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Despicable threats from Shell Energy

05 Feb 2022

The content above and below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot. 

On two occasions Shell Energy…

On two occasions Shell Energy threatened my wife and myself with legal action and instructed a debt collection agency to contact us. But guess what? On both occasions we had already paid the bill.

Not happy to put up with this sort of despicable attitude, we approached Ombudsman Services and filed a complaint against Shell Energy. After some time investigating the matter, Ombudsman Services upheld our case.

Shell Energy had to provide a written apology for the substandard service, and hey, guess what – they offered to make us a payment of £30 for the worry and distress they had caused – but not as a direct payment , only as an applied credit to our account with them! Ombudsman Services stepped in again and instructed them to make the payment direct to us, and not as an applied credit to the account. This they had to do. Shell Energy’s profits in 2021 were £14BILLION and all they offered by way of a gesture was £30. What do you think of that? I’ll tell you what I think… Shell Energy is the worst energy provider in the world. Thankfully, our contract with them ends soon, and we’ll be glad to see the back of them! Good riddance to absolute bad rubbish. JDP & EJP

Poor customer service estimated bills…

Poor customer service estimated bills which are too high and nobody answers the phones

Beware Shell Energy customers

Beware Shell Energy customers – this crew are only interested in their Trust Pilot reviews. They sent my refund cheque to the wrong address & this only came to light after my 4th phone call to chase it up today – 16 days after I should have received the cheque. I now have to wait another 14 days! The incompetence astounds me! Sara doesn’t care though – cheers Sara, I’m glad you’re happy though!

Never seen queues like it for webchat

Had a question about the large credit sitting on my account. Tried webchat and the wait was enormous! I was around 90th in the queue. Inevitably I got distracted and missed them eventually answering. Emailed them and they came back but didn’t actually answer my questions. Tried the next day on webchat at a different time. Started at 80 something in the queue, determined to hold on. Got to 27, it paused, and put me up to 87. Took probably the best part of an hour to get to the top of the queue, to be told ‘wait for your next bill and then email us’. Inauspicious start – was transferred to Shell when Pure Planet went bust, but I’m not going to hang around if this is typical.

Shell – laughing all the way to the bank

I was moved against my will to Shell Energy after my supplier went bust in 2021. 4 months later, this is all I’ve heard – no bill, no way of confirming what the likely price hike will be, no way of budgeting, and no responses to my attempts at contact.

Their website lied and said customers from Pure Planet would get their new bill in ‘early January’ – but they didn’t. I got no reply to my January email (I waited a month), and then spent an hour queueing for their online chat function, only to get through to someone (apparently) who was like a ghost – no greeting, no replies, just a disembodied name for 15 minutes, then the chat disconnected itself with no further ways suggested to get in contact.

If Shell dare give me an extortionate bill now, after 4 months of no contact, no help, no guidance, I’ll be disgusted – but I bet they will, because they don’t care at all. Shell’s profits for 2021 overall rose to $19.3bn – they’re laughing all the way to the bank, and it’s their customers they’re laughing at.

Trying to get £300+ back and cant get customer service to contact me

We are having some serious issues getting anyone from Shell Energy to call us and speak to us. We had an account with Green Energy who went bust. Shell took over and we have discovered Green Energy has been taking monthly direct debit payments after they went bust. Hundreds of pounds is sitting in an account and our energy broker (Flipper) has gone bust and we have no way of getting anyone to help us to locate our account and get our money back.

Shell were due to finish the administration process at the end of Jan but we still cant get through. We have tried calling with their call back service – no response, emailing (still waiting for a response), and putting a request on their web form for contact (no response). This is a company who shamefully announce unpresidented profits as energy prices have rocketed out of control – for which they are clearly making substantial gains on, yet customers with quite serious issues are unable to speak to a functioning customer service team to resolve quite serious matters.

My Green Energy Customer Number is listed below

This company has to be the worst i e…

This company has to be the worst i e ever dealt with for customer service. All the music paying crap on the phone press 1 for this press 2 for that utter crap. Youre in a que what the hells happened with just talking to a human directly. Its the most in human thing ive ever heard. And needs stopping.

Suprize bill

Not recommended
I have been with shell energy for 3 years and got a surprise bill of 1300 . According to them all the meter readings I gave was failed for 2 years. yet didn’t get any sort of notification accept a massive bill. and the costumer service is not helpful at all . they can easily shut the phone on your face if your bill is complicated for them. 3 times phone been shut on my face . just an advise always ask for the name of the person you speak to at the beginning so they don’t shut the phone .

1 day holiday wasted

Booked a smart meter 2 months in advance. Engineer due at 1pm and waited on live chat for 2 hrs before this trying to get confirmation (Started at number 176 and it cut off 2hrs later when I was at number 3). Had a call from engineer at 3:15pm to say not coming. Sat in all day and no comms of texts and emails beforehand as per guidance so looks like it was never going to happen. 1 day holiday wasted.

Shell is the new name of First Utility…

Shell is the new name of First Utility ( FU). I was moved to Shell by OFGEM following the failure of Green. In 2017/18 I was a customer of First Utility and left. They supplied a smart meter in 2017 but my new suppliers did not use these, hence I sent in manual readings. Now Shell are telling me I have been reading this meter incorrectly for the past 4 years and their reading is 3500 units less than I have paid to my previous suppliers. Completely untrue!!!! I have been shown how to read my smart meter and both companies before Shell have accepted these readings, in fact my final reading with First Utility ties up with my current reading based on my average use which rarely changes. However a problem will occur if I allow them to make changes now to my meter readings, which they said they will do when I leave Shell. My meter will show appx 3500 more units than they are currently saying my smart meter reads. Hence I might have to fight to show that the smart meter reading Shell is using is incorrect !!! The reading numbers they are using cannot be seen on my smart meter, in fact there’s nothing close to it, so how they can say it is functioning correctly beggars belief. This company was bad 5 years ago and it appears nothing has changed except the name from FU to Shell. Thanks a lot OFGEM!!!!
I will update this rating when Shell sorts this complaint out properly or I have to escalate this matter to the Energy Ombudsman



I’d be more than happy to arrange a call back to resolve this for you so please email us with your account number? Alternatively, you can send us a Tweet or Facebook Message for our quickest response. We’re online from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday, and 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays. – Sara

After replying with my ac. No to there desired email. No one has contacted me after 6 days. They (shell) are liars.

Shell possible fraud

We have NEVER had an account with Shell Energy yet they have pursued us for repayment of a bill that is not ours. They are now sending in a debt collection agency to recover the debt. They do not reply to emails, phone calls are not returned, appaling service. We have never been in debt in our lives, our good name is compromised. IT IS NOT our account. WE will be getting in touch with our solicitor.

ex-green customer still waiting for credit refund

I m an ex-green customer who is still waiting for my credit refund since October 2021. My account has been transferred to Shell Energy since December 2021 but they have not refunded me yet. Also the online help does not support refund requests as my account has not been setup properly i.e.getting system errors such as:

We’re experiencing some problems and are working to resolve them as soon as possible

Have emailed them in the past and I m being told to wait. Avoid!

Six Months and Still Waiting for Repayment

I was a Green Energy customer and left shortly before Shell Energy took over Green customers. I was in credit by over £140. Despite an exchange of emails Shell now deny my existence and nearly 6 months have passed and still no repayment. Shell claim exceptional customer care, a hollow claim and not my experience. Typical of too many large energy suppliers. Customers taken for granted.

Tried submitting a reading and the website crashed.

Tried submitting a reading and the website crashed.

Now submitted a reading and no bill, (waiting for the bad news, although I felt reassured by Rishi Sunak :-)).

Only posting to read the banal comment from some graduate trainee or outsourced person trying to save their rating.

Phone the customer service, you are having a laugh.

Very poor service.

Took three months to “onboard” our account. Contrary to all the advice, they failed to take any direct debit payments in that time, which meant when the first bill arrived, it was for a whopping amount even after the inherited credit amount had been taken into account. The bill was estimated, because for some reason they don’t have access to the smart meters, even though they’re SMETS 2 and when I submitted meter readings, these were ignored. I then had three weeks to pay it, no alternatives. Website only works half the time.

Can’t wait to move to another company, but unfortunately it appears I’m stuck with them until this crisis is over.

slow confusing customer care

After waiting 4 months I have a Shell account number having been told various tales about the transfer of my account balance credit from Green energy to myself. In fact I switched to EoNext just before Shell took over Green. I am now told the Shell account will facilitate the refund, but still have no date for this to happen.

Exasperating System for ex-Pure Planet Customer with a Helpful Adviser at the End

As a customer transferred from the now defunct Pure Planet, I have twice been caused unnecessary bother by misleading emails sent by Shell. On this occasion I was sent an email asking me to make a one-off payment due to the late setting up of my direct debit. After attempts to do this online and through the automated telephone payment service had failed, I rang the helpline to speak to an advisor. I found the list of options I was given confusing and may well have chosen the wrong one. I spoke to an adviser who told me that I hadn’t been able to make a payment through the usual means as I had about £300 in credit, but that I still needed to make the requested payment. She then transferred me to another department. After a considerable wait, I was dealt with by Michkyle. I was throughly fed-up by this point, but he was courteous, sympathetic, clear and helpful. It transpired that there was no need for me to make this payment! The one star is for my overall experience of Shell’s customer service system. Michkyle deserves about four stars.

Very difficult & poor customer service department

I have had a difficult experience with Shell. We are Green Customers who were switched to Shell when the former went bust in September 2021. Shell have refused to acknowledge us as customers and no one I speak to on the phone can help. I ask to speak to a manager, but no one is available. I’ve even emailed the CEO. I was told last week we were being switched and I would receive an email in 2 days time. I have not. Shell are withholding almost £200 of credit by failing to recognise they are now our energy provider. Extremely stressful.

Poor Service

A family member passed away and the address was under Shell energy. I have registered the account with myself and continued to pay the energy bill using the automated phone payment service. However, my home address has now fallen under Shell having previously been with Pure. Now I can no longer pay my bills using the phone service or customer services as I cannot get past security. Nothing has changed on my part. I now have to send cheques and pay for a stamp each time and hope the payment is applied to the correct account. I feel I am treated like a criminal for trying to make a payment. Appalling!

Awful service, broken promises.

I was transferred to Shell energy when Goto Energy went under.
Instead of 1 dual fuel account, they set up 2 accounts, 1 for Gas and 1 for Electricity. My direct debit at over £150 a month all goes against the Electricity account meaning that’s £500 plus in credit while gas is over £300 in debit. Despite months of calls and promises they won’t create 1 new dual fuel account and now say they will be sending data to credit reference agencies so my gas bill will show as unpaid and effect my credit rating!!! I’ve emailed and called but nothing changes and am going to the Ombudsman. Awful awful company.

I have called Shell EnergyI am disgusted the way I have been treated I feel like I am being fobbed off it’s one excuse after another several…

I have called Shell Energy several times now and still haven’t had any joy of them paying my money back into my bank, instead I keep on getting excuses and still nothing sorted out. I am disgusted the way I have been treated I feel like I am being fobbed off it’s one excuse after another.

Avoid at all costs. 1 star because I can’t give zero

Only 1 star because I can’t give zero. Shell Energy remains the most staggeringly incompetent organisation I have ever dealt with. Having been back and forth on several tickets (caused by them making an erroneous transfer) they have proved themselves inaccurate, unreliable and, ultimately, dismissive.

Do not trust responses.

Read previous reviews.
What is promised is never delivered .
The answers given by Shell energy staff are just BS to suggest they are being proactive but in reality they are just false words.


Broadband and customer care sadly…

Broadband and customer care sadly lacking, got hung up on twice and had to ring back and rejoin the back of queue twice, ended up been on the phone over 1hr 50mins.
Once I did eventually get through to someone, who didn’t hang up, I was told it was all customer hardware issue, as usual internet providers always pass the book down to the custmer rather than dealing with the problem, which is a faulty router….
Been a ex postoffice broadband customer, Shell took on all postoffice contracts, I was then asked well what’s your contract agreement with post office, so yet again I had to argue the fact that shell had taken on the contracts that ex postoffice customer had held for the braodband accounts n they had to honour that, they denied that. So I then asked how they had all my personal details if they hadn’t taken on my contract from postoffice broadband, he couldn’t answer, eventually I hung up hadn’t the time to argue any further… My contract is due for renewal within the next few month, so I will be changing provider.

Do not trust these guys bunch of…

Do not trust these guys bunch of scammers there WiFi is the worst thing I ever got from them. When I first found out about there price I was happy as I had to save on my bills when I didn’t receive my box they said we have send it which they didn’t when I wanted to cancel they threatened me by saying we will not cancel it this is a few days in to the so called contract they said if you want to cancel i will have to pay for the whole year even though I’m not in the wrong here they also said if I don’t pay for the whole year then it will go to the debt collectors I was shocked by they way they were speaking to me i have 3 children and just about pay my bills I would advise you all not to even sign up to these scammers I regret even taking out a contract with these lot NEVER AGAIN!!!

Yet again another poor review about…

Yet again another poor review about your Internet ‘service’

Rubbish is an understatement. Trying to watch a programme and BOOM….. no connection.

3rd moan now and still crap.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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