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What a hopelessly mismanaged mess Shell is in

By John Donovan: 1st November 2021

Below are screenshots from the webpage generated this morning when performing a search for Royal Dutch Shell on Microsoft Bing.

The map section shows the Shell Centre HQ in London.

The contact section displays the address and telephone number.

The website address displayed is and the various Shell images, including the main top left one (with the Nazi theme), all come from the website. is the top-level domain name for Royal Dutch Shell Plc which Shell failed to seize in legal proceedings many years ago. Shell now has to live with the consequences of losing the action.

As the headline correctly states, what a hopelessly mismanaged mess Shell is in.

A damaging PR mess has been suffered by a succession of RDS Chief Executives, Jeroen van der Veer, Peter Voser and Ben van Beurden.

Larger screenshot of same webpage

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