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18 August 2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Abysmal service

Abysmal service. Cannot get through to speak to someone who can actually assist. Biggest regret switching to Shell broadband. They do not care about the customer at all! Broadband was supposed to go live 08 August. Eventually sorted 12th August. Received a bill for more than what was quoted even though I had no service initially. Not a happy customer. Can somebody at Shell broadband please actually help??

Clearly the worst service ever…

Clearly the worst service ever communication is poor, slow to reply if ever Always having to chase keep sending wrong information


Apathetic customer service. Uncaring – absolute rip off. Shame on them all


I was involuntarily shoved onto Shell Energy from post office and don’t even know my account number. I have been trying to contact them for three days now, and their customer service is non-existent. they appear not to have any employees and you are constantly dealing with robotic voices. I can’t log into my account and they are ignoring my requests to register online. Needless to say, I will find a new provider and will simply cancel my DD account when I’m ready. I’m serious folks, don’t use this outfit. Cue the automated response…

Worst customer service in the UK.

I have been trying to deal with these people for over two months now. I have spoken to them on the telephone, sent them emails, photographs of meter readings and yet they still cannot sort out a very simple problem. When you speak to them they tell you they will sort it and then send you a text message telling you you need to pay a bill and they are considering further action. Okay Shell, please feel free and take me to court. I would like nothing better than to prove how inept and incompetent you are. Given the current financial climate it is disgraceful the way you treat customers, I for one will not put up with it. If you’re with with Shell I would consider leaving at the earliest opportunity, if you are thinking about joining them then do yourself a favour and find an alternative supplier. It really isn’t worth the hassle dealing with these people.

Abysmal Customer Service Levels

Taken over PO account. The basic functionality of the broadband service remains OK. Shell customer service is abysmal. Trying to contact Shell is made as difficult as possible and when you contact them the so-called customer service is extremely time consuming and unhelpful to the customer. Shell appeared to have starved customer service of resources the resultant image a customer gets is of a company that frankly doesn’t care. I’m really not sure if I will renew the contract in 2023 – there seem to be lots of other more professional companies offering very competitive prices and on Shell Energy’s general performance I certainly couldn’t recommend the company to others.


Their broadband is worst to non, to get in touch with them it’s impossible, whoever got in touch with them you are hero and lucky person. I don’t know when even to status, 5 years I have been with postofficr broadband and for this 5 years I have had 2 or 3 times the internet to go down for very short time and they answer phone in 3-5 min and sort everything professionally and in a timely manner.
But let’s talk about Shell, beging of this year I have been told I will be switched to Shell and everything I had so far with Postoffice will carry the same way – payment, service etc. Not even a month since Shell came and I got a notification my broadband is increasing with 100% yes 100% from £18 to £36 and thid being their chipset offer, what a start lol. Of course I called and challenged why they increase when confirmed all will start the same, to be honest they had no clue what they are taking about. Each of the representative was telling a story of his own, after 2 days of hassle I spoke with manager who agreed to keep the price as it was. Great right, after few months the issue started the broadband is non or 4 times less them the promised speed with constant interruptions, impossible to do anything, I am trying for 4th day in a raw to get in touch, as I write this review I am waiting for 38 min yesterday I waited 1 hour and 17 min and over 1 hour before I am thinking to brake the record today with more then 2 hours and share the screen shot on social medias for all to see, now honestly how bad is that guys. Ok there is a chat right, now please let each one of you who read this review at different times of teh day – morning, afternoon it nights, please try to initiate a chat, for broadband it says chat is offline ALL THE TIME, now there is an email, oh well wrote an email 4 days ago, got automatic reply saying we are busy right now and still no reply, waiting 43 min now (record here I come), now anyone out there from Shell or who ever can you tell me how can I get in touch and explain I have issue with the broadband. The service it’s not bad it’s simply non exciting, I have never seen so poor service of any type and form, purely disgusting PLEAE HELP !!! I AM DESPERATE

Ongoing problems, awful company

Ongoing problems with this awful company. Elec smart meter was damaged during power failure in February storms. Shell did not believe me. Meter was not working at all, no smart signal, no reading display. Eventually they agreed to send out engineer in April, who confirmed meter had stopped working, and would need to be replaced. This was arranged for June, then cancelled, then rearranged for July.
Meanwhile I am being sent estimated bills, but Shell refuse to tell me how these are being calculated.
July 20th: meter changed, now working and sending smart signals.
Today I see Shell have issued another estimated bill, cancelling all old estimates, but making up a new one showing an even greater amount. I rang and spoke to Coco, who eventually said that the final reading of the old meter was using a figure the customer had provided. I am the customer and had not provided it. Then she claimed that the engineer had provided it. The engineer confirmed to me on the day that the old meter was incapable of showing any readings. He wrote “Blank” on the label on the new meter showing no figure for final reading of old meter, Shell are lying again. I have sent photos of meter and labels to back up my claim.
I want a new bill for the whole period, an apology, and compensation. I am trying to take this to the Ombudsman, but I need to have a “Failure to agree” letter from Shell, which (in spite of several requests) they have not issued. I am over 70 and really don’t need this stress. I wish Shell employed some staff who could offer sympathetic support, and who did not lie to customers.

Shell stuck me with a 2.000 pound debt…

I Shell stuck me with a 2.000 pound debt i didn’t and don’t owe them I am being threatened and they are demanding money with menaces also committing fraud i have no contract with you , the British government you buy with shares nor ofgem your lying and theft will and does not impress me remove your cancer causing meters oh sorry you can’t because they are green stars so you will not force me to be with you do your worst how dare you think you can abuse my rights and force me to give you money because you backhanded corrupt boris Johnson get rid of these clowns i have removed thier right to contact me or enter my premises they ignore that and threaten me I sent them accurate readings not the lies and shell made up they only adjusted for 3 months instead of three years of ripping me off along with green star they investigated themselves and found no wrong doing they didn’t want an independent investigation after several requests for it liars and thieves thats all you are shell take me to court they also adjusted the meter readings when I sent the real readings to suit thier theft for 3 years amazing

Incredibly bad company to deal with

I moved in to a property supplied by shell, the previous tenant had ran up a £1400 bill. I rang up to tell them i was a new tenant, provided tenancy agreements etc. All was looking well until i submitted my first meter reading. After doing so i now have over £1000 debt TO MY NAME with electric and gas. I have been calling, live chatting, emailing shell and they are the most unhelpful people ive ever dealt with. They are trying to tell me that a £600+ gas usage and £300+ electric usage was correct. For a single guy living alone this is impossible.

Each agent i speak to you have to re-explain everything each time you contact. Their internal communication seems terrible. I was asked to submit 7 days worth of meter reading pictures which i did. One agent agreed that my readings are not in line, and my bill should be corrected. The next agent says the readings are correct and i do owe £1000+

Ive been going round in circles with this company. They have been an absolute nightmare, There has been 3 telephone calls arranged, for an agent to contact me ……. they never contact you at all. each time you end up having to phone them again.

Ive been in dispute over this now for months, at this rate ill be homeless within a week at shells extortionate bills.

I will absolutally be abandoning shell and changing provders ASAP. They are bad news, i seriously advise you to avoid. At this stage im left with no other option than to change providers and just not pay anything to shell. I hate debt, i certainly dont want collectors knocking at the door, but i have no other option at this stage. Shell will also send you large ammounts of letters, often 2 at a time on a daily basis.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. Shell Plc CEO Ben Van Beurden openly admitted at the Shell AGM held in London on 23 May 2022 that all is not well at Shell Energy. 

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