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Shell CEO Doubling Down on Natural Gas, Because Who Needs a Livable Planet Anyway?

Sawan has also made it clear that any business not making enough money will be swiftly discarded. So much for their commitments to renewable energy.

Posted 12 June 2023 by John Donovan

In an awe-inspiring move, Shell Plc’s CEO Wael Sawan has unveiled an ingenious strategy that embraces the glorious future of natural gas. Who needs renewable energy when we can continue polluting and profiting, right?

Under this groundbreaking plan, Shell aims to expand its natural gas empire in key growth markets, putting profit above all else. They even have the audacity to offer higher bonuses for striking deals in China and India, because what’s a little environmental destruction compared to fattening their wallets?

Oh, and don’t worry about the details. Shell prefers to keep them private, hidden away from prying eyes. They’re probably afraid the truth might tarnish their reputation as a benevolent destroyer of the planet.

In an internal memo reportedly seen by Bloomberg News, Cederic Cremers, an executive vice president for LNG at Shell, boldly declared, “Gas will continue to play a key role in the energy mix.” How inspiring! Let’s ignore the fact that natural gas is a fossil fuel with its own disastrous climate impact.

Of course, Shell declined to comment because they don’t want to bother with trivial matters like accountability and transparency. Why should they answer to anyone when they can just keep making money hand over fist?

To make matters worse, Shell plans to maintain or even increase its oil output until 2030. Who needs to reduce emissions when there’s still so much profit to be made? Other companies like BP and Chevron are also joining the party, because hey, why not destroy the planet together?

Sawan has also made it clear that any business not making enough money will be swiftly discarded. So much for their commitments to renewable energy. It seems Shell’s only interest in renewables is if they can find a way to exploit them for maximum profit.

But wait, there’s more! Shell is now boasting about their commitment to reducing emissions through carbon capture and storage, as well as their sudden fascination with hydrogen. It’s remarkable how they conveniently ignore the fact that these technologies are far from being proven solutions and are just distractions from their continued reliance on fossil fuels

It’s no wonder that investors and activists are up in arms, demanding that Shell honor its climate pledges and invest in a sustainable future. But who cares about the pleas of those pesky individuals who actually want a livable planet for future generations?

So, let’s applaud Shell for their visionary strategy of prioritizing profit over the well-being of the planet. Who needs clean air and water when we can have more natural gas and climate chaos? Well done, Shell, well done.

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