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Shell’s shut down of Prelude – seems alarm bells were indeed ringing, as we suggested just hours ago

Reaction to Shell’s temporary shut down of Prelude

The initial reaction from Bill Campbell

Trying to interpret what is going on is difficult because of lack of detail from journalist report so maybe misinterpreting what happened and my interpretation may be misguided, but… evidence if more is needed that something is wrong on this installation.

The facility is provided with emergency diesel supplied generator(s) which require to be immediately available in an emergency when the main AC distribution fails or is tripped by the ESD system. The generator(s) is/are termed safety-critical equipment and as such are subject to mandatory testing every 7 days under UK legislation, it’s similar in Australia. The statement that this loss affected some amenities onboard and work is ongoing to resolve this – this is difficult to interpret…

Anyway clearly the emergency system failed but what caused the main AC system to fail in the first place, if it was nothing serious WHY is it still not available? or is it?
Do not think you would suspend production or de-man non-essential crew if you could simply start up the maim generators and close onto the main HV switchboard…………….


Interesting article in the Western Australian dated tomorrow, Saturday 5 February 2020, is indicating many minor issues but reported to the regulator.  Not the first time power plant has given problems. These are very basic utility design shortcomings.

Even the fire water supply was deficient!

It seems that the” laundry basket” contains more than thought.

I feel for the guys at the sharp end, what should be a near-perfect project is turning into a nightmare… While its shut down takes the time to fix all the issues that are outstanding.

Many seemingly minor issues cumulatively have higher safety implications than a single headline.

Safety strife for Shell’s LNG giant Prelude

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