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Shell’s terrible broadband customer service

25 July 2023

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Terrible broadband customer service

Terrible broadband customer service. They have zero flexibility and no intention to please customers. Seems like a good deal at first, but they won’t offer end-of-contract deals. Shell also increases prices in the middle of the contract. Went from paying £17 to £30 per month. Avoid at all costs. Believe me, you will end up paying more than what is shown on the price comparison sites.

Worst company with utterly ridiculous customer service

After breaking so many promises, FINALLY shell energy manage to connect my broad band on 20/07/2023. The Original date was 04/07/2023. In between this period not a single day Shell rang me and gave me any update. I made phone calls so many times to get the update. They always replied some one from complain handling team will contact with me and that never happened. Even after this review you may find a Reply from Shell that they are sorry for my experience and always strive to provide legendary customer service. It is a joke, they are legend to provide worst customer service and they are unbeatable. The internet speed is very poor and i barely get any signal in my living room. Than you for taking time to read my review it will save you from a Fraud company like Shell. I have couple of thousands of earning and other loses after switching to them and mental stress is endless. Please ask your friends and family not to take their service.

this is the worst internet i have had…

this is the worst internet i have had in 22 yrs only been on 4 mth and leaving cannot get on anything buffering freezing stopping you name it thats what it does .sent me 2 mercusys did nothing sent qube engineer switched router off switched router back on .that was it when he left back to normal.why do they not send openreach . i leave in 10 days time waivered penalties please take notice of the reviews before you sign with these do not take in that they offer you 4 mths in advance . it will be the worst 4 mth you will have.cant get on bank accout cant get on games facebook none existent stops all the time. ilive by myself they say its down to the 5 wifis i have and 3 desktops i live by myself i cant use them theres nothing plugged into the internet only my desktop and phone please take notice i have got to put my account number in tried logging in to my account no chance but i will keep tryin g used 65 passwords up to now keep saying make a new one they dont want this review

Shell broadband overcharged me at the…

Shell broadband overcharged me at the end of my term. After 3 months they still have never refunded my money despite over 10 calls to the customer service. The customer service is incredibly unhelpful. Avoid.

One of the worst customer service and…

One of the worst customer service and rudest people in the world. They don’t even have any solutions. All they do is just transfer you to different departments and none of them give you a proper resolution. The engineer won’t come up on the appointment.i have ordered the braodband and it’s been 23 days I 2as waiting for the connection and no response from them at all.

Poor Quality Broadband

Paid extra to have fibre broadband installed. Your estimated speed range is 95-112Mbps. My actual speed is 11.3Mbps, which is far slower than the service I had previously. The router is awful quality, won’t even stand up by itself. Shell are more or less uncontactable unless you want to talk to a bot. Highly disappointed, regret staying with Shell especially as when selling they tried to railroad me into a two year contract, gave me a discount but never told me what it is, don’t even know clearly what I am paying for this ‘service’ but whatever its not worth it. Told them I wanted to cancel within the cooling off period and they totally ignored my request. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone I’m afraid.

Out and out crooks

Absolute crooks had to take legal action to get the money back that they stole.
They refused to stop billing me for a property they knew full well I was no longer at and had satisfied all their endless nonsense criteria to let them know. Eventually they were legally made to refund me to which they sent a letter telling me how excellent their customer service is. Absolute scamming jokes. What’s more I have cancelled them supplying my new house also so ultimately they’ve cost themselves money by their own disgusting behaviour.


Dreadful. Despite supplying meter readings as asked my energy bill soared from £261 per month to over £860 per month. When I investigated I found that they were using estimates despite my accurate readings. When I could no longer afford to pay this ridiculous amount they threatened me with debt collectors and we are currently in dispute despite the fact that I am a severely disabled OAP.

Still a disappointing result .

Still a disappointing result .
From the email account someone rang me up at work was asking me for account details told them to ring me after 3 pm .
No one did so I rang them up .I informed the person I already had a ref Respnse number ,she was not familiar ,she went to speak to a supervisor who came on and explained he was putting me through to the right department but hung up on me after 10 minutes .
I have emailed again with all the relevant attachments and ID of my driving license etc .If everything was attached in the email why ask me for account numbers at work ?
Can’t see what is so difficult …so please respond properly .
25/07/23 update
I already sent another email yesterday after somebody hung up on me .
An email was also sent on Friday as the phone call was on hold .
The reference for this enquiry is
20054874 …I hope this helps as I am not going to share my personal email with everybody else .
If you want me to give you a call can you please provide with a phone number

My mother in law is 90

My mother in law is 90, lives alone and also has a care call line linked to the phone. Phones went down and am still trying to resolve the problem 2 days later. Left waiting listening to ridiculous music, promised call backs which did not happen, endless waits in the meantime my mother in law can neither receive or make calls. We live 2 hours away and am trying to resolve this. Am presently sitting on phone again listening to said music and seething! Have spoken to about seven different people, been cut off whilst waiting and had to go through the whole story again endless times. Do not use Shell energy. She is classed as a vulnerable customer but if she had a fall she can’t access her lifeline . Shocking customer care.

My new account cancelled by Shell

I wanted a broadband account purely for the CCTV system at my flats. Signed up online and set up the direct debit only to have Shell cancel the order a week later as “the address doesn’t exist” due to it being the building as a whole not one of the flats.
Hours and hours wasted, emailing and calling them to try and resolve (did not have this problem with the existing supplier Plusnet).
Gave up in the end. Abysmal company, useless service. Do yourself a favour and for £2 a month more choose one of the ‘proper’ broadband companies who know what they are doing and actually want your business.

Absolutely the worst provider

Absolutely the worst provider I had, and with most expensive tariffs. When there is outstanding balance they are molest you tirelessly, even 24h after you’ve paid they will bombard you with demands to pay. They bothering you daily with calls, text, emails. Nowhere else I’ve experience such harassment! It had a great impact on your the mental heath.

I have had the worst experience with…

I have had the worst experience with shell they appear to have mid calculated my bill for over a year and after me bringing to their attention it has taken them nearly 2 months to asses that my gas meter readings were incorrect.
They now are trying to charge we an extortionate amount of money saying I owe them money …. I don’t believe this to be true at all how can I have any confidence in this when they previously refunded me money for last month as I showed them the bill generated was incorrect.
They said they would call back and have not and then send me an email to demand money on top of the money I had paid over the last year this is disgusting

Would rate them Zero if it was possible…

Would rate them Zero if it was possible
Customer service staff …incompetent
Kept me on the phone 1hour 45 minutes .
Kept passing me from one person to the other ..kept me on hold for 20 minutes in which time I wrote an email to their department asking for a refund on an unoccupied property which is sold now .
All I wanted was a refund on the credit that there was on it ..
But no they could not do that .
Where as Scottish Power did it in 5 minutes on another property in a similar situation .
Have sent an email with the complaint in there and evidence of me on the phone to their number for that length of time .

Overcharged my 82 year old father …

Overcharged my 82 year old father twice for an engineer call out that he shouldn’t have been charged for.
Customer service number seems like a call centre that keeps you on the phone for over an hour with no resolution. Had to go to the ombudsman for them to sort out the overcharging. Shocking!

You have just dumped my 89 year old…

You have just dumped my 89 year old vulnerable mum in law and left her without a phoneline for her emergency call line – just spoken to your customer service staff and just about every other department in Shell energy – no one gives a care .You sent her a letter telling her sorry she was leaving when she was not aware

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted recently on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. Shell Plc CEO Ben Van Beurden (now retired) openly admitted at the Shell AGM held in London on 23 May 2022 that all is not well at Shell Energy. 

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