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More on Poo Gas

More on Poo Gas from the same source as the article: Why can’t those geniuses at Shell think of something like this?


I decided to play a few number games…

Consider the scenario where 1 cu ft. of Poo Gas methane can be generated from the average human’s daily discharge of Loo-Poo. There are roughly 7 billion people on this planet, so we humans would contribute 7 billion cu. ft  (7 bcf or about 0.2 billion cu. meters) of Poo Gas to the atmosphere on a daily basis. That is 7 bcf of methane. In 10 days that would be about 70 bcf, and in 100 days that would be 700 bcf. In 365 days we get about 2.5 tcf of methane.

Hey folks, that is equivalent to 10% of the current annual consumption of the entire US !!

At $3 an mcf wellhead price for dry natural gas that is equivalent to about $7.5 billion worth of Poo Gas. Is it any wonder that Poo Gas is being looked at seriously in some quarters of the world for it economic potential (I doubt the major oil companies take this seriously, for now). Obviously, Poo Gas will be more expensive that natural gas from conventional sources in some market areas. In other areas it may compete quite well with natural gas.

Now, US proven reserves of natural gas, which are third largest in the world, are on the order of 300 tcf. So, current US gas reserves are about 120 years worth of our hypothetical Poo Gas potential. How about that.

I think that 1 cf per person per day is probably a good number, given the various estimates I have read. Humans are very efficient at processing their food. More so than livestock. So you get some idea of the economic potential for Poo Gas from Loo Poo.

Now, if we add in all the Poo Gas that could be generated by agri-business from critter Poo we would probably get a similar number. Critter poo produces much more methane per kg. of excrement. That is another 2.5 tcf/year, at least, and another $7.5 billion in market value.

Added together we guesstimate the potential for Poo Gas to be on the order of 5 TCF worth of methane. Amazing. In 20 years that is 100 TCF of potential. About 10 billion bbl of refined diesel equivalent. At today’s prices for diesel that is about $1.2 trillion plus dollars worth of refined product.

Are we missing the boat here folks by not taking the potential for Poo gas seriously ????? Maybe those folks over in Singapore need to be taken seriously. It seems the Brits are already doing it.

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You Brits are serious about this. Where is Shell?

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