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Shell Energy debt collector’s pounding on the door

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 26 April 2020.


IGNORANT, INCOMPETENT ORGANISATION. If I could award this disgusting company -5 stars then I would.I spoke with a senior manager a few weeks ago to request a payment holiday given the current situation. He agreed stating no problem at all and and suggested an 8 week payment holiday and if I require a longer period then simply contact them again in eight weeks. He also reassured me that no payment letters would be sent over this period and that my account was on hold. Fantastic or so thought until a few weeks later I when I begin to receive numerous threatening letters and and emails from a Shell Energy contractor DEBIT COLLECTORS !!

The numerous correspondences are threatening to attend my property if the bill isn’t paid immediately, threatening to come to my property gain entry by any means necessary and take goods to the value of my Shell Energy bill PLUS their fees. I immediately contacted SHELL energy spoke with a customer excellence (DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH) manager who struggled to understand basic English, couldn’t remember her own name, struggled to remember mine and repeatedly addressed me as if we were best friends (think again love) doesn’t know the complaints department address, or the name of the person responsible for complaints and despite me repeatedly advising her about the payment holiday she told me I should pay the bill immediately to stop these people coming to my home and taking my property. Absolutely disgusting response. I then spoke to another representative again not based in ENGLAND but in POLAND this time who again struggled to understand basic English he became confused it all became too difficult for him and he cut me off! Great customer service and support SHELL ENERGY – you do employ some useless, uneducated, confused individuals !! When you need to contact this dreadful organisation at the very least you need to be able to obtain assistance from customer services but if they don’t even understand basic English there’s absolutely no chance. The final response from Shell Energy manager is that they couldn’t really care less if they incorrectly send debt collector’s to an extremely unwell, disabled persons home, who has recently been discharged from hospital and who has a heart condition.They simply aren’t bothered if this valued customer who believed that they have gone the right way about thing’s now simply has a heart attack when debit collector’s begin pounding on the doorand / or gaining access to my property by any means and taking my belongings despite being given a payment holiday by Shell Energy !This is their error they aren’t even sensible enough to accept that and do something about it. Absolutely disgusting organisation.

Nightmare experience with Shell

Since switching over from my previous provider i have had my worst ever experience on resolving a simple issue whereby it took 6 months to resolve leaving me in little doubt to move at the end of my tied in period of 2 years.
My history with shell is on all my emails and genuinely believe Shell should not have entered this market if they lack the knowledge in the field.

We were told on…

We were told on that payments would be £45 p/m. We sent them our opening readings, which they promptly rejected. As soon as I was notified of this I cancelled the direct debit. They tried to take £80+! This company should be avoided. I’m in the process of switching AGAIN because it stinks of a rip off.Never pay for your utilities in advance, it means the company is desperate for cash. Well done Shell/1st Utility, I didn’t even last a month with your fly by night firm.

Hi was with first utility since 2018…

Hi was with first utility since 2018 then it changed its name to shell energy I have just changed supplies didn’t now have to pay £50 per fuel was still in contract for 2 months there would do anything so have to pay be very careful with this company

Shell energy broadband 27£ a month…

Shell energy broadband 27£ a month super fibre broadband useless !!!! Should get 67 mb/s and i have 35… dropping signal etc etc and when I try to cancel contrat because they “don’t give me what im paying for in that case they break rules of contract” i have right to cancel the contract in that case but they wan’t to charge me with 120£ useless company… even when engineer will come and will check what is the problem again they wan’t charge me for this appoitment !!!!!

Very bad

Very bad not good services


Useless at answering the phones.We had a smart meter installed in January which has never worked for us to see our usage . We have e mailed to inform of this but no one has bothered to reply .Wish we were still with First Utility

They do not put you on the best Tariff…

They do not put you on the best Tariff when you sign up only tell you after and want £100 to change
Very unhelpful customer services in these very troubled times.
Will look for another energy provider in due course

Since having Smart meters fitted in…

Since having Smart meters fitted in Jan, they have not worked properly. The web site will not allow manual readings as it assumes I have Smart meters, but the Smart meters are “invalid” as discovered in yesterdays lengthy phone call when I gave manual readings for Gas and Electric as a check. So I assume I am on estimated readings. The IHD only works on Gas but can’t be relied upon. Only an Engineer visit will sort this out with replacement meters and IHD but can’t do that due to Covid19 even though everything is in the garage and no access to the house is required. No help only apologies and no end in sight ROCK BOTTOM! wish I had gone to another provider.

agreed to put £140 into my account it…

agreed to put £140 into my account it never happened

Pre requisite to be employed by this…

Becca as with Lauren – maybe it would be more conducive if you read your employers own domestic T&Cs as well as the – maybe then you wouldn’t lost such inaccurate dribble.

When not conversant with protocols – sometimes silence is the more intelligent option – I must say you have made us all laugh here – entertainment value for stupidity – priceless

Thanks Lauren – but please don’t patronise me – I’m not an intellectually challenged – despite Shells silly requests – I already provided above and beyond the statutory requirements to exit – oooh… but then if you are above the law – feel feee to continue with the dumb comments

Stop wasting my time – unless it is constructive in seeing resukituon to this matter – just send me a deadlock letter – and I will progress with my compliant !

Pre requisite to be employed by this company – to be mathematically challenged …ie lacking basic counting skills…And Lack of common sense

I moved address informing Shell some weeks before – I provided final meter reads the day after I moved out…. after succumbing to their idiotic demands, just so I could escape stupidity (this isn’t my first negative encounter with idiocy at this company), I requested my final bill based on actual meter reads not the ludicrous Over inflated estimated figures.
Having been reassured this would be produced within 10 days – nope – I received a debt collection letter instead from MIL collections – for an imaginary debt ???

She’ll Energy estimated figure
Electricity – 49725 – actual (photographic evidence) – 49640 – SC 21.57p per day 16.907p per kWh
Gas – 18224 – actual – SC 20.74p per day 3.633p per kWh
A little help – they couldn’t collect March DD as I cancelled the same Providing notice to shell energy – in contemplation of receiving a final bill
So I’m guessing this could be done with an abacus let alone a calculator –
Answers on a postcard shell – but I would prefer a final bill – forward to your calculations proving I owe £210.39 …

Please anyone thinking of signing up to this poor excuse of an energy provider – think before you leap – you to could encounter the frustrations of stupidity – computer says noooo ….

Fed up hopefully soon to be ex customer

Daily Standing Charges Shockingly HIGH

I’ve been with Shell Energy Newly named for 4-5 yrs. I’ve found practices good I read my meters they present bills no problems
But I decide to compare their Tariffs and whilst very little between costs to USE gas/electricity per Kwh
Staggered comparing Shell’s prices of their “Standing Charges DAILY:- on fixed 13 months tariff:-
See comparisons:-
ie :- Shell gas: 24.21p A DAY (to EON’s 5.788p)
Shell Electric:- 31.62p a DAY (to EON’s 5.788p)
Why Shell Energy do you have such high DAILY standing charges before a customer even flicks a switch to put on their energy.
Are these the ‘hidden’ bills for the fitting of the New Smart Meters ?

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  1. Allen Wood says:

    I left shell and wen to PFP energy who were a third cheaper, I did as both companies asked sent in the readings, and expected a refund from Shell but got a final bill for £270,i disputed the bill and then got a letter from the debt collection agency zinc, I told them I disputed the amount and also said they have been fitting a smart meter for the last 2 years so I’m disputing that too, I received another letter which said they would inform the credit reference agencies.
    I paid and they informed expierien that I had missed 2 months payments and my final bill, my credit score went from 720 to 190 and they won’t adjust it,im 62 and feel nothing but sadness over the whole thing, wost thing is they still say its not paid, but because the account is closed they can’t investigate it.

    Allen Wood

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