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Shell Fails To Get Its Arctic Oil Spill Barge Certified By The Coast Guard

Shell Oil | ThinkProgress

Who is getting bought off by big oil?


This article is somewhat different.

Renewable advocates battle oil industry over energy … – USA Today

Some links relating to Syria and mid-east oil politics. I was involved in the early development of many of the Syrian oil fields in the mid-1980’s and 1990’s. Some of these articles will give your readers an idea of what Shell has meant to Syria over the last 30 years. Shell’s activities have been critical for the Assad regime. read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

E.U. sanctions force Shell to leave Syria

Protesters opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad face violent responses from security forces. The Arab League passed a series of measures censuring Syria for its actions.

By Javier Blas, Published: December 2

LONDON — Royal Dutch Shell said Friday it will “cease” activities in Syria after the European Union blacklisted three state-owned Syrian oil companies in an effort to raise the pressure on President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

The European Union said Friday it has widened its sanctions on the oil companies, General Petroleum Co., Al Furat Petroleum Co. and Syria Trading Oil Co. The move is seen as a significant blow to Syria, with diplomats expecting it to curtail oil production in the country. read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell tells employees in Syria to obey EU sanctions, not clear production will stop

By Associated Press, Updated: Friday, December 2, 4:04 PM

AMSTERDAM — Royal Dutch Shell PLC said Friday it will halt its operations in Syria to comply with sanctions imposed by the European Union over the country’s violent crackdown on anti-government protesters.

While Shell employees were told to stop working, it was not clear whether that will actually mean any reduction in Syria’s oil output. Shell is a minority partner in Syria’s state-owned Al Furat Petroleum Company, which the EU blacklisted Friday due to the country’s deadly crackdown on protesters. read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell says to cease activities in Syria

Sanctions bite in Syria as oil giant Shell pulls out

By Douglas Hamilton

BEIRUT | Fri Dec 2, 2011 9:42am EST

(Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell said on Friday it would cease operations in Syria to heed new European Union sanctions against Damascus, deepening the international isolation of President Bashar al-Assad imposed over his violent crackdown on popular unrest.

In the latest bloodshed, Syrian army defectors killed eight Air Force intelligence personnel in an attack on their base in the north of the country, according to an opposition group. read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell Is ‘Welcome Barbarian’ in China’s Shale Gas

The big question is: Can Shell keep riding this tiger? What prevents PetroChina’s parent, CNPC, from exploiting the Western producer for what it wants and then tossing it aside or perhaps even taking it over? and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell lukewarm about Syria oil boycott

British-Dutch oil giant Shell is under pressure to cease its activities in Syria. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on countries and companies to suspend their supplies to Syria because of the bloody oppression of the popular protests by the Assad regime.

Shell has said it is prepared to discuss possible oil sanctions against Syria, but has not committed itself to joining a boycott. The company is a 30 percent partner in a consortium which is producing oil in Syria. Half the consortium is owned by state-owned Syrian companies, and the remaining 20 percent is held by Asian investors. Shell is pumping up oil and sells the crude on Syria’s General Petroleum Company. There are no Shell refineries in the country. read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

Syria stops payments to Shell and Total


November 10, 2011

By Javier Blas and Sylvia Pfeifer in London and Abigail Fielding-Smith in Beirut

Syria has stopped paying for oil produced within the country by Royal Dutch Shell and Total, highlighting the economic tensions affecting Bashar al-Assad’s regime after months of pro-democracy protests.

“Their continued domestic oil production in Syria is fuelling government tanks shelling peaceful protesters,” said Wissam Tarif, of Avaaz, a campaign group.

FULL FT ARTICLE and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell, Total cut Syrian oil output amid sanctions

LONDON, Nov 10 (Reuters) - Oil majors Royal Dutch Shell and Total have slashed Syrian oil production as international sanctions make exports impossible, industry sources told Reuters. and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

EU Bans Syria Oil As Marchers Shot

Royal Dutch Shell: 32% stake in Al-Furat Petroleum.



BEIRUT—The European Union banned all import of Syrian crude oil on Friday to protest Damascus’s violent suppression of demonstrators, but the standoff between protesters and President Bashar al-Assad’s government showed no signs of subsiding.

Security forces shot at least 14 marchers dead Friday as Syrians took to the streets following noon prayers. The largest protest appeared to take place in the city of Homs, where tens of thousands of people turned out against the Assad regime to support a day activists had labeled “death before humiliation.” read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

Twitter storm pounds Shell’s Syria operations

Twitter users have joined forces to protest against Dutch oil giant Shell’s business operations in Syria. Friday saw the announcement of an EU-wide-ban on Syrian oil imports. Activists used the hash tag #shellfuelsmurder to stop all of the company’s operations in the country. Shell is the second-biggest foreign oil firm in Syria after French Total SA, which claims to have stopped all exports prior to the official sanctions. Shell has said it will comply with the EU embargo but will not unilaterally stop its activities in the country. The campaign comes on another Friday of widespread Syrian protests. Thousands of protesters have been killed by security forces since the start of the demonstrations in March. read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

‘Shell fuels murder’ campaign by Syrian activists moves ahead despite EU sanctions

A Google Doc shared Friday by the campaign accused Shell’s oil sales of “financing the military operations against civilians throughout Syria” by President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

Posted at 10:57 AM ET, 09/02/2011


The European Union on Friday imposed an embargo on oil exports from Syria as the country’s security forces surrounded mosques to prevent anti-government protesters from demonstrating after prayers.

Despite the ban, a campaign started by Syrian activists to halt Shell’s operations in Syria showed no signs of stopping, as many pointed out that the company could still export outside the EU.

The EU ban covers purchase, import, and transport of oil and other petroleum products from Syria, and would affect major oil corporations like Shell, which released a statement Friday that read: “Shell complies with all applicable laws, including international sanctions.” read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

Royal Dutch Shell to continue operation in Syria 2011-08-31 19:03:33

THE HAGUE, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) — Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell on Wednesday said it would not withdraw from unrest-torn Syria, despite mounting pressure from Dutch political parties, local media reported.

Halting the Shell’s operation in Syria would hurt the Syrian people more than its government, Dutch national broadcaster NOS quoted Dick Benschop ,head of Shell’s Dutch arm as saying.

The remarks came just one day after several political parties in the Netherlands called on the Anglo-Dutch group to withdraw from Syria in order to put more pressure on the country’s current authorities.

Dutch opposition party Democrats 66 leader Alexander Pechtold on Tuesday told Dutch newspaper Volkskrant that 95 percent of the Syrian oil exported went to European refineries, particularly in the Netherlands, Britain, France and Italy. read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell won’t stop oil production in Syria unless EU mandates a boycott

By Associated Press, Updated: Tuesday, August 30, 5:00 PM

AMSTERDAM — Royal Dutch Shell PLC will not stop producing oil in Syria unless it is directed to do so by the European Union, media in the Netherlands report.

National broadcaster NOS news cites Dick Benschop, head of the company’s Dutch arm, as saying Shell thinks halting its operations there would hurt the Syrian people more than its government.

Benschop’s remarks came after a behind-closed-doors meeting Tuesday with members of Dutch parliament who have called for a boycott to protest the Syrian government crackdown on an uprising the U.N. says has left 2,200 dead since it began in March. read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell FuelSave wakens memories of Formula Shell debacle

By John Donovan

Here we are again in the midst of a major Shell advertising campaign with huge colour adverts in the UK national press for a new Shell wonder fuel, this time invented by “Shell Fuel Scientists”: Its called Shell FuelSave

Shell’s Fuel Scientists are being rather cagey about the secret formula – Shell Efficiency improvers – inviting drivers to “guess what they do.” Doesn’t Shell know?

The adverts claim: “Our Fuel Scientists are more than satisfied with the results” described as “a remarkable benefit.” read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell fuels Syrian Tanks?

By John Donovan


On Wednesday 24 August 2011, I sent an email to Mr Michiel Brandjes, Company Secretary & General Counsel Corporate, Royal Dutch Shell Plc.

I asked him whether an email sent earlier that same day to a third party, purportedly by Graham Henley, General Manager of Syria Shell Petroleum Development B.V. was authentic. I supplied a copy.
read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

EU Embargo on Syrian Crude Likely to Hurt Italy Most

Although the document only covers one month of Syrian petroleum exports, it provides a recent snapshot of ordinarily confidential trading activity in which European oil companies Repsol SA and Royal Dutch Shell PLC loaded Syrian crude, and Trafigura and Total SA loaded Syrian oil products in July.

AUGUST 26, 2011


LONDON—A shipping document suggests a European Union embargo on Syrian crude oil—expected to be finalized next week—would hit Italy hardest, even as the southern European country continues to make do without Libyan crude.

Nearly half of the crude oil exported by Syria ended up in Italian ports last month—the equivalent of about 55,132 barrels a day out of 110,521 barrels a day of total Syrian oil shipments, according to a Syrian ports document. Italian oil giant Eni SpA and refiners IES Italiana and Saras SpA said they do refine some Syrian crude as part of a broader slate of oil grades. read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan
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