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SAKHALIN2: How many billions of dollars did Shell lose in Russian annexation?

Chris Finlayson representing Shell and Alexander Medvedev, Gazprom’s Vice Chairman By John Donovan Royal Dutch Shell executive Chris Finlayson held a leadership position in Shell’s Sakhalin II project in Russia from September 2005 to September 2009. The venture was described as “the Mother of all Projects” by the Financial Times. When Finlayson joined the Sakhalin […]

Shell settles Nigerian oil spills claim for $83.5 million

An AFP article published 7 Jan 2015 by Mail Online under the headline: “Shell strikes Nigerian oil spills compensation deal” Royal Dutch Shell has agreed a multi-million-dollar settlement to compensate 15,600 Nigerian fishermen over two serious oil spills in 2008 after a three-year legal battle, both parties announced Wednesday. The Anglo-Dutch energy giant’s Nigerian arm […]

Outlook uncertain for Shell’s return to the Chukchi

By Yereth Rosen: 3 Jan 2015 Six years after dropping more than $2 billion on leases in the remote Chukchi Sea off northwestern Alaska, Shell has yet to drill into any oil in that icy frontier. Plans for an audacious offshore Arctic exploration program have been stymied by litigation and adverse court rulings and a […]

Big Oil’s $3 Billion Homage to Nazi War Criminal

The biggest vessel in the world, the Pieter Schelte (above) has been built by Daewoo in South Korea. Swiss company Allseas commissioned the building of the huge $1.7bn ship. Both the legs and main structure of a rig can be moved simultaneously (shown in illustration) Article by Eamonn Fingleton published by 20 December 2014 Big […]

Shell contractor faces $12.2M in environmental crime fines

The drilling operator of Shell’s ill-fated drill rig that ran aground south of Kodiak Island will plead guilty to eight felony offenses and has agreed to pay $12.2 million in fines and community service payments stemming from environmental and safety violations aboard its vessels, the U.S. Department of Justice said Monday. Alaska Dispatch News article […]


In 2009, Shell Oil Co. was facing allegations of international bribery in Nigeria. It told federal prosecutors that one of its employees approved and facilitated the bribes and then lied about his role to company lawyers. In 2010, the case took an unexpected turn. The employee, senior petroleum engineer Robert Writt, sued for defamation. He […]

Arctic Drilling: a spectacular failure of good judgment by Shell

Kim Elton accuses Shell’s management of “a spectacular failure of good judgment” and points out that “Company managers ordered the Kulluk towed south through the winter-storm-lashed Gulf of Alaska before the 2013 new year — partly to avoid Alaska taxes.” By John Donovan Kim Elton, a former senior adviser to the U.S. Department of the […]

Russia Sanctions Failing to Stanch Energy Deals With Japan

By John Donovan Nato says that Russia has amassed 20,000 combat-ready troops on the border of eastern Ukraine. The US and the EU have stepped up sanction measures on Russia moving from targeted to sector sanctions.  Unfortunately for Royal Dutch Shell its current business and future prospects depend on maintaining good relations with Putin. Hence […]

FT: 12 Shell staff and family members killed on flight MH17

Extract from FT “Week in review” published 2 August 2014 Majors brace as sanctions against Russia tighten read more

The grief of Ben van Beurden

Extracts from a Daily Mail/This is MONEY” article by Rob Davies published 31 July 2014 under the headline: “Energy lift boosts shares in Royal Dutch Shell and BG Group after both post strong second quarter results” Boss Ben van Beurden has vowed to sell underperforming assets and be more selective about spending, after beginning his […]

Royal Dutch Shell shameful record of appeasement

By John Donovan For nearly a hundred years the Royal Dutch Shell Group has appeased and collaborated with evil regimes including Nazi Germany, Nigeria, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iran, Iraq under Saddam Hussein, Apartheid South Africa and with Putin of Russia, despite his annexation of Sakhalin2 and Crimea. Anything to earn a buck irrespective of ethics, […]

John Donovan selection of Shell related articles

John Donovan, Shell Singapore Make Money game, 1985. LINK: John Donovan, Video of Shell games, 1985 Ken Brown, Operations Director of Don Marketing, 1984 Valerie Hewitt, Don Marketing 1984 Sven Olsen, Don Marketing 1984 Shell Marketing Development Manager, Ken Danson, 1984 Don Redhead, a founding director of Don Marketing, seeding major prizes into Shell Mastermind Game […]

Don Marketing blockbuster promotions for Shell (images)

Shell images file

Shell Memorabilia read more

Why Shell does not sue the Donovans

By John Donovan I know that many people must be baffled why Shell does not take legal action against us bearing in mind that some articles authored by us may appear rather forthright.  The reason why we are not buried in Shell injunctions is because of meticulous research to ensure we can substantiate in court […]

Worlds leading source of information about Royal Dutch Shell

Free access to nearly  40,000 articles, comment, historical information and news archive relating to corporate tax dodgers Royal Dutch Shell, the worlds third largest company by revenue. A TV documentary feature about our co-founder John Alfred Donovan, has aired in many countries. A related article was published in 10 languages. John Alfred Donovan is credited on […]

Why Libya’s ‘sweet’ crude oil is not enough to tempt BP or Shell

Libya is now producing 1.5m barrels of high-quality oil a day. But with exploration by BP and Shell so far disappointing, British involvement in the country remains slow Terry Macalister: The Observer, Sunday 26 August 2012 A decade ago Libya was at the centre of dramatic stories alleging cloak-and-dagger diplomacy between then-BP boss Lord Browne, […]

Shell’s Enemy No. 1

httpvh:// Feature about John Donovan in European Journal  TV programme broadcast in English language across Europe in May 2012 European Journal is a 30 minute magazine on DW that delivers the inside take — reports on important political, economic and cultural developments in the EU with a strong focus on the European integration process. European […]

Shell’s corrupt practices in Libya

Shell drafted letter Tony Blair sent to Gaddafi while Prime Minister By John Donovan We have received further confidential information from disgruntled Shell Libya security staff; namely VIP Recruitment Records for Shell Libya. These records shows a system was set up by Shell so that relatives of senior members of the Gaddafi regime, including  government […]

Claimed uprising by Shell Libya staff

(Photo from the article Royal Dutch Shell, Tony Blair and Muammar Gaddafi) Email purportedly sent on 14 June 2012 by Shell Libya staff to senior Shell managers. The email is in reaction to Shell’s recent decision to terminate its exploration contracts in Libya. Shell apparently preferred to deal with Mad Dog Gaddafi. THE EMAIL From: […]

Shell to appoint line-up of firms to new global litigation roster

Author: Friederike Heine 25 May 2012 | 00:00 Royal Dutch Shell is set to create a global litigation adviser roster following the hire of Fulbright & Jaworski City disputes partner Richard Hill as associate general counsel for its newly-launched in-house disputes group. The energy giant has instructed Hogan Lovells on all dispute resolution matters since […]

Evidence File

EVIDENCE FILE Litigation Against Shell New York Times: “Shell Oil Shareholders Awarded $110 Million”13 December 1990New York Times: “Shell Settles Dumping Suit for $3 Million”: 9 February 1995 New York Times: “New Settlement In Plumbing Suit”: 9 November 1995 New York Times: “SHELL SETTLES ROYALTIES CASE FOR $33.5 MILLION”: 21 March 2002 Mail On Sunday: […]

ARD EuropaMagazin – John Donovan: a lone fighter against Shell

Professional translation of the German narration

Worlds leading source of information about Royal Dutch Shell

Free access to over 30,000 articles, documents, comment, historical information and news archive – all relating to Royal Dutch Shell, the worlds largest company. In 2012, this websites co-founder, John Donovan and his network of “moles” inside Shell, which cost Shell its majority stake in Sakhalin II, was the subject of a major article by […]

Great Britain: A lone fighter against Shell

John Donovan at the Shell Centre, 4 April 2012 Professional translation (by OneHourTranslation) of the German narration in the ARD TV Europa Magazine documentary feature: Great Britain: A lone fighter against Shell. Broadcast Saturday 21 April 2012. Great Britain: A lone fighter against Shell Next to the London Eye, the Shell Centre stands tall. Its […]

United Kingdom: a lone fighter against Shell

ARD TV in Germany – the German equivalent of BBC TV – on Saturday, 21 April, broadcast a feature about me and this website ( as part of the EUROPA MAGAZINE programme. By John Donovan ARD TV in Germany – the German equivalent of BBC TV – on Saturday, 21 April, broadcast a feature about […]

Shell endorsement of Donovan website

The following extract printed in red text is from a Shell internal email supplied to us by Shell in response to a Subject Access Request we made under the UK Data Protection Act (equivalent of U.S. Freedom of Information law). Some third party information has been redacted by Shell. FROM A HAPLESS SHELL OFFICIAL: John […]

Blair and a mere ‘lapse of judgment’

Saif was a key player in Libya’s campaign to renounce nuclear status and became close to leading figures after Mr Blair signed the ‘deal in the desert’ in March 2004, which saw British firms such as BP and Shell sign massive contracts with the Libyans. Links: Blair and Gadaffi pictured in 2007 – will he […]

Blair’s ‘deal in the desert’ with Gadaffi paved the way for Shell and BP contracts

The release happened after Blair’s notorious “deal in the desert” with Muammar Gadaffi paving the way for multi- million-pound oil contracts with Shell and BP. (Saif al-Islam Gadaffi – above right) THE SUNDAY TIMES Headline: Gadaffi son may spill British secrets Sunday 20 November 2011 Marie Colvin and Dipesh Gadher THE London-educated Saif al-Islam Gadaffi, […]

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MORE FREE NEWS ABOUT SHELL AND ITS LEADING RIVALS THAN ANY OTHER WEBSITE. FREE LIVE NEWS FOR SHELL, EXXONMOBIL, BP, CHEVRON AND RELATED CONTROVERSIAL SUBJECTS – OIL SANDS, OIL SPILLS & FRACKING. FREE access to historical information, news archive and current news articles (subject to subscription required on some third party websites). This is an […]

Royal Dutch Shell, Tony Blair and Muammar Gaddafi

From pages 42 & 43 of “Royal Dutch Shell and its sustainability troubles” – Background report to the Erratum of Shell’s Annual Report 2010 The report was made on behalf of Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands) Author: Albert ten Kate: May 2011. In May 2005, Shell signed an agreement to start a joint venture […]


Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets. Irrefutable evidence that Shell conspired directly with Hitler, heavily financed the Nazi Party, was anti-Semitic and sold out its own Dutch Jewish employees to the Nazis MORE ABOUT SHELL: THE MOST EVIL COMPANY ON THE PLANET? DISCLAIMER: This is not a Shell website nor is it endorsed by or affiliated […]

Royal Dutch Shell Nazis Secrets Part 7: Why does it still matter?

The most important reason why it does still matter is that ordinary people, ethical investors, and relatives of victims of the Holocaust and other Nazi crimes against humanity, are entitled, on moral grounds, to be aware of this dark chapter in the history of Royal Dutch Shell, so that they can decide if they wish to hold shares in the company or purchase Shell products.

Blair in secret talks with Gaddafi: Lockerbie families’ fury as ex-Premier is treated like a ‘brother’ by dictator just days after denying links with Libya

By James Chapman and Nabila Ramdani Last updated at 10:25 PM on 16th July 2010 Comments (203) DAILY MAIL FRONT PAGE LEAD STORY SATURDAY 17 JULY 2010 EXTRACT: 2004: Prime Minister Tony Blair makes the first government visit to Libya since 1943. He offers the Colonel the ‘hand of friendship’. Big trade deals followed involving […]

Shell drafted letter Tony Blair sent to Gaddafi while Prime Minister

“In the draft, Shell tells Mr Blair to discuss positive progress on weapons of mass destruction as well as the investigation into the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan Embassy in London in 1984.” David Robertson, Business Correspondent Tony Blair lobbied Colonel Muammar Gaddafi on behalf of Shell in a letter written for […]

Shell Sakhalin II losses: 2007 Annual Report and Form 20-F

CLICK ON ABOVE IMAGE TO ENLARGE INTO READABLE PRINT SakhalinLoss1-2 SakhalinLosses2 Royal Dutch Shell 2007 Annuals Accounts and Form 20-F (INCLUDES SAKHALIN II Losses) (224 pages so takes some time to load – Page 18 of particular interest)

The Observer: The marketing of Blairism

The Observer: The marketing of Blairism “You could be forgiven for thinking that think-tanks exert more influence on the Prime Minister than business and unions combined.”: “There is lingering suspicion that think-tanks are skewed by the financial backing of big business. The SMF has a business group that companies like pharmaceuticals giant GlaxoSmithKline and oil […]

London Evening Standard: Ex-Shell boss in showdown with FSA

London Evening Standard: Ex-Shell boss in showdown with FSA “The case is crucial for Watts as the US Department of Justice is ‘still evaluating’ criminal action against Shell directors.”: “Watts is named in US class action lawsuits seeking ‘unspecified damages’ from present and former directors.” Monday 25 July 2005 James Rossiter, FORMER Shell chairman Sir […]

Shell News Archive Friday 3 December, 2004

Shell News Archive Friday 3 December, 2004 Reply letter from 10 Downing Street (SEE LETTER IMMEDIATELY BELOW): Posted on website 3 Dec 04 LETTER FROM ALFRED DONOVAN TO PRIME MINISTER TONY BLAIR REGARDING “CODES OF PRACTICE” GENERALLY AND SHELL’S STATEMENT OF GENERAL BUSINESS PRINCIPLES IN PARTICULAR: “The reserves scandal was of such global […]

Shell News Archive Thursday 25 November, 2004

Shell News Archive Thursday 25 November, 2004 London Evening Standard: BP sells stake in ‘scandal’ gas field: “OIL giant BP has sold its share in a controversial Norwegian gas field, thrown into the spotlight by the reserves scandal at rival Shell, for $1.2bn (£645m.” ( Posted 25 Nov 04 Yahoo! News: Shell hands over 12 […]

Strike threatens Nigeria’s oil production

The Guardian: Strike threatens Nigeria’s oil production “Trade unions in Nigeria yesterday threatened to extend a three-day general strike which has shut down much of the country and driven world oil prices to a record high.”: Union in world’s seventh-biggest exporter says it will shut down supplies if police harass protesters Rory Carroll, Africa correspondent […]

Nigerian union leaders threaten to extend strike over fuel prices

AP Worldstream: Nigerian union leaders threaten to extend strike over fuel prices “The general strike, which began Monday, was supposed to last four days and resume again in two weeks if fuel prices don’t come down. The move has already shut down businesses across the country and helped push world oil prices to record highs.”: […]

Surging oil price forces IMF to tear up growth forecasts

The Independent: Surging oil price forces IMF to tear up growth forecasts “Yesterday’s spike was triggered by Shell when it said Nigerian oil unions had begun an unexpected two-day strike at its facilities to protest against a reorganisation plan, but the company said output had not been affected.” By Philip Thornton Economics Correspondent Posted 9 […]

World economy held to ransom

Times Online: ANALYSIS: World economy held to ransom: What hope is there for global growth when political and economic developments have left power over the oil markets in the hands a few insurgents? By Mike Verdin Posted 30 Sept 04 Until now, the only stocks which bizarrely named rebel groups have been associated with have […]

Nigerian Oil Delta Peace Talks to Resume After Truce

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Nigerian Oil Delta Peace Talks to Resume After Truce “Nigeria’s top producer, Royal Dutch Shell Group, said it evacuated more than 200 workers from two oilfields located near fighting, and closed one flow station pumping 28,000 barrels per day.” By REUTERS Published: September 30, 2004 Filed at 5:03 a.m. ET ABUJA […]

Oil Prices Rise Again As Production Lags

The New York Times: Oil Prices Rise Again As Production Lags “…one factor that may have contributed to Friday’s rise in prices was violence in Nigeria that forced Royal Dutch/Shell Group, which accounts for roughly half the country’s daily exports of 2.5 million barrels, to evacuate two oil facilities.” By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Posted 26 […]

Daily Telegraph: Libya invites bids for drilling rights

Daily Telegraph: Libya invites bids for drilling rights “The news emerged amid reports that Shell’s Libyan deal, which is still at the preliminary stage, was stalling.” By Christopher Hope, Business Correspondent (Filed: 17/08/2004) Libya, which was welcomed back into the international fold four months ago, yesterday invited oil and gas companies to bid for drilling […]

Shell itself ‘Feeds’ Nigeria ‘violence’, May End Onshore Work

The report said in some cases employees of the Shell venture in Nigeria collaborate with local criminals to sabotage company facilities… Shell itself ‘Feeds’ Nigeria ‘violence’, May End Onshore Work June 10 2004 (Bloomberg) Royal Dutch/Shell Group, Europe’s second-biggest oil company, may have to quit onshore production in Nigeria, which supplies 9 percent of […]

Added energy for trade links

Financial Times: Added energy for trade links By Jonathan Moules Published: May 12 2004 Anglo-Chinese business relationships received a fillip yesterday when four British companies signed joint ventures worth $1.5bn with companies in China. Senior executives from the energy businesses BP and Shell, Kingfisher, the retail group, and its B&Q home improvement subsidiary joined Patricia […]

Chinese deals worth £1.5bn announced

TimesOnline: Chinese deals worth £1.5bn announced May 10, 2004 Four British companies will tomorrow announce joint ventures in China worth more than £1.5 billion, according to Government officials. The announcements will coincide with a three-day visit to the UK by Wen Jiabao, the Chinese Prime Minister. Representatives of BP, Shell, Kingfisher and its B&Q unit […]

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