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Kulluk Grounding: Miracle no injuries or loss of life

Article by Tim Bradner published 11 April 2014 by the Alaska Journal of Commerce under the headline: Coast Guard: Tug engine failure blamed on water in fuel It is a mariner’s worst nightmare: At sea, in a bad storm, pulling a heavy load and working to keep control in a dicey situation. Then, all the […]

Shell’s UK corporation tax bill tumbles

Extracts from an article by ROB DAVIES published 9 April 2014 by This is under the headline: “Shell’s UK corporation tax bill tumbles by nearly 90 per cent as company invests more in North Sea and production declines” Shell’s UK corporation tax bill tumbled by nearly 90 per cent to just £55.5m last year, […]

Poor Management and Tax Dodging Led to Kulluk Grounding

Article by RACHEL D’ORO Associated Press published 4 April 2014 by ABC NEWS under the headline: “Report: Poor Management Led to Shell Grounding” A Coast Guard report says poor risk assessment and management were factors that led to the grounding of a Shell oil drilling rig in the Gulf of Alaska in 2012. The report […]

Shell’s lavish spending on quixotic drilling adventures

Shell’s quest for new reserves has seen it pump billions into money-devouring plays such as its Athabasca Oil Sands Project in northern Alberta and the Kashagan oilfield, a deeply troubled project in Kazakhstan. It’s even tried deep water drilling in the high Arctic. That attempt ended when the stormy waters of the Chukchi Sea crippled […]

Dancing with the Kulluk

Carey Restino: December 27th 2013 A year ago, a handful of mariners from private vessels, U.S. Coast Guard crews, and those contracted to work for Shell Oil headed into a tremendous storm in an effort to save a buoy-shaped oil rig from grounding off Kodiak Island. The Kulluk, a Shell Oil drill rig that had […]

It’s time to draw a line in the Arctic ice over oil and gas

   Author: Tavis Potts, Senior Lecturer in Oceans Governance at Scottish Association for Marine Science: 20 Sept 2013 I have a great respect for National Geographic. I’m a card-carrying member with an annual subscription, and I appreciate the balance, depth and understanding they bring to revealing the links between the natural and human world. So the latest […]

EPA fines Shell for Clean Air Act permit violations during offshore oil exploration in Alaska

Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced settlements with Shell Gulf of Mexico, Inc. and Shell Offshore, Inc. for violations of their Clean Air Act permits for arctic oil and gas exploration drilling in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas, off the North Slope of Alaska. Based on EPA’s inspections and Shell’s excess emission reports, EPA […]

Kulluk debacle multibillion-dollar implications for Arctic oil drilling

While physically at a standstill, the Aiviq sits at the center of a federal investigation with multibillion-dollar implications for Arctic oil drilling. The U.S. Coast Guard probe seeks to answer why a massive oil rig the Aiviq was towing last winter broke loose and ran aground in the Gulf of Alaska. Royal Dutch Shell PLC, […]

Report on Kulluk grounding won’t be public until 2014

By Tim Bradner, Alaska Journal of Commerce: Published: 2013.08.15 10:55 AM The U.S. Coast Guard’s marine casualty investigation into the grounding of Shells’ drillship Kulluk in late 2012 will be concluded Aug. 19 but will not likely be made public until after the first of the year, a Coast Guard spokesman in Alaska said Aug. […]

Kulluk report due in July as hearings end

By Tim Bradner, Alaska Journal of Commerce: June-Issue-2 2013 Two weeks of U.S. Coast Guard hearings on the grounding of Shell’s drill rig Kulluk concluded May 30. A report on conclusions of the inquiry is due in early July, but that deadline may be extended, Coast Guard Lt. Commander Brian McNamara said. Coast Guard officials […]

The Argument Against Oil Drilling in Arctic Seas

The panel heard about busted shackles lost at sea. Snapped towlines. Fuel injectors clogged with slime. Forty-foot seas. And harrowing rescue attempts by Coast Guard helicopters to pluck Kulluk crewmembers from a deck that pitched and rolled with each wave. Shell’s Alaska operations manager even admitted the Kulluk left port in Dutch Harbor during the […]

Frantic but failed effort left Kulluk on the rocks

Around Dec. 7, Shell made the decision to leave that month, weather permitting, Churchfield said. The timing stemmed from concerns Shell had about the prospect of millions in state property taxes that could be assessed if the Kulluk were in Alaska at the first of the year, Churchfield told the panel. But the decision to […]

Coast Guard Concludes Hearing into Kulluk Grounding

The Coast Guard says testimony taken during the formal marine causalty investigation hearing, held in the city Assembly Chambers at the Loussac Library, may lead to anything from new industry requirements to criminal charges. May 30, 2013|By Dan Carpenter | Channel 2 News ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The U.S. Coast Guard has wrapped up its investigative […]

Shell contractor testifies tow setup for Kulluk was modified

By LISA DEMER — [email protected]: Published May 28, 2013 An employee for a Shell contractor testified Tuesday that a heavy chain — which investigators indicated can be used to absorb the force of rough weather — was eliminated from the towing setup for Shell’s drilling rig, the Kulluk, because of concerns about handling the gear. […]

Shell says Kulluk left Dutch Harbor to avoid taxes

A Royal Dutch Shell official testified Saturday that tax avoidance was the main reason for having the Kulluk oil drilling rig leave Dutch Harbor in December — 10 days before its grounding off a remote Alaska island. Saturday May 25, 2013 ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A Royal Dutch Shell official testified Saturday that tax avoidance was […]

Kulluk grounding: Shell Oil testimony opens Coast Guard hearing in Anchorage

Suzanna Caldwell:May 20, 2013 A subdued Anchorage Assembly chambers turned into a federal courtroom of sorts Monday as members of the U.S. Coast Guard questioned Royal Dutch Shell officials over the grounding of one of its prized Arctic drilling vessels in stormy Gulf of Alaska winter weather. The Coast Guard’s formal marine casualty investigation hearings […]

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