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Trustpilot Review of Shell Energy: worst f****ing experience I’ve ever been thru in my life

Hurrah…..we have our county court date papers in the post this morning. Finally they are going to have to address the issue…. I shall keep you all posted. Please scroll back on here to see the debacle which is Shell Energy. Don’t do it folks… Don’t do it….find another provider.

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 4 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company.

This article posted on 03 December 2020.

Hurrah…..we have our county court date

Hurrah…..we have our county court date papers in the post this morning. Finally they are going to have to address the issue….

I shall keep you all posted. Please scroll back on here to see the debacle which is Shell Energy.

Don’t do it folks..Don’t do it….find another provider.

Worst company…do not use shell

Worst company I have ever had energy from.
They rejected my meter readings on i prong account and just doubled them.
They take at least a week to respond to any email, you can’t get them on the phone and when they say it’s sorted, you submit you latest reading to have them rejected again.

Once this is sorted I will be moving supplier again. Their actions have my previous supplier chasing me for a final quarter at the same cost as a full year.

Shambolic Customer Service

I think I could get through to the Queen easier than I could to shell energy customer services! What an exasperating morning spent hanging on the phone having tried to access my accounts unsuccessfully online for at least an hour when I finally had to admit defeat. I am a new customer and hope that the remainder of my contract will be trouble free as I cannot wait to move to a utility provider with a more responsive customer service capability

The worst f****ing experience I’ve ever…

The worst f****ing experience I’ve ever been thru in my life. Was stopped at Harrow shopping centre the sales agent literally begged me to sign up and like an idiot I agreed. He then called the company to confirm and was speaking on my behalf and I didn’t question it as he seemed genuine. He promised I will be paying no more than £77 a month I live in a two bedroom flat. Without me even knowing no letter no email no warning all of a sudden my bill has gone up to £250 a bloody month which I couldn’t afford to continue paying they didn’t let me cancel as the issue was trying to be resolved which didn’t get resolved after 4 months of sending photos of my meter readings calling emailing everything & then during the whole lock down I get an email saying I owe them over £2800 and my case has been sent to debt collectors. I am absolutely furious and appalled by the customer service I have received such a disgusting company with awful horrible lying employees. It is all commission based so the more people they manage to con the more extra money they receive. Please don’t ever join shell biggest mistake of my life.
Now I have no choice but to somehow pay before they come and take my things away so I will have to pay monthly and will take me years to clear this debt caused by this useless awful company. The amount of stress and anxiety this company has caused me I hope it comes back to you all and I hope you all suffer and have extreme debt


Please DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! If you do sign up, please read the terms and conditions. I got stung by them! They provide a 14-day cooling-off period which happens the minute you sign up and they don’t actually provide the service until the end of the 14 day period. When they provide the service “Super Fast Fibre” They don’t tell you that “It takes 10 days for the line to settle” I had very low speeds to nothing at all on the first day of going live. Because I canceled supposedly after my cooling off period they charged my full account of £313. They also took £41 as an initial payment for a service they did not provide! I switched to BT who provides excellent service. Also, the customer service experience is terrible and very rude! I am going through an outside service now to dispute this!

Terrible service

Terrible service. Ended up through to Bosnia after 25 minutes waiting. Luckily within my cooling off period so I decided I didn’t want to be calling abroad and having a person on the other end with attitude like she did.
That’s where I realised there is no option to cancel online via your account. Ended up going through 3 different people and another 30 minutes of my time before cancelling. Lucky escape. Maybe cheaper tariff but in my opinion not worth it. Rather have better service



Shell Energy became my provider for electricity from 24/09/20 – 18/11/20 under a £53 per month fixed contract as confirmed by Shell Energy via email. In this regard, I have just been charged £456.43 by Shell Energy as my final bill- there has only been two people living at the address for the last month. Clearly, I have been overcharged and I require a refund as soon as possible. It is from my understanding that the bill should have been approximately £106 for two months of electric.


Joe Purslow.

Still waiting for account to be set up – 2 months!

I moved into an apartment on 3rd October where Shell Energy currently supplies the energy to. Should have been the easiest thing in the world to just get my account set up and take my meter readings, but no.
2 months later and I have no account, can’t log in online, can’t enter meter readings and can’t get a correct bill. I received an email on 28th Oct saying there was a delay as they need more information and if I don’t respond with meter numbers and references they will need to cancel my switch! For meters that they currently supply?! I replied the same day with photos of the meters and have never heard from them since.
I continue to receive bills to the apartment, addressed to Mr Owner Occupier, so clearly they didn’t get around to taking the previous occupants details and setting up an account properly either, seems like they’ve just been going online and making payments based on estimated readings – overestimated as they’d paid past what the meter readings were when I moved in.
I will not be doing this Shell, get your act together, set up my account and let me submit readings so that I pay for what I use or you’re getting nothing.


AWFUL telesales woman did not understand so hung up. Not the way to close a sale.

I have been with shell for just under 2…

I have been with shell for just under 2 months and I would think altogether I have spent at least 3 hours of not more on the phone to them. My internet took a week longer than they said to actually go live, and although every customer service advisor I spoke to was very patient, polite and pleasant none of them could answer any of my questions as to why the internet wasn’t on. They also promised me several callbacks which I never got and I’d have to call them. Furthermore I was told I was entitled to a £75 reward for having shell supply my energy and broadband, but nobody could see this on my account, so they investigated it and I was told it takes 3 months to be added to the account. I asked for it to be added immediately as I was never told about the 3 month wait. After speaking to several advisors and receiving several emails I was told I was never entitled to this reward! I have so far submitted 2 complaints in 2 months – and I am far from a Karen. I’ve never submitted a complaint about anything in my life but being with shell has been a waste of time and they’ve been completely incompetent.

Poor customer service really…

Poor customer service really disappointed wish I never took shell energy.

Still waiting on my billing to be set…

Still waiting on my billing to be set up properly as currently billing my day time electric on my night usage.
Have now made this a formal written complaint but still doesn’t seem to move things on.

Beware: £15 cease charge whether in or out of contract

Beware: They charge £15 cease charge whether you are in or out of contract.

I received an email in September from Shell saying how great they were as unlike other broadband companies they won’t hike your price up and it will be kept at what I was paying during my contract. However I received an email this morning saying that they were increasing the price I was paying as they were upgrading me. I didn’t ask to be upgraded and think this is pretty bad after they said how much better they are than other companies and then proceeded to up the cost of my broadband.
I’ve now asked to move because of this price increase and they have told me there is a £15 cease charge, which I have never seen with another broadband company I have been with. I’ve been with Sky, Plusnet, Now TV and BE over the years. I think this appalling customer service and will be making sure that I don’t recommend them to anyone going forward.

Do not get involved with this company

I had high hopes when i first joined shell, i opted for the combined energy and broadband bundle as the broadband was cheaper, But over the last 6 months the broadband has been terrible, It keeps dropping, Then the continuous emails asking me to move to a faster broadband, (makes you wonder doesnt it!!
Then this week i got an email telling me I was being moved and that if i didnt like it I could cancel..Even tho this is copied and pasted from there website….

We won’t hike your broadband prices up at the end of your initial minimum contract period.

So I told them I wanted to cancel the energy and the broadband contract with them…Oh they said but if you do that you have to pay cancellation charges..Wt*
So everything shell says, Its a lie and a scam, Ive told them im taking this to the ombudsman as this is deceitful and nasty,
Shell is one of these companys that scam people into contracts with promises of cheap broadband and no price rise, leave shell alone, its daylight robbery what they are doing, But not with me, Ive already contacted my local MP who says its not the first complaint about this issue and he will raise it with the next government meeting.
meanwhile a msg to shell, i shall take this beyond the ombudsman I am not being blackmailed into paying higher than what my contract agrees…Scammers

No existent customer support

Despite assurances throughout the switching process that our smart meter would work and that She’ll energy could read information from the meter it turns out it was all a lie. After many emails and phone calls an engineer appointment was arranged to rectify the smart meter, needless to say no engineer arrived and despite reporting this to Shell I have still no working meter and I am currently on hold for the umpteenth time with Shell not impressed at all.

They don’t deserve even 1 star

They don’t deserve even 1 star, appoling service, customer service advisor very unhelpful and they just want to fob you off and very rude.
I have migrated from Green Star and it was so difficult for them to transfer me over and manage my complaint so they litteraly advised me to cancel the contract and sign up as new customer. So I did and I regret it.

It’s a new built so obviously the previous provider was British Gas and still they have a big troubles after almost 4months now to sort me out.

Everytime I call not just I wait almost 1hr for some to pick up but they keep changing the reason for my complaint and they never get a manager on the phone. Can’t sort my bills and saying that my new meters are not even registered on the data base ?

I’ll just leave them and look for another provider and that’s my advise to all of you who are having the same issues.

Cannot pay bill

I have just come off the phone after we’ll over an hour. I had a query. each one passed me on to a ficticous number.? There call centre could not give a damn. If I could have put a lower score than 1 I would have given them it.

Cannot contact them because the want to use cookies

Tried to contact them for a price for my gas and electricity, I could not find a phone number, and was unable to chat to someone on line as they wanted me to accept cookies, something I will not do.

Promise you the world..great start up…

Promise you the world..great start up price but after 2 months it shoots up.such a con.
Will be leaving As SOON as contract ends.

Bad customer service

Shell has been really difficult to deal with. We were trying to switch away from them and they were very unhelpful and almost impossible to contact. The wait times for phone calls are ridiculous and their online chat system isn’t much better.

Kept me waiting for an hour. Customer Service is a total failure

first! I waited 30 minutes for the operator to pick up my call, then my call was redirected to the department where requesting of the refund of excess payment is processed. Still another 30 minutes of waiting, and I am still waiting at this very minute whilst writing this review. Unbelievable service, unbelievable way of running a business. They will chase you to the end ,if you don’t pick up their calls or return their calls for the unpaid bills. And once you are paid and have paid excess money they are the one who’s not taking your calls. What the h***.

Poor communication and customer…

Poor communication and customer service, waiting on hold forever to speak to someone.
Slow or no response to simple issues 2months in, wondering why I choose Shell ???

Look elsewhere if you value good customer experience

Difficult to contact when needed. All comms via online chat which I’ve discovered is prone to fail/disconnect. Makes contact and resolution of queries unnecessarily difficult. Cannot recommend for this reason alone. Choose a different supplier with telephone customer support.

Nightmare and the worst Energy company…

Nightmare and the worst Energy company I have ever came across. It’s two months I switched to them and I deeply regret. They lied to me and are charging me twice as agreed and never answer their phone number. Avoid it before you get into the same position as me.

Terrible customer service

I have been trying to contact shell to pay my broadband bill and it has been a nightmare trying to get an answer on the phone waiting ages to be put through. Then I am put back to the annoying music because the person answering cannot help. I have tried to pay on line but cannot. So I have cancelled my contract and have been told it will cost £230 cancellation fee. They cannot get their act together to take my monthly fee so I am sure as hell not paying 230 quid for them to press the off switch.

Appalling customer service

Appalling customer service. Almost impossible to get through & if we do, there’s a good chance of being cut off. We are being threatened with a debt collection agency but contacted Shell requesting a final statement with meter readings. We were told this would be sent & that our account would be on hold for 6 weeks. However we are still receiving threatening letters (a week later) and can’t get through to customer service. This is all very distressing for my elderly mother who is terminally ill. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

You can’t even pay your bills on the…

You can’t even pay your bills on the automated service because it does not even work. After you enter your postcode they/ it cuts you off. Absolutely pathetic !

I would advise people not to use Shell energy

I would advise people not to use this company. I have had nothing but stress. Unable to contact them let alone make an enquiry or pay a bill. I do not know where they get the bills from. Feel pestered to death for money that I paid days ago and then two days later get yet another bill when it can not possibly be due. In process of leaving and they are now really piling on the stress, as though that would change my mind or make sure they get paid a really horrendous final bill.

Crap shell

1. They change us to another supplier had to send to support had to contact the imbudsman finally had a call from shell who said it was us who started the switch over but it was not we were on both gas and electricity.
2. We moved house used the moved house system that they have hay presto yet again
More problems transferred electricity no gas get your act together shell or it will be watch dog for you


How on Earth are shell Energy still…

How on Earth are shell Energy still trading ??? How on Earth do they always make there own figures up and fiddle with numbers. Double your bill for no apparent reason. There kw are way high. They should be named and shamed how they act. They have no compassion or no feeling of thinking people don’t see them ripping us off. It strange how when give review on shell energy that there fake reviews too. I did not ask or agree or sign to stay with shell energy. They big ripp off same as green star energy. How is it you double/triple/quadruple people bills in these times too. Put a complaint in they called me a emails to say they been in touch with me. It about time you be loyal instead of not doing your job properly. I do not wish or want to stay with shell energy. How this company sleeps at night. CEO Colin Crooks hope you reading everyone review on this scam artist and disgusting shell energy.

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