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Had nothing but problems since switching to Shell Energy

Extracts from Shell Energy customer reviews posted during the past few days on Trustpilot: “Over charging Rude customer services”: “Had nothing but problems since switching to Shell Energy.”: ” All I can say is this is a rude disgusting company. Their staff are rude with no empathy. They are bullies. They have been harrassing me with phone calls.”: “sheer incompetence… runs rampant at Shell Energy.”

Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 30 May 2021.

Big mistake to join shell energy

Big mistake to join shell energy
Over charging
Rude customer services

Had nothing but problems…

Had nothing but problems since switching to Shell Energy. Every bill so far has been wrong. Consistently charging me significantly more despite being provided evidence of readings and accepting the readings for billing.

They’ve even had reading provided by the engineer and still decided it was too low so they’d charge me what they saw fit to charge me which was 8 times what it should have been!

Every time you speak to customer services, it’s as if you’re speaking to a trainee. No one seems to know what they are doing.

I would avoid this company like the plague.

All I can say is this is a rude company

All I can say is this is a rude disgusting company. Their staff are rude with no empathy. They are bullies. They have been harrassing me with phone calls. How is the government allowing them to treat members of the public like this!!!They are ripping people off left, right and centre. The government had warned that certain energy suppliers were going to do this during the lock down. In the end they will the up paying money back to us. Karma!!!They have ruined GreenStar who were a lovely company. I can’t wait to pay them and move to a different supplier.. I reckon the comments with more stars on here are FAKE or are paid to say good things

Terrible company

Terrible company. Customer service doesn’t resolve issue. I had a smart metre put in and the charge me £800 pound that month saying I owed back payment but had just been living there for 3 months. Draged the issue on for another 5 months and didn’t resolve still wanted me to pay the £800.

What a dreadful experience I have had…

What an awful experience I have had with Shell Energy since I moved provider in September 2020.
Firstly the house’s original supplier changed from Spark to SSE (obviously not Shell’s fault) then Shell said that the gas and electricity smart meters were not compatible – this was after many calls and emails to them which were not answered or replied to for weeks. Then, after these replies, saying that things would transfer over shortly, nothing happened. I was also still trying in vain to get this sorted by the original suppliers, which the customer service was on par with Shell.
Eventually after much effort by me, the electricity was transferred in December. At approximately the same time I received a small cheque from Shell, apologising for the wait. Just a shame that they couldn’t instead have done what they were supposed to in the first place.
Next was the massive struggle to get the gas transferred over from the original companies… OMG, they were trying to charge me an extra £172!
This took until April this year to get the gas transferred to Shell and then for ME to get the meter readings confirmed by SSE, who then ‘wrote off’ the incorrect smart (that’s a laugh!) meter reading for when I moved into the property – Good job I had taken a picture of the meter reading that day, which helped with my case!
I then come to Shell’s dealing with the incorrect gas meter readings. Well, this has literally only just been adjusted (again after many calls and emails to them) – they were asking for much, much more for gas than I have been using (actually the meter reading hasn’t moved at all since being with them) when it should have been solely for the standing charge.
If I were a different person, not persevered with the case and trusted the utility companies, the outcome would have been very different.
Surely customer service departments of any company should be easily accessible, there to assist their clients and not attempt to fleece their customers?
Let’s just say that I cannot wait for my contract with Shell to end.

one star is to much

this company is a joke i have been with these for 3 years i had smart meter installed just over 2 years ago i was paying £111 per month for dual fuel then next thing is over 2 years later i had bill in for £1800 saying i was underpaid the logic here is why if was running up a bill why was this allowed then i moved over to new company bill has dropped to £105 per month i asked them to investigate this they came back 3 weeks later saying it was right. then they went into my account without telling me to try take out the £1800 but i only use this account for bills so there wasn’t that amount in there twice they tried this company needs to be investigated which i am getting in touch with the ombudsman. so if this is going over 3 years why was this allowed. then they told me if i don’t pay it it will effect my credit file so avoid them

Shell Energy Retail, why to use the Ombudsman

Shell Energy Retail (Formerly First Utility), the same company that was investigated by Ofgem for unlawfully disconnecting the gas supply of vulnerable customers in my opinion hasn’t changed much.

Shell Energy lost the Ombudsman case upheld against them for failing to correctly switch the supply of gas from the previous supplier.

Below is the review carried out by the Ombudsman.

” The SLC’s (Standard License Conditions) are the rules that Ofgem (the industry regulator) considers that suppliers should abide by.

SLC 21B.7 states that when a customer asks for an explanation of the bill, the energy company must provide a clear explanation.

SLC 14A.1 requires suppliers to transfer a supply within 21 days of the 14-day cooling off period. This licence condition is supported by the Energy Switch Guarantee, which most of the major suppliers, including Shell Energy, has signed up to.

I do not consider that Shell Energy acted within the guidance of the Standard License Conditions that suppliers should abide by.

SLC 27.18 states that where subsequent information becomes available to correct an error with a Bill or statement of account issued pursuant to paragraph 27.17, the licensee shall send a corrected bill or statement of account as soon as reasonably practicable after the subsequent information becomes available

Based on my findings, I do not consider Shell Energy took all reasonable steps to reflect the meter reading in the bill and issue a correct bill.

SLC 0.3c states that an energy supplier needs to act promptly to put things right when they or their representative makes a mistake.

My review of your complaint has shown me that you have experienced poor service as I feel you have waited for the correction of the meter read for an extended length of time and I have found you this caused you unnecessary worry and distress.

Therefore, it is my opinion Shell Energy has not acted fairly and appropriately in line with SLC 0.3a

My review of your complaint has shown me that you have experienced poor service.

I have decided that Shell Energy should apply a credit to your energy account of £100 as a gesture of goodwill for the shortfalls in customer service and inconvenience caused.”

Anyone experiencing poor service from Shell Energy of which there are many should simply raise their case with the Ombudsman when Shell Energy inevitably decline or fail to resolve the dispute within 8 weeks.

Shell Energy has little understanding of its obligations as a licensed gas supplier/shipper outlined in the Standard Licensing Conditions or worse it understands them but chooses not to carry them out.

Shell Energy is under resourced and is unable to respond to or handle the number of complaints it receives as a result of its negligent running of customer accounts.

I look forward to the meaningless response that will be posted by their social media intern.

Update: Predictably Shell Energy attempted to have this review removed by falsely claiming it contained advertising content. The truth is Shell Energy is embarrassed to have its poor customer service exposed.

Update 2: As predicted the social media intern hasn’t read the review. The Ombudsman already determined Shell Energy doesn’t handle its complaints properly, the link is merely false advertising.

If Shell Energy was able to handle its complaints as advertised there would be no cause for the Ombudsman to uphold complaints against Shell Energy.

The account number was already supplied with the review, the fact this most basic of facts was missed is yet further evidence of the negligence that you can expect as a Shell Energy customer.

A call back to resolve what exactly, why Shell Energy lost the case?

This response is in keeping with the sheer incompetence that runs rampant at Shell Energy.

Customer service is probably one of the…

Customer service is probably one of the worst. Everyone says sorted done for you and then nothing is actually done. A pain to move homes and over charging also. Switching to EDF byeeeee.

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