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03 MAY 2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Once again tried to phone Shell Energy…

Once again tried to phone Shell Energy on numerous times, still won’t answer my phone, emailed me again about my complaint to phone them still waiting, incompetent bunch of stupid morons, chimpanzees could do a better job, never go near shell Broadband customer services stinks.


I was one of the poor saps who were transferred from Post Office to Shell Energy broadband when PO sold out. All ok until the final transfer on 8 March. All downhill since then. Password not accepted, told to check caps lock and re-enter correct password! Still not accepted, so click on ‘forgot password’, give alternative email address and get validation code. Enter that, then new password. Sometimes works mostly does not. Have phoned, emailed (tried live chat but they do not have access to the account so what’s the point of live chat?). Have complained to Shell but no response yet. Have now complained to the Communications Ombudsman . Shell customer service is either diabolically poor or non existent. Would give zero stars if I could. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO SHELL ENERGY BROADBAND.

Appalling Customer Service

For a month, I have been emailing Shell to get a tariff rate for my postcode, as despite what their website says, it is impossible to find out online. They NEVER reply to emails, apart from the automated “we are very busy and will get back to you ….” type of email. Since installing a huge solar system with storage, we are not using electricity, but they wanted me to increase my direct debit, despite the fact my account is £72 in credit! Shell say on their website that you can set up a direct debit in “My Account”. I need to pay the daily standing charge, but this is impossible as, despite what they say, there is no way for me to set up a direct debit. I have also contacted them re this, but as always, I get ignored and NEVER get a response. Perhaps, with their latest record yearly profits of £14bn, they could afford to do better, or even employ staff to answer emails!!!!!

I’ve now lost count of how many times…

I’ve now lost count of how many times I’ve written reviews about this COMPANY! I’m sick and tired of getting messages saying that ‘An agent has been trying to contact you ‘ NO-ONE has called me or e-mailed me regarding this matter!. I think I’m wasting my time and energy. I need to get this sorted out once-and-for-all. I’ve told you time and again that I’ve been in touch with Step Change, I’m waiting for them to contact me with a budget. What do YOU want me to do heat, or eat? Every time I read your message I tell you the same thing, I can’t afford to keep ringing you, my benefit payment won’t allow me to. I give up trying to explain because no-one listens.


I recieved a bill from shell saying i was £213 in credit after i moved from them. I moved from them on Dec 27th. Its now 4 months and 8 phone calls later to be finally told today that i some how magically owe them £36. I was told by all 7 other employees that i would recive a check of £213 in the post within 2 weeks. I WAS TOLD THAT 7 TIMES BY 7 DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!! Now im being told by the 8th employee that i owe them money. The company is a joke, customer service is diabolical. None of them know what there talking about. I will never ever use shell again because of the amount of inconvenience they have caused.

Shell Energy increased my direct debit by 500%

I was a customer of another company which went bust and so transferred over to Shell for electricity supply. I was paying £40pcm but due to increase in energy prices and the end of the cap, the charges went up. I know that I will have to pay more but did not expect that Shell want to increase my direct debit to 5 times what I’ve been paying. They suggested £198pcm. I tried to change the direct debit to a sum I can afford but they set a minimum amount of £193 which I think in unreasonable. I raised this issue of minimum amount which is preventing me from increase the £40 I was paying to a sum I can afford. Shell ignored me and now they just changed the direct debit to £193pcm without my agreement. This is forcing me to cancel my direct debit because the amount they want from me is unaffordable and I have other bills to pay. This company is really not helpful at all and if I have a choice i would switch immediately. They should know that it’s difficult for everybody at present and not everyone can just up the payment to 5 times what they were paying before, by ignoring their customers, they are just heartless and I’m really disgusted with such corporation as Shell.

Had a property left vacant

Had a property left vacant, took monthly screenshots of usage. Sent a bigger than expected bill. However can’t get hold of them on the phone. My details passed to a credit agency, when standing charges only amount to £15/month assuming no energy or gas usage. Passing my details on to a credit agency without contacting me first. Wouldn’t recommend. Go Octopus!!

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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