they are the same people who were working for the identity of First Utility and now they are known as Shell energy. Surely this is market manipulation.

Just waiting on deadlock letter and complaining to Ofgem.

Really bad not happy at all.

Lack of transparency and incompetence of Shell Energy

I have been moved over to Shell Energy by Ofgem when my previous supplier, Pure Planet, went bust.
Both Ofgem and Shell Energy have completely failed to be transparent in their dealings. The Regulator has a duty to ensure contractual terms agreed with a previous supplier (Pure Planet) are honoured by a new supplier (Shell Energy). I have received no clear details from either Ofgem or Shell Energy whether they honour existing contractual undertakings, or whether it is permissible for them to fleece as much money as they wish from these new customers – something that would be considerably more than the deals they had with their previous suppliers. If this is the case it is completely unacceptable. Shell Energy and Ofgem would have a lot to answer for.

Shell Energy don’t want to talk to any customer – the chat function just leads you to a page of ‘articles’. Shell Energy have set it up so it is very difficult to send an email enquiry to them or speak with them. I have submitted THREE ONLINE FORMAL COMPLAINTS to Shell Energy. Predictably, I have not heard back from them.

Shell Energy are completely incompetent. It is impossible to submit online meter readings since they have recorded an incorrect higher gas reading from the former supplier

Another complaint on Trust Pilot about Shell Energy said: Why would anyone want to stay with a company that hasn’t been able to tell them the cost of their service and doesn’t want to speak to them at all? I share their concerns

Just to confirm my previous review…

…Account is in credit by over one months direct debit! What a surprise.

Average bill works out at £85 over 10 months and they’ve been charging £105. I think we’re on target to hit the usage estimated on their original quote so they quite obviously misled us with the initial direct debit.

The least they will drop the direct debit down to is £89 online despite £115 credit and that £85 average bill. Scammers.

Can’t wait to switch providers!

Edit: And even more hilarious, I tried to reduce the direct debit online and it says “sorry an error has occurred, please try again later.”

Hopeless, hopeless, hopeless

I have been moved over to shell energy when my previous supplier went into administration.

They are taking payments from me through a direct debit but they have not told me what credit I left my previous supplier with, nor how much they are charging me monthly nor what my next DD payments will be.

They clearly dont want to talk to any customer – the chat function just leads you to a page of ‘articles’.. even the email communication forces you to give the reason for your communication as the name of your previous service supplier. When you enter it, it again takes you to a list of common Q+As, only again, none of them relate to my enquiry. Shell have set it up so it is physically impossible to send an email enquiry to Shell them or speak with them.

I appreciate they are dealing with a lot of new customers, but randomly taking money from them without giving them ANY relevant billing and cost information in advance is NOT acceptable and creates an impression of chaos and malpractice. How can I budget when they have not told me how much they want to take on my DD?

Why would anyone want to stay with a company that hasn’t been able to tell them the cost of their service and doesn’t want to speak to them at all?

I cant wait to go to another company. This isn’t about the cost (I havent even been told what that is yet, even though I was moved over a long time ago) its about how companies treat their customers, and Shell are the pits.

Transferred to shell after goto went…

Transferred to shell after goto went bust even after 2 lengthy phone calls and now 2 emails re a bill produced with an incorrect opening read I am still awaiting for this to be corrected and a new bill issued ..I’ve provided numerous photos of meter & bill Why can they not read what’s in front of them and produce a new reissued bill on correct opening read of 57556 Instead of sending Automated email/ texts telling me I’m now in arrears as bill say 57077..again because they didn’t take direct debit payments as I had been notified they would do during change over documentation …my bill should be £106 approx ..they want £204 …I’m not paying the additional £100 for electricity I’ve already paid goto for, NOT ACCEPTABLE telling me it’s sorted on lengthy phone call ans all I get the following day is another ” you are in arrears text /email !!! I DO NOT need the stress this incompetence is causing me !

Absolute morons at customer service

Absolute morons at customer service. Thats when you can get through.

Transferred to Shell and they are terrible.

I got transferred to Shell energy after my supplier went bust. I previously had a direct debit with my previous supplier and this was meant to change across to Shell. They haven’t set up the DD, and are now chasing me for the outstanding payment. I have tried numerous times to contact them but it feels like their customer service is intended to be uncontactable.

Shell is fudging your bills and charging more.

Shell is fudging your switch over bills and incorrectly re-billing! Re-billed £30 more for 100 unit less?!

I got an over estimated bill for roughly 600+ electric units from the opening read and it cost £140 then asked them to re-bill me correctly to my actual reads which was 500 units (I even offered meter photos) and got re-billed £171!?
Bare in mind both bills have the same start/opening reads.
Re-billed £30 more for 100 unit less?! How the hell did the billing team come up with that! Just a joke.
Especially during an energy crisis when the unit rates are sky high, absolutely disgusting conduct.
I rang back up to fix this and a lady named Roxo didn’t seem to understand what was going on and just told me the basic obvious information and said that I just didn’t understand my bill. I found this a bit ridiculous as I have been a billing analyst for gas and electric energy in the past.
I ask if there was literally anyone who did understand the bill, who could help me? But that was a straight no.
She said she would call me back…

She did call back so I have no grief with her customer service, she is just trying to do her job.
However all she could offer me was a complaint that would be resolved at a later date.
Now I’m left waiting, with no idea of what’s going on with my bill.
At least I have saved dated photos of all my meter reads and previous bills so if needs be I can present it to Ofgem.
This matter might be over a relatively small amount of money but it’s a perfect example of a large company exploiting their customers without their knowledge of their providers regular misconduct.

We’re experiencing technical issues…

We’re experiencing technical issues with My Account but we’ll be back up and running soon.

This has been going on for 2 months. This was a company Shell bought. So I got moved to this c*uster f… as BP pulled the plug on a viable energy that was hedging energy effectively. Now companies such as BP and Shell are going to fleece customers in what is an oligopolistic market.

What are the government and OFGEM doing? This should be a free market with realistic prices or be nationalised.

Switch as soon as you can, they’re awful!

Awful customer service who fail to understand basic details and specialise in providing information which is neither factual or accurate. Expect to have long winded conversations where you are provided with the wrong information time after time. They simply do not know what they are doing!

Trying to get them to provide and sort out a smart meter has taken a ridiculous amount of time as they provide contradictory details, dates and confirmations. Bills are invariably wrong and trying to speak to anyone who has any ability to do something about it is neigh on impossible!

Moving home & closing account

Was switched to Shell after Green went bust. Moved house after two months with shell so phoned in my last reading, only for this not to be actioned. Still receiving bills over a month later, and have been informed it will take up to six weeks for them to close the account and send back any outstanding credit on the account.

Bad customer

Was transfered from green – customer service very poor one person saying one thing and another saying totally different things and to cap it all l had someone call me from the ‘complaints dept’ after I had complained about the various problems with statements and estimated bills ect to no effect and now the site is down not for the first time Perhaps the ombudsman should investigate this company


One star is giving this company a credit. I wish I could give them nothing but several minuses.
Since being transferred to Shell from Green, I have received 2 energy bills.
On my first bill in December my supply address was shown as different from my ACTUAL home address. Called Shell immediately but they refused to confirm my ID despite spending almost one hour on the telephone and speaking to 4 different people. The last one reassured me that my records would be corrected within 24 hours.
SIMPLE enough, I would have thought in these technological times.
I have now received a second bill. Shouldn’t have held my breath, my supply address is still incorrect yet the bills come to my own email account.
I am at a loss to know what to do to take things further.
Their call answering times are atrocious and I refuse to spend my precious time trying to put right their mistakes.
Please Shell, tell me how I might be able to get my message across.

Absolutely disgusting service.

Absolutely disgusting service.
Transferred by ofgem in September
About 180 in credit – 3 months later bill still says about the same, which is fine as when credit transferred it will make about zero – oh no … log on today and bill now says i owe 350 quid , so more like they have added a minus instead of a plus – called for yet another complaint – majority have not as total understanding of the English language and then apparently a fire alarm when i say i want to escalate the complaint – the customer support here is atrocious and that is an understatement

Website is absolutely terrible

Website is absolutely terrible. Service just as bad. Had an email stating bill would be ready on the 12th, but only just got the bill today 27th.

Trying to pay you get moved to another webpage that’s say’s OOPS- PAGE CANT BE FOUND.

So your forced to ring them up, what a shambles.

Very poor

Very poor, they can’t give me an up to date bill or when the money paid to a previous supplier will be transferred. I understand they have taken over hundreds of thousands of new accounts but the customer service is shoddy. If the energy issues rectify themselves in the future I would jot recommend dealing with this company

Very poor service on changeover from…

Very poor service on changeover from Green Energy.
They kept apologising for their slow service saying there was a lot of work setting up 250,000 new accounts. Not my problem! Why did Ofgen chose you then, I asked….no answer.

They are for meter readings on a given date then produce a bill for a different date and estimate it. That really pisses me off!

Then I get an email saying my bill is ready to view but when I logon to my account they say there is a problem, which they know about and they are trying to fix it.

I would avoid using them given the choice.

Ended up with Shell again and they’ve got worse

Ended up with Shell again, and they’re even worse. Provided no bills for some months, now not taking direct debit payments. Made a complaint but they never want to respond in writing.

Avoid like the plague.

Note – their response below (it’s already taken 2 weeks for them NOT to respond to my emails).


Such a shame my simple query can’t be answered, try as I might it has been impossible to contact any member of shell Customer Services….
I want to know the hours of service for Economy7 (low rate) Customers in CB25 Burwell Cambridgeshire…
Scandalous having to ask on a review site; Shell should be ashamed!
My account number if you look is attached! I don’t accept you being busy as an excuse for the appalling customer service offered. Of course a call back is required however an answer to the question should not be beyond a support team; it’s hardly a technical question! Shell are a filthy manipulating company and with luck they will cease to exist soon! LET ME BE QUITE CLEAR; I DESPISE THIS COMPANY AND ALL IT STANDS FOR!!!

Very bumpy enforced transfer

I can only echo the experience of the previous reviewer. I too have been unable to access my account and the view bill link that I was emailed today was a broken link. In the end I did an online chat. On too many occasions explanations for problems were blamed on the administrators of my previous supplier. This should not been used as an excuse to explain my online Shell account not being set up properly and bills taking 3 weeks to be produced from receipt of readings. So far the switch from Green has been a mess and it makes it very difficult to keep on top of my bills.

Web site is down to look at my account

Web site is down to look at my account. Suddenly flashed up a balance in December I was in credit £450 now in debt £1100.
Logging in just goes round and round with no info. Time consuming so I’ve given up.

Pure planet to shell

Pure planet to shell, spoke to customer services whose basic answer was “erm it should be live soon” in December but absolutely no clarity. Get an email in January giving an around the 8th as bill date. Get another email today to say bill will now be 8th Feb and I can log into see my account and balance. Now there’s something wrong and I can’t log in. They’ve got over £500 of my money and yet I can’t see what’s going on. What a joke. Have asked for ombudsmans details and they’ve just ignored me

The Green to Shell debacle continues!

The Green to Shell debacle continues! Since being notified by shell on 27/9 of their takeover of Green, little has happened, the blog isn’t updated in any meaningful way – they update the date at the top but that’s more or less all. If I get into any account information it is pretty meaningless no idea if I’m getting into debt or not. They were saying it’ll take two to three weeks to sort the account info out since early in the process it’s now been ongoing for nearly 4 months! When they finally bill you they haven’t got all the direct debits on their system so I supposedly owe them money, call their customer services and discuss it with them and still get demands for outstanding money a month later. One has to question the quality of decision making by OFFGEM in allowing them to take over….

The transfer from Green energy has been…

The transfer from Green energy has been painful to say the least. No DD has been taken for months, the website continually crashes, customer services just talk at you and don’t listen. i just want o pay some money on DD as opposed to my total bill that i owe just growing!!!

Frustration with Shell Energy App

I have never been more frustrated with a link within a website or a “Chatbot” than with Shell Energy user APP. The sentence before the link was very clear and said “click here” to send a photo. But it only took me to another question page. So I was encouraged to use their chat bot. It was an absolutely awful experience. Eventually I used the voice system on the telephone. I felt that the operator for my call was not there to help but to apologise and “fob” me off nicely.
I wasted over One & Half hours with this system. Shell really has a long way to go with Customer App.

Replies to comments are for PR purposes only

Responded to the last reply following my review.
Still waiting a reply resolution and call back.
Shell customer reply are for appeasement purposes only. THEY DON’T ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING

very poor service

very poor service, passed from one person to another, various emails but nothing resolved, not sure that the customer service personnel are trained very well, i am finally hoping my being overcharged has been resolved but i will not know until i get another bill, expecting to have problems.

Got moved. Poor Website. No idea of costs.

Got moved. Poor Website. No idea of costs.

Tariff page:

Sorry, we are currently unable to complete your request. Please call us on 0330 094 5800 to speak to our Customer Service team.

No idea of bills/costs. OFGEM are hopeless and should have resolved issues with companies via stress tests on their pricing and hedging strategies.

Worst. bAD SERVICE, Useless provider.

This is the worth company to provide energy on planet earth. As unfortunate customers of Shell energy, we have been harassed and tortured by the horrible and unacceptable service you provide. “Peace of Mind” with Shell is a joke at best.
Problem: We have a faulty meter. This has been confirmed. the service team has been trying to send help for 8 months now. They have a 3rd party contractor, of whom, they have no control. They have no idea what is happening. The only reply/response we get after the umteenth call is how sorry they are and they are helpless, rather useless.


Rubbish. I’ve been asked to provide a meter reading yet no log in details were provided. I requested this and I was advised an activation link was sent, it wasn’t. Great start to my new energy provider account.



I’ve been trying for 17 days to transfer service to a new address and it’s proving impossible:
Calls are deferred with no promised callback.
Webchat requests are deferred, or the webchat isn’t even manned – so you wait in queue position 1 for an hour for nothing.
Emails, even COMPLAINT emails are ignored.
I’ve now cancelled but even getting that confirmed is proving impossible because I’m unable to get a response.

Their “Fibre” connection is rubbish.

I was automatically moved over to Shell from the post office – who had an excellent customer service. Now I pay for a Fibre connection that doesn’t work – I can’t even be on video calls. They can’t fix the issue, I have to pay £80 to terminate the “contract” early (the one I had with the post office!!)…. I would never choose Shell as a company myself. I was on hold for over an hour last time I tried to get through to them, the customer service is awful and if they ask me to change the socket another time, or to turn the router off and on again, I will lose my temper with them!

I have run in to money problem after…

I have run in to money problem after finishing my seasonal job witch I’m to starting again next month. Sadly I wasn’t able to pay my bill so I asked them if we can take my 2 months bill and make a payment plan so I could get my broadband back as I rely on in very heavily because my location. They never agreed to it. I have talked to other providers and most of them do understand and would help me in this situation. I very disappointed and definitely will change this provider.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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