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For decades Shell has known and accepted Brinded, warts and all

Malcolm Brinded, President of the Energy Institute, the most corrupt person in modern history to ever occupy a boardroom seat in the Shell organisation

By Bill Campbell, Retired HSE Group Auditor, Shell International

Up until yesterday we, and the World, speculated that the purchase of the Nigerian oil field was done corruptly, now ipso facto,  it has been established corrupt by legal process.  

No more speculation is needed.

So however hard Shell polish this turd they were involved, very involved, in a deal that is now fully established as corrupt and it is more than probable, it may take some time, that Brinded and Robinson, if the latter doesn’t get easement for cooperation with the court, will face custodial sentences measured in years.

They must be getting increasingly nervous at the Energy Institute, where President Brinded is the ultimate custodian of all that is good and proper in the UK oil industry, no doubt an Institute like many others looking for and preparing for a Royal Charter to establish it as the bastion of world-class standards but currently having at the pinnacle of its organisation the most corrupt person in modern history to ever occupy a boardroom seat in the Shell organisation.

It was way back in 1999 that his then boss Bob Sprague in conversation which is established in a minute of a meeting of strictly confidential papers described Brinded as a dangerous individual who he Sprague had tried to have disciplined but his attempts were ignored by Watts and others.  In 2005, Van der Veer having listened to the results of an internal investigation into Brinded which established his culpability in part for a double fatality in the Brent field in 2003 proceeded to allow Brinded to stay in chair as Executive Director for production and used all means possible, fair and foul, to keep Brinded isolated from criticism lest it lead to another crisis of confidence in the recently formed RDS.

So for many years Shell has known and accepted Brinded warts and all so if he is now belatedly convicted for wrongdoing they share culpability for the scandal that they have brought on the their own heads by their purposeful inaction over almost 20 years.

Comment by John Donovan

Malcolm Brinded first introduced himself to me over two decades ago. I later supplied him with irrefutable Shell internal documentary evidence of a corrupt tender process at Shell. He gave his full backing to the mastermind of the corruption conspiracy which involved several Shell executives, one of whom is still at Shell. So, I do know for definite that he is guilty of turning a blind eye to corruption inside Shell. I have warned Shell accordingly for over 20 years and have the evidence to prove it. He brought the same lack of ethics to his role in the Brent Bravo scandal. His negligence cost the lives of Brent Bravo platform workers. It is obvious from the evidence revealed thus far that at the very least, Mr Brinded was a key participant in the OPL corrupt deal. Whether he personally benefitted financially is a matter to be determined by the investigators and the courts.

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