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Absolutely abysmal speeds from Shell Broadband

Extracts from Shell Energy customer reviews posted during the past few days on Trustpilot: “absolutely abysmal speeds, even on a wired connection with only 1 device connected, i get between 0.5 to 1.5mps… has made working from home almost impossible and getting in touch with support has been a nightmare”: Misled into taking Shell internet, when with Plusnet no problem went with Shell all as gone downhill, just about the worst company i have ever been with…”: Upload speeds are truly terrible”

Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article was posted on 21 July 2021.

absolutely abysmal speeds

absolutely abysmal speeds, even on a wired connection with only 1 device connected, i get between 0.5 to 1.5mps… has made working from home almost impossible and getting in touch with support has been a nightmare

Misled into taking Shell internet

Misled into taking Shell internet, when with Plusnet no problem went with Shell all as gone downhill, just about the worst company i have ever been with

Avoid this company, they are appalling.

I have been trying to register with Shell since May, tried yet again to no avail, despite having given my registration details multiple times both on the phone and via livechat, I was hung up on every time I rang and the person on livechat left with no warning. I still need this resolving so I can change providers as Shell’s customer service is absolutely

I have already paid this group for…

I have already paid this group for broadband and present prove by a bank account and transfer number but they keep demanding more money or claiming they were never paid which to my knowledge of how the world works outside of Shell mind this would be an act of fraud committed by Shell

CON ARTISTS. I’ve been with shell a year. Despite supplying meter readings I’ve never had an accurate bill. Everyone is estimated and they just make up figures as they go along. I paid my bill and told shell I wanted to leave. My balance was £40. The day after request to leave I was sent a bill with extra electric charge of £161. This took my balance to £201. Over £200 shell can refuse to let you leave. They claimed this was for miscalculations in December (added to a bill in may) it took two month to get balance down and I asked to leave again. The next day I got a bill with a charge of £300 for one month’s electric. Shell said this is for other miscalculations they made. So basically they make everything up. You want to leave they lock you in. I have a 1bed flat and also receive cancer treatment 3 times a week away from home. But because I asked to leave shell as they refuse to put me on any tarriff they then decide somehow that I have used over £500 worth of electric in 31 days. Con scum

This company full of lies service’s are…

This company full of lies service’s are absolutely rubbish please do not have any deals with Shell.

Totally disgusted with Shell Energy

Totally disgusted with Shell Energy. I signed up 6 weeks ago.and I’m still waiting for my Internet connection, I’ve phoned them countless times and each time I’m told the same thing, which is my case will be reviewed in a few days.. I have informed Shell my son is severely disabled and online recourses are essential for his wellbeing and care, but still we wait… Had to give one star to write the review but this company deserves none…

Very poor upload speeds

Unfortunately I was persuaded to switch to Shell Energy Broadband after a conversation with a staffer of USwitch, supposedly because download speeds were a little faster than PlusNet. But what a bad decision! Upload speeds are truly terrible, and the download speeds struggle to get up to what they publicise. Its an indictment of USwitch advice that they failed to point out how much upload speeds can vary between providers and that you can be trading DOWN to a worse service. Oh and I didn’t even mention that the router they provided has disabled ‘itself’ off wireless twice already, the system having to be ‘reset’ at great inconvenience. Do the sane thing – don’t be tempted as I was to choose this provider.

The internet is not good it’s only good…

The internet is not good it’s only good if in living room if go outside have no connection

Is Shell for real?

I read TJ’s review posted a few minutes ago and my heart sank as I am going through the same nightmarish experience. I joined Shell Energy after they offered me a fixed tariff quote that I thought to be reasonable and I gave them a five stars review on Trustpilot. It lasted only a couple of months before I received an email informing me that they were hiking my electricity bills to a threefold. I formally complained using their complaint procedure via my account. In the meantime they had changed my direct debit and charged my account mercilessly with no regards as to whether their action would cause hardship. They never replied or acknowledged my complaint. I sent two more complaints to no avail. The only supposed help they could offer was the installation of a smart meter that would allow me to control my electricity usage and my monthly bill. Thinking I was finally settling, I accepted the smart meter and meticulously followed their advice (to the extreme) thinking that I was in control. I waited impatiently for my monthly bill and to my surprise, I was charged the same amount. I contacted them again and they did not reply. At the end of my tether I had no other alternative than to review them on Trustpilot some two months ago. Only then did I get a reply from Kyle asking me to contact them so they could offer some help. I eagerly contacted them and in all fairness, I have to say they called me many times when I was not available and but when I returned their calls, I was left holding on for ages and gave up at the end. I finally got in contact with the case handler who supposedly helped by halving my already enormously inflated bills for two months with a review in September where an increase was most likely due to winter months. The handler told me that I was in credit but was billed on estimations on what they thought I might be using in the future. She offered to credit my bank account with the amounts overcharged together with a gesture of goodwill but said she could do nothing about the huge amount taken this month as apparently it was too late for her to do anything about it. I related our conversation to a person who agreed to look into it. He was surprised that I was still being charged on estimations despite a smart meter installed and that the charges were set indefinitely because of accumulation. But since I have not been with Shell that long he advised me to ask Shell for more clarification about when that accumulation started because given the fact that I had been charged for many months three times the amounts agreed on joining them, he could not understand the situation. Also, he drew my attention that I had only two months left before they changed my payments on winter charges. He disputed the fact that the last payment could not be refunded according to the handler. I wrote to the her to the effect. And boom! I received a tart email from her asking to either pay my bills on meter readings or estimations, no mentions of credits. gesture of goodwill as we conversed on the phone. Now, apparently, I was billed all along on estimations because they could not predict my usage. I feel like a dagger is pointing at my throat because I had dared to seek help and had found out that far from helping, the handler had misleading me into a detrimental deal that could averse to be costly.
I have today written back to them and will post my experience on this platform as I would be seeking remedy in any possible way.
Also I noticed how keen they are to refer customers to the Ombudsman and today as I read the negative reviews on Trustpilot about that service I sink in deeper despair.

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