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SHELL Energy has, by far the worst customer support ever

12 March 2022

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Bought cheap oil from Russia & sold it…

Bought cheap oil from Russia & sold it back to UK citizens at huge profits!

So disappointed with shell energy…

So disappointed with shell energy absolutely shocking.

SHELL energy awful customer service

SHELL energy has, by far the worst customer support ever.

I have spoken to 6 people in the space of 4 weeks about amending an incredibly high bill and no one is helping me.

They say they will call back, but never do. Do they even know what they are doing?

It’s affecting my mental health and now I’m being threatened with a bad credit score when I’m trying so so hard to sort this out.

Absolutely horrified. I don’t even use energy from SHELL anymore, as I moved house a month ago.

Was left on hold for hours and nothing resolved

Was on hold for a combined 4 hours over two days in order to correct mistakes that Shell had made whilst transferring me from GoTo energy. The woman on the phone was condescending and unwilling to answer any of my questions. I am now going to have to spend another hour on hold because nothing was resolved.

Appsolute rubbish company

Absolute rubbish company! Moved from Pure Planet when they went bust and shell told me to keep paying direct debit! Then 3 months later they can’t find my payments and say I’m in the red, I sent confirmation of payments to them but they just don’t get back to you! Keep saying they pass it on to finance dept. Now they are asking me to up my d/d payments cause they say I’m in red, I’ve worked out I should be £300 in credit! Worst company I’ve ever dealt with, pure shambles!

Mis sold

11 minutes ago new
Be very carful when stopped by shell representatives in supermarkets or in the street. I was told I was being sold a fixed rate tariff until 2023 and if I signed up in August 2021 I would beat any price cap rises,energy sorted no need to worry until 2023. Now I’m told my tariff is not fixed and will increase with price cap,they tell me look at T&C on price cap but if I’m told I’m on a fixed it doesn’t affect me so didn’t pay much attention,absolutely fuming do not ever trust Shell energy

Absolutely worse than rubbish.

I am only giving one star as i cannot give them no stars. They were charging me for using over 11000 units of energy per year, when the average is much lower. Customer service would not listen or investigate my complaint. They are useless and i am now having to go down the Ofgem route to complain.

Really frustrated with the service I’ve…

Really frustrated with the service I’ve received.
My account has been linked to the previous homes owners.
So I’m repeatedly getting email and text messages to pay bills that aren’t mine, even though I’ve brought this up with Shell more than once.
Last time I spoke with a member of shell regarding the issue there was zero empathy and lack of understanding, I kept being talked over.
Not impressed tbh

V poor service!

For 6 months, not able to send an updated bill although Shell obviously didn’t pay any attention to my prompt responses to their emails asking for meter reads. Finally they started sending threatening texts! I complained and guess what, nothing happened, got rude text again. Then I resorted to The Resolver to which they responded quickly and sorted the matter. Shame why they didn’t do it in response to my requests in 6 months?? Why only on intervention of a third party???

At last an engineer arrived but only one meter and that doesn’t seem to be working.

At last an engineer arrived after a 2 month delay. He fitted a new gas meter and plugged in a new smart meter advising me that it would soon give a reading. There was a “sample” reading but since then nothing. The smart meter is plugged in, has a display but does not seem to contact the gas supply.

Also the promised smart electricity meter was not fitted as expected. I previously sent photographs of both meters and there was a record of both gas and electricity usage and I asked for new smart meters. Only gas was on the job spec. Shell miss the target again….. oh I’m evidently too late for any compensation. Perhaps Shell will look into this tardy service and automatically pay compensation.

I’m paid up well in advance, but…

Shell Energy recently took over PurePlanet’s contracts, including that of the house I purchased a few months ago. I contacted them several times about getting set up, and eventually got a letter advising me to go online and set up an account. I did this and there were some complications involving the initial readings and a duplicate account to my address.
I have raised this numerous times, spent over 2 hours on the phone to them, and told them to close the duplicate account and bill whatever they think owe to mine so I can settle it (although as far as I can tell, I am already way ahead on payments).
I was assured 2 weeks ago that this would be done, but I have just received a letter from a collections agency (with the duplicate account number as a reference, of course).
Absolutely shambolic!

I would avoid this greedy money…

I would avoid this greedy money grabbing company. I have been paying just short of 130 each month for my gad and electric and I got a bill through for this February after they messed up the systems and I had to call for my bill twice to be told it would be 1451!!!!!! Am I paying for the whole of Yorkshire here shell? I have called 3 times now and the customer service is absolutely shocking. The third lady eventually offered to try help and reduced my bill to 1240 like this is any help!!! How do you expect people to pay your absolutely ridiculous prices? This is a full months wage to some people and you didn’t even want to help when I called!! I also logged a complaint which was automatically closed even though I WAS NOT HAPPY AND I AM NOT HAPPY about any of this and am not happy with your imaginary ‘outcome’ for the complaint baring in mind nobody has spoken to me in regards of the complaint. I will be taking this to the financial ombudsman as nobody from your company would like to help or explain how this is acceptable and in a world where there prices are going up you are making you customers decide on gas and electric or their rent and the rest of their bills. 1451 is a joke and is day light robbery, I will take this as far as I can. I’m very sure a lot of press and social media would like to know about this at this time to ensure everybody AVOIDS it.

Sent wrong bill and kept demanding wrong payment just over 4 months to resolve

Was switched to Shell after Green went bust. The only communication we had with shell was to confirm they were taking over and we didn’t need to do anything. We moved out of the property in November 2 months after Shell had taken over, still no account number or bill from them. Contacted them to inform them of the move and was told my account was not set up yet so to ring on the day of the move to let them know. I did this and provided them with the final readings. It was only on the 29th December we got the first and final bill from them, they had overcharged us just over £350. They had the opening readings wrong and i had a photo of the readings when Shell took over thank god. I contacted them and was told to ignore the bill as my account still hadn’t been set up as they were waiting on Green to finish up on there end. They also requested a picture of the readings the day they took over, i sent this over to them and was told i would get a final bill in 2 weeks.
No bill came. At the end of January i got an email and text message chasing me for the full amount of the wrong bill. I contacted them again and advised them the bill was wrong and told them i had sent what they asked to resolve it. They advised the chaser texts and emails would stop and a new bill issued within 7 working days.
A few days later i was told to provide a picture of the meter now with the MPN, they clearly were ignoring the fact i had moved out 3 months previously. So i had to contact them again and asked whey this was relevant as the readings now would not prove anything and i had already sent a picture of the meter reading from when they took over and also one on the day we moved. So we knew exactly how much energy we had used.

I was told not to worry and a new bill will be issued in 7 days. This bill never came but a further 2 emails and 4 text messages chasing me for payment came instead. Each one was getting more demanding threatening legal action if not paid. This of course started to cause stress and anxiety as if the cost of living going up and up wasn’t enough. I decided to make a formal complaint to Shell about how i was being dealt with. I carried on receiving text and emails chasing payment even though i was told on 2 occasions this would stop.
Around 5 days after my complaint i received a email from a complaint handler saying a new bill had been issued and the complaint would be closed. I checked my account and no new bill had been issued, they had sent more text and emails demanding wrong payment.
So i contacted the complaint handler directly and she advised that the complaint would be re-opened until a new bill was issued.
This was issued on the 8th March it has taken 3 months to sort a small issue out and 4 months since i moved to finally get rid of Shell.

I received no apology at all from them over this period, they caused sleepless nights and stress with there unlawful demands.

Absolutely shocking company to deal with, the bill has been paid and i no longer have to deal with them.

Phone up about putting direct debit up…

Phone up about putting direct debit up from £270 to £502.we were over £1000 in credit then they estimated it and I owed them over £500 we 2 oap not using £500.00 a week gas and electricity the man told me to be quite while he talks then when I was allowed to talk he just kept telling me it was going up and to be quite and let him talk so I told him off and hung up waiting for a smart meter the end of the month

If hopeless were a company…

it would be Shell! Absolutely useless. So many issues with them.
1 – They do not believe our meter readings.
2 – When we sent proof of the readings, they still didn’t believe us and fed us some bo**ox about how there is an industry minimum it should be. Erm… sorry for not using/wasting enough energy?
3 – They eventually did send someone round to read the meters and I think they accepted the electric reading, but who knows what spur of the moment surprise lies around the corner.
4 – Suddenly, they made the wild decision that just our gas meter is a smart meter?! Well hello new issue, where has this come from? We definitely do not have a smart meter. I guess they still didn’t even believe their own employee who came to read the gas meter and thought how can we f*** with these people some more.

So to summarise, do not use Shell Energy, they will wildly assume your bills, exaggerate your readings, cause you endless stress and claim you are lying so they can charge you more. On top of that the app rarely works properly, so even entering your meter readings can be a chore.

Get your energy from Octopus, they are by far a much better supplier and make it really easy. A part of me wants to switch and risk a higher rate than stay with the p**s poor supplier that is Shell Energy.

Extremely poor service.

My issue has been on going from December 2022. It has now been over a week and no one has contacted me regarding my complaint and I have expressed many times for a manager to contact me. This is not the first complaint I have logged a complaint with Shell since they started providing energy to us. I am extremely disappointed and unsatisfied with the services so far and no one seems to take ownership and fully resolve the issue. Time and time again I get told you are sorry and will sort this and promise me a better outcome.

I would now like to log this with ombudsman, however Shell have not compiled to the complaint procedure.

I have tried to call and everytime I call I get told that someone was working on my case and you will get the person to call me back, this has not happened. You speak with some people who are incompetent and does not speak good English with poor quality telephone service.

If it wasn’t for the way the energy prices are I would of switched buy now, however I am strongly looking into this.

I had an email from Shell Energy to say…sorry you are leaving

I had an email from Shell Energy to say sorry you are leaving our broadband , i phoned them and said no i am not where as they said ok sorry dont worry we will sort it out then 14 days to the day i was cut off . My bill was up to date so i owed nothing , i again phoned them and they said sorry we will sort it and get you back up and running ,it did not happen after loads of calls to them and being past from one department to another i am so cheesed off . If the boss of this company knew how his staff treated there customers they would all have a warning . it is over a month now and not reconnected what a crap company .

Shell energy meter installation was…

Shell energy meter installation was terrible, meter tails left disconnected isolation box broken, no active display left, he informed my wife they are sent in the post, now we have to wait for another appointment, never use again.

worst company

This is possibly the worst company, I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.
Due to the energy price increase I was forced into becoming a customer with shell in October 2021.
My actual account didnt open until January 2022, why it took this long is beyond me as I know other people who had been switched within a month.
During this time I found my gas meter to be faulty and was unable to get them to do anything as I wasnt officially a customer.
Once the account was set up and after numerous phone calls to the customer service team (who are not actually capable of providing any level of service other than poor) I finally got an appointment in March 2022, lo and behold the day came and went and i was informed they would not be coming and i would need to wait a further 3 weeks for another appointment.
During this time I have not been able to provide a gas meter reading and as i live alone, know that i will be getting overcharged horrendously from estimated readings provided by shell.
No one from the company cares or is willing to do anything about it, my advice is to avoid any and all dealings with shell, as you will not be satisfied, and will possibly pay a premium if anything were to go wrong.


WiFi doesn’t work. Getting support is impossible!

I had Shell Energy broadband installed yesterday after waiting a week for an engineer. The internet connectivity seems ok, but the WiFi won’t switch on. Connecting with the support last night on webchat was painful. It took 2 hours to get to an agent, who then brushed me off with *switch on your WiFi” and “have you tried your username and password?” Before dropping the call. I’ve been holding for their telephone “support” for over an hour.

Doubled my broadband bill,

Doubled my broadband bill, unable to ge through by phone, just kept hanging on. trouble logging on. complete shambles

Try whoever cares.

 made a complaint regarding no internet on Sunday 27TH February, I’ve tried calling in excess of 10 times, never got through only spoken to the sales line who then put you back on hold. My longest time on hold is 1hour 45 minutes, your social media team have been kida helpful, I’ve received 3 routers, this still hasn’t resolved the issue.

I cant speak to anyone so please whoever reads this Can you

1 Fix the bloody internet
2 respond
3 answer calls
4 tell me how I can move suppliers

You’re customer service is worse than BT which takes some doing

Broadband Failure.

This review is about their broadband service. I’ve been without broadband for over 2 weeks now and it looks like it’ll be several more days before I get the replacement router if i get it. I’ve made several calls, I’ve been called once back and put on hold, I’ve had openreach round to check the line to confirm it’s the router that’s failed. My first call was ignored, they wrongly put the broadband failure down to general area problems rather than testing the line and since then it hasn’t got any better with not a joined up service in sight. Today I have again been promised that the router will be sent to me and should be with me in about 5-days, we will see. How I wish I could cancel the contract and go elsewhere.

We switched providers but they are still charging us

We switched broadband provider and they are still charging us 3 months on. When I finally got through to customer service they said ‘your router must not be working and transferred’ me to technical services as if they had not even listened to what I had said. SO bizarre. Definitely a company to avoid.

I just can’t explain how awful they…

I just can’t explain how awful they are. I’ve been in tears due to this company as they refuse to let me leave them even though out internet hasn’t worked in the last 4 months we’ve had it. 2 Open reach engineers, 2 routers. Not working, they’re happily breaching the contract but won’t let me leave as it’ll apparently breach mine!! I work from home and have had to use all my holiday for 2022 as well as paying crazy prices for extra 4G to help me work.

I’ll write a proper review once i’ve had the time to get everything written out but they have lied to me repeatedly, hung up while doing “tests on the line” twice, won’t offer any money back to cover my 4G and work, not even a refund for my internet not working.

I’m desperate to leave and can’t. Torture and the worst service I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to get some money back via the small claim court but I wish I didn’t have to as this is all so time consuming and frustrating.

Shell have just taken over my Post…

Shell have just taken over my Post Office Home Phone and Broadband. I now cannot access my online account, cannot get my email running, and hanging on the phone forever. Has anyone had a smooth transfer?

Their app doesn’t work properly

Their app doesn’t work properly. It refuses to log me in despite my having the right details and their is no option on their contact form for broadband customers.

Awful. Just awful.

My broadband account was transferred from the Post Office at a much higher rate. Tried to get through to negotiate a better rate numerous times, waiting over an hour on hold each time. The first time I finally got through, the call handler agreed a new rate and told me someone needed to call me back the next day just to confirm the speed. No-one called. 2 days later I tried to call again and after 90 minutes on hold I gave up. The next day I got through after waiting on hold just over an hour. The agent said there was no record of my previous call and would transfer me someone else to get me the new rate. I think what then happened is he just put me on mute as there was no hold music, just what sounded like someone clicking onto then off the line. I still waited 20 minutes -i figured I’d come this far- then gave up. I sent emails which were not replied to. I tried IM and was told someone would get back to me. No-one did. I went to a new provider. I emailed Shell to ask for a QR code to return their router within 30 days. 2 weeks and no reply. Then I discovered Shell billed me for a month after leaving them. I can’t get through to get this rectified. I sat on hold to customer service for 40 minutes last night before giving up. I’m writing this while on hold, so far it’s been 35 minutes. I don’t even know if it’s possible to get through.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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