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Avoid Shell Energy at all costs

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 4 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 18 Sept 2020.


DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY! The door to door sales agents will lie to you in order for you to initiate a switch of energy and earn their own commission. A sales advisor told me that my balance would be transferred over to my new supplier during the switch, which is why they required a credit check to be run, while my ongoing energy supply would be cheaper. This was absolutely not the case, my old supplier have debited over £700 from my bank account this morning and Shell energy are unable to offer any help to resolve this at all, I asked to reverse the switch and they have advised this will cost a further £100. I am appalled at the level of misrepresentation and service supplied by the company and I urge anyone considering to switch to avoid them at all costs! I don’t rate British Gas’ service at all but you would be far better off!

Shell energy tried to rip me off by…

Shell energy tried to rip me off by assigning one of their accounts to me but not telling me about it, I found out six months later when the sent me a bill for nearly £4000 for electricity, I was shocked. There is no contract or agreement. I tried to speak to them about it but they refuse to take my calls. It’s been nearly three years now and I’m still trying to talk to them it’s very upsetting.

Do not use these jokers.

Literally the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Can’t get through on the phone, on hold for 50 minutes, try the Live Chat, apparently there’s no-one available on there either and I should phone up!!! I’m trying to query a bill and literally give them money and they’re still not interested, absolute jokers!

Very Poor Show! 0/5

At 1809 on 26th August my internet went down for the second time since April. This time I was without service for four days.

You have told me I would be refunded £2:35 for loss of service. I had to purchase a £10 data plan for my phone so I could use the internet at home. I was trying to organise my mother’s funeral and I needed to have a working internet connection.

To add final insult to injury, I received my Shell phone/BB bill yesterday. I was charged £4:45 on the 28th August at 16:55 because I was on your HELP line for 1hr and 40 minutes trying to get my internet connection working!

I would like a refund for this amount. It’s not my fault I needed to be on the phone to you for so long trying to get my internet sorted out. The derisory £2.35 you are refunding me won’t even cover my incurred expenses over my loss of service!

I have not had a reply to this email sent on 15 September. So am making a negative Trustpilot review.

Your company made a stressful time even harder!

Bad service .2 weeks after my complaint and still unresolved

6 weeks of threats and still unresolved.4 45 minute phone calls and over 30 unanswered emails . citizens advice have advised me to see a solicitor about harassment.

If I could give less than one star I…

If I could give less than one star I would. Probably the worst company I have ever been with. I was promised my bill would be less than my present provider. It wasnt and worked out in the end almost twice as much. Upon leaving them I was told i owed a substantial amount as had been under billed. I challenged this as the amount seemed disproportionate. After 6 months they agreed they had over billed and i owed a different amount. I then a week later tried to pay the new amount and was told the records havent been updated so am now having to go through the whole process again. Bearing in mind that every time you call you wait in an hour long queue.

Poor service

Poor service I contacted them re an estimated bill for an empty property and gave meter reading I then received a letter from collections agency for the amount on estimated billRang them and spent a long time on hold to be told by first agent they could not help me spent another long time on hold Eventually told bill had been sent out. Very poor service!

I have left shell poor customer service

I have just left Shell as their customer service was and is awful, my monthly payment was increasing every couple of months, never had this happen before, I should be getting my final bill but instead I am being told it will go to a collection service communication is horrendous, dont use this company.

Disgusting service

Terrible customer service for a potential new customer. Call centre didn’t have a clue and they are prejudice towards lower income persons. Unreasonable demands in the current climate especially.

Disgusted of Dursley

I am disgusted with the appalling service that Shell Energy provide. In February this year my Father died and I became on of the Executors of his Estate with his Solicitor. One of my functions is to settle his bills which I have been doing. However with Shell energy it was another story. My solicitor asked me for the latest meter readings in March which she sent to Shell energy. These where disputed so another reading was sent in July, eventually in August the bill was issued and I paid it. I read the bill and noted money could be saved by moving to a new tariff. I contacted Shell energy on several occasions but to no avail. I then tried applying for the tariff separately and was told I was not the authorised account holder and that they would not deal with me. I have written back explaining the situation and asked for somebody to contact me by phone. I wait for a response.
Interestingly I had been given Shell Energy as the best potential supplier for my own home energy. Due to this issue I double I will change, their customer service is appalling.

Smets 2 meter debacle, just need to know the truth.

Once again, 0 or minus stars would be more applicable, however.

Hi, my account number is 3732428,my name is Bill

First: I have just received this email, below, where you say the reason my meters are not communicating, though you don’t give the date when YOU say they stopped communicating, which is a daily occurrence, please provide this date, is that as you say ” This is likely due to unreliable signal where your meters are located”

Second: The meters are exactly where they were fitted by your contractor approx. 12 months ago, nothing has changed in the house, nothing has changed in the street, nothing has changed in the area, so how do you arrive at the conclusion you give

Third: As is well known by Shell, many hundreds of their customers, the industry in general, customers of many other energy companies etc. that there are problems with the meters with evidence on many sites that the general process for the utility companies when meters stop communicating, is to blame the customer, their house, or whatever for months on end, hoping that the customer will give up complaining, invariably those who continue to complain, for months, find the solution is to change the meters !

So, please answer my following questions honestly:
a) What was the date and time that the meters stopped working, they upload the data daily therefore this should be able to be narrowed down to one 24hr period.
b) What is Shells process for determining that, as Shell suggest in the email below, that the fault is at my end?
c) How can this be determined without a visit by a meter engineer to confirm that the meters work OK and that the fault is within my property?
d) According to my last bill the closing reading was on 21/08/20, therefore the next would be on 21/08/20, if as you say YOUR meters are not communicating, when will I get an email to advise me that I need to send in a reading, bearing in mind I may be away until the second week of October !
e) Can you explain why my home display still shows accurate usage?

I am thankful for the reminder from Shell saying my tariff is due to finish at the end of October and now due to this debacle, and the debacle of my initial start with Shell, meter problems, home display problems, being overcharged by £700 + in one month , abysmal customer services etc. this has given me an additional spur to move on to a better company.


The email……………………………………………………….

Unfortunately, we’ve noticed that your electricity and gas smart meters have stopped communicating with us. As a result, we’re unable to provide you with all of the benefits a smart meter provides. This includes accurate bills and the ability to monitor your energy usage within your online account.
We’ve been trying to fix this problem but regretfully, we’ve been unable to do so. This is likely due to unreliable signal where your meters are located. We’ll need to send you an email each month asking you to submit your electricity and gas readings, so that you can continue to benefit from accurate bills.
We understand that this is disappointing. However, as smart meter technology advances, we’ll let you know if there are any alternative solutions that may be suitable for your property.
We’re really sorry for any inconvenience caused

Shell Broadband

Shell Broadband: Pending ?

Broadband: Absolutely useless – I dodged a bullet

Before I start, you must know shell broadband is the same as Firstutility… before Shell took over, they were 1.8 on trustpilot!! Avoid this company at all costs!!

I gave Shell Energy multiple opportunities to correct their poor processes and accept me as a customer.

I applied online for broadband, got the success/pending screen, however, 1 week later, I still heard nothing.

I used the chat which was easy to use and was told that the order had failed. okay, so why did no one tell me this? I would expect an email or a call to tell me this.

Agent said someone will call me by 12. No call.
On chat again, Agent said someone would call by 4. I asked if I could call, agent just cut chat off.

I called, lady said I was position 6 in the queue did I want to hold or wait for them to call, said it would be before 4,

I said look, if I don’t get a call by 4 then I’m just going to go elsewhere.

Surprise surprise, no call.

The point here is, the service is so dire along with their internal processes that I opted to go elsewhere to save myself the trouble in case anything went wrong. I’d rather not have to be calling imbeciles when I have a problem.

I’m calling the process people/managers/bosses, imbeciles, not the front-line staff (generally, they’re nice people)


Normally don’t bother leaving reviews. Spoke to 3 people who read the same pre-written statement to “direct” my call to the right team. The third person failed at adding me to a queue. Rang again… still waiting on the line. Very bad customer service team who doesn’t seem to know how to work their own system. Avoid

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