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By John Donovan

News of a “secret protocol” between Shell and the Russian government has leaked out today. The Russians evidently wanted to further embarrass Shell management. Note that there is no mention of Mitsui and Mitsubishi involvement in the secret deal.  Shell refuses to comment on the “confidential” secret agreement.

This comes just days after Shell CEO, Jeroen van der Veer, was quoted gratefully thanking President Putin during the Gazprom/Sakhalin Energy deal signing ceremony in Moscow (“Thank you very much for your support,”). 

This was like the victim of a ruthless prolonged assault thanking the mugger who had coshed him senseless and stolen his valuables.

In an article published here on September 6th, 2006, I speculated that Gazprom might demand a 50% stakeholding in Sakhalin II. I was wrong. They insisted on 51%.  

Secret deals to hide embarrassing information about Shell management misdeeds from tiresome shareholders who actually own the company are nothing new. I am in possession of correspondence and agreements signed by senior Shell directors which confirm a Shell corporate culture of cover-up and deceit. The evidence provides proof that it has persisted for many years – over a decade to my certain knowledge. This is why the reserves fraud was no surprise to me. Shell management has no qualms about deceiving the public and hiding the truth from Shell shareholders.

While the same dishonest, hypocritical and thoroughly incompetent individuals remain at the top of Shell, I will continue to wage a relentless campaign against them.

In the coming weeks more information will be revealed about my own key role in the Sakhalin II intrigue, as publicly acknowledged by the now notorious “Kremlin attack dog”, Oleg Mitvol. Articles in various publications are in the pipeline.

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