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Shell playing with fire in Russia

By John Donovan

Shell is a major investor in Putin’s Russia, which uses revenues from hydrocarbon sales to finance illegal and immoral wars against Ukraine and Syria. Not to mention the murder of Russian and UK citizens using outlawed radioactive and chemical weapons.

Shell’s main business partner in Russia is Gazprom, whose board is filled with former KGB and other questionable characters.

Shell is partnering with Gazprom on Sakhalin 2, the Nordstream II pipeline and the Baltic LNG project.

It my understanding from Shell sources, that certain people involved in these sensitive dealings are 100% convinced that the entire contents of their iPhones are being hacked by the Russians and Americans. The alleged sinister activity is carried out against the background of U.S. sanctions.

A Russian government minister revealed some time ago that Russian “Special Services” checked the authenticity of incriminating leaked Shell confidential internal documents relating to Sakhalin 2. They were authentic and cost Shell its majority stake in the venture.

Apart from the likely involvement of U.S. and Russian intelligence in current matters, Shell has its own in-house nest of former spies, though not as many spies as it once had. Two of them, Guy Colegate and John Copleston, are currently standing trial as defendants in the OPL 245 corruption scandal. A third, Ian Forbes McCredie, returned to the shadows at corporate espionage outfit, Hakluyt & Company. Shell is a regular client.

At least one well-informed source is convinced that Shell agents are still targeting my humble online activities.

If correct, that would be no great surprise bearing in mind that there is irrefutable evidence confirming bouts of Shell spying against me stretching back two decades.

Some of the above is extracted from information in emails I have recently received. and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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