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Shell Energy Customer Support Experts are like Monkeys following a script

These aren’t broadband experts who know what they’re talking about, they’re monkeys following a script.

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22 Oct 2023

Reviewer Diane: Location Norwich: Date 2023-09-28


Although it took some weeks to set up the broadband, I was pleased with the low price. It did drop out and there were times when I lost connection for quite a while. The price went up after a year so I cancelled and went to another provider. I asked to keep my landline number and they said a firm “NO” and told me, amongst other things that they had given it to someone else and that I had to send the router back within a month or they would fine me for the cost of it and sent me a postbag! Meeow!

Reviewer Keira: Location Aldershot: Date 2023-09-23


Appalling service, it has been several weeks of waiting for installation then the engineer turned up and said it was up and running but broadband never worked. They sent another engineer who stated the line was never active and has never worked, plus he cannot fix it. We still do not have broadband as it is constant to and fro with them

Reviewer Kay: Location Leeds: Date 2023-09-22


I was with Shell Energy broadband and switched from them to a new service provider because I was not happy with their service. They continued to charge me after I had switched and when I questioned this they told me that my new service provider did not tell them of my switch so it was their fault and that they were totally responsible for the sum I had incurred. However, having spoken to my new service provider they told me that as I had switched from a copper line to full fibre they would not have told shell as it would not be the same line. Meanwhile, Shell customer service stuck to their guns and told me basically that I must pay the bill. They were unsympathetic, and absolutely just wanted their money regardless of the fact that I had not been using their service for over a month. My new service provider was ever so kind and due to the way I was treated by Shell broadband offered me a discount on my next bill in kind which they were not even obliged to do. I am thankful for good-hearted people. That’s what we need more of in the world.

Reviewer Matt: Location Newcastle: Date 2023-09-21


Terrible. I have a fault with the line outside of my home which is an Openreach issue I’ve had since before I moved to Shell. The issue with Shell is that although they have notes showing that the fault is external (copper joint fault) and their line tests come back with the same result every time I call they still ask me to do checks on my setup. I’ve worked in Broadband Tech Support for over 12 years and even though I give them all of the information they need to resolve the issue quickly I still have to sit and go through their script. These aren’t broadband experts who know what they’re talking about, they’re monkeys following a script.

Reviewer Anne: Location Cheshire: Date 2023-09-20


The customer service is appalling, broadband unreliable was so bad had to cancel the contract within a month.Awful experience. I was hoping to safe some money from Sky but huge mistake.


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