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Does Shell Energy Customer Service Actually Exist?

6 MAY 2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Worst customer service ever

Worst customer service ever! 3 x calls, all over an hour and still no answer from customer services! Disgusting!! no other way for my 82 year old client to contact them – the worst customer service I have ever experienced and I have experience of dealing with DWP and HMRC – these guys are muppets! Do not use!!

Awful Company to contact

I have waited for 50 minutes, twice, waiting for Customer Service (does it actually exist?) before having to hang up. I need to sort out my late Mother’s account after receiving a statement showing a CREDIT, but with a demand to pay. It seems her phone service with the Post Office was taken over by Shell Energy. Life is distressing enough at the moment without navigating a large Company like Shell not having a half decent way to help me sort out my query. Appalling!

Appalling Customer Services

Totally unacceptable customer services.
Live Chat is disabled making it impossible to use.
You wait hours for the phone to be answered, if at all.
Emails have never been answered.
How is it possible customers are treated like this.

Such a terrible company to deal with

Such a terrible company to deal with. 7 Months of arguing with them before they eventually agreed they did owe me £138. Great, at last, I thought, got the cheque in the post (Come on a cheque really?) cashed it at the bank and it bounced, returned unpaid by the payee bank my bank advised. Emailed them twice about it now no reply. Are they about to go under perhaps like many others have, I doubt it being backed by shell but its concerning to say the least.

dreadful avoid this company.

dreadful avoid this company.

Lost a lot of money from my account credit to this bunch. Fully advise to not create an account here. Can’t get any info out of them and they’ve final billed me twice. Had a lot of money in account credit and i haven’t seen a penny of it.


I really find you very very unfair from you that it’s been over a week and several emails to you in which now has made me really angry and upset that I’ve been waiting for CREDIT on my account to be paid back to me.
You no it makes me sick to hear that a company that has made £7.25billion profits in 3 months, cannot pay your customer his credit, ironically my money, NOT part of your mega profits, it’s my own money.
It’s the 5/5/2022 and l spoke to one of your agents a week ago and l was told “yes we shall sort out your credit bla bla bla”, a week on NOTHING ??
Ironically why l had to phone you was you recommended me reduce my monthly direct debit to an amount that was LESS than my average monthly bill ?
How did you work that out ?
So l had to call, wait forever to speak to someone as for month’s you are experiencing a higher level of calls bla bla.
This has been going on for month’s, NOT the customer’s fault, with £billions in profits employ MORE staff.
My last company went bust and unfortunately l was moved to yourselves and I’m vulnerable on the PSR register and your service is awful.
If you read this review ( as l wanted to let others no how you treat people when they are looking for their OWN money and not a penny of your grubby profits ), l do not want a reply saying please get in touch with or email that as you take forever to reply.
Check out my account number which I’ve given you, check your communication records from last week and for God’s sake just pay me back my OWN money ASAP.
I have spoken to your agent a week ago and sent emails, just check them out as if it weren’t for the Energy Crisis, l would be looking out for another supplier.
Awful service, and as l say it’s my OWN money I’m asking back, not yours.

My former energy supplier went bankrupt…

My former energy supplier went bankrupt and I was automatically switched to Shell energy, since then I have been having serious problems with them which I never had with my former energy supplier. Shell energy has been sending me a bogus and outrageous bill, they said I owe them almost £1,500.00 for four months of just electricity supply excluding gas in the 2 and a half bedroom where I live, I have been trying to resolve this issue with them. It was on BBC that Shell energy posted a profit of £7.3 billion, this is unbelievable in this perilous time.

Bosnian call centre – cheap employees

No wonder Shell is making records profits off the backs of hard pressed British workers when they farm out their call centre to Bosnia! I guess keeping British citizens in work isn’t important to this greedy company.


I was diverted back to Shell after my previous company unfortunately went under.
Since then I have had many problems and it has taken me a lot of long telephone calls and written complaints to get to the stage I am currently at.
Unfortunately, Shell are still letting me down.
Months ago I applied for a dual rate meter but am still waiting.
Every time I contact Shell I am told that they are waiting for the metering team to get back to them. What has happened to doing a follow-up on outstanding cases. A lady rang me saying that she was taking ownership of my query and would ensure that matters were dealt with but as yet no news.
Shell may be making billions in profit but when it comes to looking after their customers I can honestly say that they earn a big fat ZERO

It is a little confusing that Shell use the same name for gas and electricity as for Broadband and Trustpilot does not have a separate category when the services and associated problems are completely different.

I enquired about gas and electricity supplies last November and initiated a supply. But I cancelled after a few days.

Come January 2022 they sent me a phone text asking me to pay for a Broadband connection which I did not have.

Later they engaged their debt collectors. I explained to them that Shell had never supplied me with Broadband and they say they contacted Shell. They say that Shell advised them the charges were correct and due and they would continue pressing for payment.

Shell live chat made me wait for two hours and when answered only waited for two minutes and closed the chat as I had stepped away. I then tried again and was not answered for an hour when the connection was dropped.

Emails the their customer service are not answered.

Who would want to go to a firm who charge for a service that they have not provided. And consequently waste my time to make a case to the Onbudsman.

Constantly hounded despite a low balance

With the price changes coming into effect I started keeping my balance at around, or under zero for the past few months.
I can honestly say I have NEVER been hounded by an energy company like I have been hounded by Shell over that time.
On a monthly basis they send emails telling me my direct debit needs to double. I constantly check my account and pay extra but it’s not enough for these money grabbers. They have no conscience at all. They know I’m disabled and even they agreed on the phone recently that my account was well run and there was a risk of them owing ME money if my direct debit was increased to one amount they’d suggested by email. They say it’s the computer that generates it.
So my balance today after my last meter reading is £75. My DD is £75 due in 3 weeks. But today they emailed AGAIN wanting £130. This is after I’ve been through the complaints process more than once over this very issue. Complaint ref 11623057 was closed with their apologies on 24 March. Complaint ref 10844836 was in February and with that one I increased my direct debit.
The stress is overwhelming and it shouldn’t be, because as I said I keep my account paid right down. I can pay my bills no problems but it’s the stress of them doing this virtually after every meter reading. They even said to me after doing this repeatedly “I would like with this email confirm that the amount of your Direct Debit is currently covering the usage in the property”, yet they had pestered and hassled me.
Now tonight I check my email and once again there it is.
I’m now going to be looking around to see if anyone is taking on new customers. The pressure from these people, my goodness they are behaving like loan sharks. I genuinely feel so sorry for anyone with a balance actually in debt.
Their excuse for behaving this way is firstly, blaming Ofgem and secondly “to make sure that your account will not fall into outstanding balance.” Wow, so you are not allowed to owe these people a penny. My account would be £0 after my next DD. I’ve just paid an extra £50 today so it will be -£50. But I can bet they will hassle me again next month.

They put up my bill from £63.00 to £140…

They put up my bill from £63.00 to £140 a month!! a huge increase. I’m £34.66 in credit and they don’t let me change my direct debit. I don’t know how I could be using more when I haven’t had heating on much and turned off appliances on standby. I’m on a low income, how can I afford these huge increases when everything else has gone up also ?? and this is the start apparently of more. Feels like a con to me. I will be changing to another provider Shell shouldn’t put up my monthly payments without permission, it’s funny I hear shell’s earnings have gone up a lot I wonder why!

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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