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More pissed off customer reviews about Shell Energy posted on Trustpilot

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted 13 Feb 2020.

Truely awful, avoid at all cost

Truely awful. Takes very long to answer phones every time, no matter what day of week. I bought a house and received estimated bills. When I tried to update the reading, it keeps saying on the system it’s invalid. But they wouldn’t listen that I haven’t moved in yet. And of course I keep getting estimated bills which are way higher than they should be.

Worst Customer Service experience ever.

Recently switched and regretting decision already. Finding it to be an impossibility to submit opening electricity meter reading. On-line virtual support is ineffective, nobody responds to emails and customer telephone help system does not address problem.

I joined up with First utility a few…

I joined up with First utility a few years ago which has now merged with Shell Energy.

I was with them at a previous property and advised them I was moving to a new property.

After moving into my new place I discovered that I had to re-apply at my new property.

At my new property I discovered that I had a pre-payment meter I was told I had to be with them for 6 months before I apply to come off a pre-payment meter.

I did this and was told I still couldn’t as I had failed a credit check, I offered to pay a deposit or even provide a guarantor but this was refused.

This is ridiculous, to add insult to injury I was told I could not top up online meaning I have to trundle all the way to the shop to top never mind the extra cost of a pre-payment meter.

Absolutely ridiculous

A duplicitous letter from Shell Energy

I am a Shell Energy user but have yet to have a smart meter. I have just received from the Shell Energy team a letter telling me that my existing gas & electricity meters are worn out and need to be replaced. They are offering to replace them, free of charge with new smart meters. This letter is a misrepresentation and is a deception. There is nothing wrong with my existing meters. I recently had a new gas boiler installed and as a part of the installation the meter was checked by a gas engineer and found to be in perfect condition. I know that the Government is pushing to have smart meters fitted but an honest request to allow smart meters to be fitted would surely be more effective

Had a query waited for a very long time…

Had a query waited for a very long time ,booked a call back by the time I got to the phone stopped ringing

Too long waiting on the phone to get…

Too long waiting on the phone to get through, 57 minutes is good enough

Worst customer service

Switch from Npower. Wish i was never chose that company. Been promised that my smart meter from Npower will work with them to. No true. Since September all my electric meters are estimated. Thay just increased my by bills by £45per month. Poor reply via email.Was try to arrange meter replacement, but no appointment available. Avoid!!!

Shell Energy are RUBBISH

Been with Shell energy for months, what a nightmare! They are overcharging me and refuse to accept my smart meter readings. I haven’t had a true bill yet. I found out too late that they used to be First Utility who were so bad that I had to take them to court! DONT GO WITH THIS COMPANY.

I tried to change to a new offer…

I tried to change to a new offer earlier this week. I got through to the customer service number relatively quickly and they transferred me to another section who could deal with the changeover.

After hanging on for over 20 minutes listening to the music with no response from Shell Energy I hung up.

I tried twice more later in the day with exactly the same result. I hung up after 20 minutes.

I was e mailed to say that I hadn’t…

I was e mailed to say that I hadn’t sent my meter readings which on my phone clearly showed that I had. My initial e mail to shell took virtually all day to be replyed to and my follow up message to this day remains unanswered.

Would give zero if I could

Would give zero if I could, never trust a door to door sales person, totally ripped me off, said i could save £20 a month after looking at my smart meter so i signed up and then got told it was impossible looking and comparing the unit price , my first bill was double….£120 , i live alone on disability. A total disgrace this company has no morals and ripped me off good n proper. Currently going through ombudsman. I will take this all the way !!

There is no change at all to how ive used my usage, there is no justification to the amount you have charged me, your salesman checked my smart meter,your company is used a rip off. Hope you can sleep at night [email protected]

Bit of a shambles

Bit of a shambles. Informed smartmeter not submitting readings when it was. Had to go through resolver to sort out a non functioning in home display which has been on going since Aug 2019.

Expensive and useless. Expected better from the shell brand.

Expensive. Misleading marketing team who talk of non existent price rises to get customers to sign up to high price fixed tariffs. Customer service useless and dont pick up phone. I am shocked that Shell a big brand name performs so poorly I expected better. Still my tariff is nearly up and I will not hesitate to go elsewhere and I advise others to do the same. Do your research on their tariffs folks there are far better out there

Very poor customer service

Very poor customer service. I.e left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing. Took weeks to do a name change. Poorly trained individuals on help desks. Smart meters are poor. Keep getting requests for meter readings !!!!!!

Cold-calling salesman

Very annoyed that a salesman from Shell Energy cold-called a vulnerable man I care for and tried to sell to him, despite it being obvious that he is vulnerable and a door notice rejecting cold-callers!! I would give no stars if it was possible!!

Listen Listen Shell look at the amount…

Listen Listen Shell look at the amount of people are complaining your overcharging your customer . Me I move in 3 month ago and my bill is £472.50 !! Your online chat which doesn’ work I sat and stare at my phone screen for 2 hour just to wait and talk with your c … call the number which doesn’t even work literally how many stafff do you have because I can’t get hold of ya f**** the only time you reply back is when YOUR BILL IS DUE and then you message again after 2 day but my bill is due till 2 week time !!! I should have come here and read the reviews first before joining your supplies what a mistake you make me sick



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