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Shell Energy Broadband absolutely rubbish always going down daily

Extracts from Shell Energy customer reviews posted during the past few days on Trustpilot: “absolutely rubbish always going down daily”; Dreadful company, best avoided.”: “This company has got to be the worst gas & electricity supplier I’ve heard of…”

Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 14 June 2021.

absolutely rubbish

absolutely rubbish, always going down daily, say they send engineers and then they dont come because the fix the problem somewhere else…. until the next day, back on the phone and the process repeats itself

Following my previous review

Following my previous review, I went to the Ombudsman. They ruled in my favor a week ago, Shell Energy are yet to respond to them but have emailed me and threatened me with collections activity if I don’t clear the balance on my account for my EMPTY property! The Ombudsman confirmed my usage is 3 times higher than it was and the house (broken record) IS EMPTY. Please don’t threaten me with collections activity or legal action until the matter is resolved. You leave me with no alternative than to make another complaint if this bullish behavior doesn’t stop. I would appreciate a call from someone senior!

Dreadful company

Dreadful company, best avoided.

Terrible company

This company has caused me so much stress and anxiety. I’ve made so many calls to try and sort a bill out. I’ve spent hours on the phone. I’ve been passed to numerous people then cut off. The situation has never been resolved. In the end I set up a standing order for an amount I don’t owe. Only to now be told they will be taking further action against me. I have the proof from the bank of the standing I’ve been paying. I want this looking into and sorting out as they’ve now marked my credit file!


Internet never went live, tried to blame it on the Openreach socket. From what reviews I read alot of people have the same story. When we wanted to cancel our contract they said the cooling off period passed and we have to pay £120 because we cancelled before the 18 months.
Avoid avoid. Be careful with these guys

Very unprofessional staff ripping off…

Very unprofessional staff ripping off people

Shocking service i would not recommend…

Shocking service i would not recommend to friends

This company has got to be the worst…

This company has got to be the worst gas & electricity supplier I’ve heard of, they ask for countless copies of tenancy agreements & loose each one & trap you into a contract you didn’t want but you cant get out of to go with a supplier of your choice & then inform you that due to having the previous tenants details they can’t even open an account so you can pay for your usage until they ammend things from (there error )leaving you months ( over a year without contact ) to then be informed that they’ve now managed to close the previous tenants account but you now over £101.000 every email was sent to the local authorities & even they’ve said they’ve never dealt with a more incompetent company who’s customer service have obviously not gone through proper training as phone calls lasted over an hour & your past down the line & still no further forward they try offer a £100.00 off the bill as a goodwill gesture what a laugh!! When I’ve moved into any previous houses & contacted the supplier to explain I’m the new tenant but wanted to go with a different supplier there was no issue , even if the previous tenants hadn’t called to say they were moving i was told that wasn’t my problem but there’s & that they would contact the housing for information on where they had gone , case closed & I set up who I wished to be my energy supplier , no hassle or stress whats so ever ,
My only chance now is the energy Ombisman & pray they can fix this mess as the bill is getting higher & thats paying over £100 each month for a one bed flat with only the bedroom being used to try lower charges but even thats not helping, not using a cooker but microwave or bought prepared meals or sandwiches, & snack pots, I wouldn’t give one star but thats not permitted,

Stop harassing me

Stop harassing me. I already have payment plan which I have been paying so why on earth is this company harnessing me. It’s not good this company are ruthless in what they do to people. Who runs this corrupt company.

What a disgraceful company

What a disgraceful company. This company is as bad as the top six make no mistake. Customer service is as much use as a chocolate tea pot. They are NOT the cheapest by any means. Glad to no longer be part of this disgrace company.

Extremely unhappy with service, support and contract regulations

I came with a genuine problem of Shell router not being connected to my phone. My issue was not solved and not just that I was not allowed to cease my contract as I will be charged 300£ for a service I was not satisfied with. Hence I would advise shell to be empathetic with their customers who come with genuine issues as it impacts their experience and probably would never recommend anyone to trust Shell with my product they offer. If only my problem was fixed or I was allowed to leave Shell contract with no/minimal charges I would not be writing this at all instead would be happy to say that Shell understands its customer needs and would only improve in future. But that is hardly the case.

Do not change to new Smart Meters

Had old British gas smart meters which Shell Energy could not read but it was easy to get both readings from monitor every month & input them to Shell. Finally succumbed to get new Shell meters. Big mistake. Electricity info all OK but no Gas info can be read. Meters need to “talk” to each other and will not do if walls between them. Now have to grovel on garage floor to submit a reading each month. In a worse potition than before. Wish we’d never changed

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