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No Shell Internet for two weeks

Disrespectful, Unprofessional and Frustrating (all at the same time)

12 July 2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

No internet for two weeks

I’ve waited 2 weeks to get my broadband transferred to my new address and get an engineer however the day it was scheduled nobody turned up and no internet connection, very frustrating after this long wait, how can I resolve this issue?

Disrespectful, Unprofessional and Frustrating (all at the same time)

A total disaster, Shell does not respect us customers, I have been a Shell customer since Feb 2021 and I have now moved from Glasgow to Newcastle, and requested to transfer my Broadband to my new address…

But Shell have failed to get my internet working, after waiting 2 weeks for an engineer to get my broadband started, yes the engineer missed the appointment on the 11th July, after having threatened me in their email saying “If you’re not at home, we’ll have to charge you a missed appointment” but Shell’s engineer didn’t turn up and he was the one who missed the appointment and I was the stupid one who waited for the engineer the whole day as I need internet for work, however I still have no internet after two weeks of wait, so should I charge them as I have missed a day of work waiting for them?

but wait as it gets much worse, after the Broadband Go Live date (11th July) wasn’t delivered as promised by Shell, I have received an email on the 12th July saying that my Go Live date was changed to the 26th July, so another two weeks of wait?! four weeks in total to transfer my internet? No chance! Raging!

I have called them in the morning asking why!?, spoke to Denise who was clearly lost, she did not know what was happening and threatened me again saying that if I terminate the contract I will have to pay a termination fee, seriously!? pay for something that Shell failed to deliver? Raging (2)!

After a long half an hour wait on the phone with Denise, she transferred me to the “technical team”, another 10 minutes wait until speak to someone, and now the person who picked up my call did not know what was happening and asked me same questions again, OMG, Raging (3)!

How unprofessional and disrespectful, It’s insane, they treat us like rubbish, to finish it off, the guy who picked up the phone told me that he was going to call me back later as he was clearly had no idea what was happening, so after nearly an hour on the phone with Shell, no solution was given and I need the internet for work.

Got the call back from Shell after half an hour, spoke to Kate and she said that I have to wait until the 26th to get the engineer, Raging (4)! I have asked to cancel it as I don’t want my internet services to be provided by Shell anymore as they have no respect towards their customers.

If you read that please don’t go for Shell services as you will regret big time.

How bad a customer service can be????

How bad a customer service can be????
This is an ongoing, unsolved problem since February and follow up to my previous two negative reviews from May and June.

The promised fix on the 11/7 did not materialized. I wasn’t expecting much at all, however I had a little hope.
SMS engineer called me at 2pm to ask if I am at home to not miss appointment and told me he is just 20 minutes away… 1 hour later no engineer no one answering when i try to call back the number.
I called to SMS info line at 4:30pm, only two disconnections while in the queue. Third time someone to speak with but this person was not able to provide any information at all, nothing, nill, I was told to call Shell.
I asked for the possibility to make missed appointment compliant and only about 10 minutes of waiting I got the second SMS employee.
Of course, there are no appointments available, I must wait for more than a month no guarantees that anyone will come. I asked for the reason engineer did not come and was given the story about sick engineers in the area as why no one came, I told him it’s a lie unless he got sick in 20 minutes between the call, he made to me and the time he suppose to arrive. I asked so he at least doesn’t lie to me and got yield at and the story changed again to emergency… I asked if this was so why no one bothered to at least call me and inform? No comments.

Then he went on to say he is cutting the call with me so I could not make compliant, did not get new appointment and with snarky comment at the end when I told him I will contact Shell “Good luck, see how far you will get with them…”
I am afraid he is right I will not get anywhere with Shell at all.

I’ve just about had enough of this…

I’ve just about had enough of this company now. Why do you persistently keep telling me to contact Stepchange when I’ve told you time and again that they are helping me to sort this out. Then I tell you that I’m in Breathing Space last Week, then this morning you tell me that it’s finished? You accepted that I was in Breathing Space and told me that no more messages will be sent regarding payment so what did I get? A message saying that my Breathing Space has now and I need to start paying! I contacted Step Change and they told me that as far as they are concerned, breathing space ends on 4th September 2022. I contacted Step Change this morning and that is what they told me. I’m starting to get tired of you telling me to contact Stepchange. I think I’m going to report this company to the higher authorities and the Ombudsmen because I’ve just about had of now. Contact Stepchange not me as it’s out of my hands until September.
Goodbye. You said that you always strive to give exceptional service. I think all your messages are on repeat! You churn out the same answer to every message you send are you a real person or a robot?!!!!!

This matter has now been resolved by Resolver!! I had a phone call and a reply via Resolver, and, he said the Breathing Space is STILL on going until the 9th of September! I don’t know why you persistently kept telling me that it had ended! and for me to contact Stepchange! They are the company who informed you ABOUT Breathing Space in the 1st place! This matter has now been sorted, so you won’t be hearing from me again. Thanks to the agent via Resolver.

I am utterly enraged by shell’s latest…

I am utterly enraged by shell’s latest advert bragging about their electricity provision if they’re so wonderful how come they have tripled my daughter’s energy bills

Absolute crap

Absolute crap. I have had the misfortune to inherit them after a non paying scumbag tenant finally went. So a new smart meter is needed to connect to the new HHR heaters I’ve had installed to meet the government energy compliance b******* diktat to let it. I’ve wasted hours calling & talking to them, seems to be the usual outsourced Indian call centre so you know you’ve had it from the off really, being told they are going to sort it out, not hearing back, their going to send an email confirming someone from Smart Metering Systems whom presumably they outsource to fit them is going to turn up etc, but didn’t send a confirmation email, I haven’t the time or patience to waste on all the goings on, but suffice to say I eventually got as far as they were turning up from 1300 on on & a date, they had my contact details & would ring to confirm the exact time of arrival for which I once again had to harang them for a confirmation email. Surprise surprise no one turned up or contacted me. Yet more timewasting & agro, always at the customers expense of course.
Disgraceful bunch of incompetents. No idea if it’s possible but my next step will be to see if I can contact some other energy supplier to go with & see if they can take it on & do a switcheroo for me as they may have more know how & clout to do it & get it done on my behalf. I recommend any one else do the same as it seems there’s plenty of thumbs down for this bunch of nitwits. No polite way to describe them I’m afraid.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. Shell Plc CEO Ben Van Beurden openly admitted at the Shell AGM held in London on 23 May 2022 that all is not well at Shell Energy. 

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