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Useless super fast broadband

“On the super fast broadband, it’s useless and slow and stops or goes slow…”

12 Feb 2022

The content above and below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy Broadband published on Trustpilot.


Re Home Broadband…To say they are inadequate is being kind. Do not deal with Shell for your broadband, you will wait way too long for a call to be answered and be subjected to being cut off multiple times. Awful service

Avoid and watch out for the fake reviews in here

This company for broadband is a shambles.

35min wait to get through to someone yesterday then a further 3 times put on hold on that call. In total for yesterday’s call without any solutions to my questions was over one hour.

The day before i was on hold for 35mins. I was told to plug broadband into the main socket by taking cover off an with they then told me to go to shop as the plug socket was faulty and buy my own.

I’ve also been charged for 2 months in a row as they forgot to charge me in January.

On the super fast broadband, it’s useless and slow and stops or goes slow in bad weather. Avoid this company like the plague and watch out for a lot of the fake reviews on here. I can honestly tell you that this is the worst broadband company I’ve ever dealt with. Shockingly bad. I’m still waiting on the manager to call me back for solutions. I will be taking my complaints to the courts if need be..avoid!!!

P.S I don’t want contacted by any Shell advisors to sort this out for me.

P.s i have now cancelled my never go back to them

Disgusting customer service

Spent the best part of an afternoon today being passed around from department to department. All we wanted to do was to cancel our current broadband plan, and have been told conflicting information, been cut off twice, and I dread to think how long we were put on hold altogether. Was told a manager would call me but nothing yet. They are quick to take your money each month but as soon as you want to cancel they fob you off. Shell Energy have caused us even more stress than we are already experiencing due to moving, so much so I have now made a formal complaint.

Shell broadband does not inspire trust. Awful customer services and they charge you while you wait on the phone for two hours

I attempted to call to Shell broadband for 5 days now in order to upgrade my broadband, after I am waiting from two hours-90 minutes on the phone for the customer service advisor to catch the phone.
Eventually when they catch the phone, they are either sigh! On the phone BEFORE I say my request.

And when they put me through to Shell broadband the line always it gets disconnected!
Meanwhile by waiting for so long on the phone the first time 250 minutes of my monthly allowance on the phone had been spent.
And the second time 100 minutes from my phone minutes allowance have been spent.

Is it a ploy to keep put the customers to wait for so long on the phone and when they connect them with the right department, the line conveniently goes off.
So they charge the customers while they are waiting.
It does Not make sense why after they let the customers to wait on the phone from 2 hours to 1 hour?
When they put them through with Broadband the line it gets disconnected.

As far as now Shell customer services does not inspire trust.

Time to find another Broadband company

would literally give 0 stars customers…

would literally give 0 stars customers service are a total joke checked to see there was a fault on my line and said there was so passed me over to faults 3 times i got cut off the last girl i spoke to was that bad i had to actually ask her if she had just started working for shell expecting her to say yes but she said no pet you need some more training cant see me staying with this company for very long asked to speak to complaints and cut off again

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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