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Trustpilot verdict on Shell Energy: Utterly incompetent, Utter shambles

07 Jan 2022

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

“DO NOT switch to Shell Energy under any circumstances. They miss-sell their products and service; they clearly don’t honour the deals that they sell. They are woefully incompetent, not friendly, not helpful, certainly not professional.”

Utterly incompetent

Utterly incompetent worse than Green energy who went bust, now lumbered with this useless company who dont have a clue, and refuse to give readings information against the regulators code of buisness.

Utter shambles

Utter shambles. As an ex-green customer we are waiting for our account to be moved over to Shell Energy as the “Supplier of last resort”. It’s been 3 months now and we have heard nothing. Fine if they want to give us our electricity for free, however, more likely they are waiting until the price cap rises in April so they can slam us with an inflated bill. Telephone customer service staff were completely useless in helping me as they have no record of me at all apparently. Call centre is noisy and you can clearly hear other conversations going on – very unprofessional. Not a good first impression.

Poor customer service

Poor customer service. do not use. I was told I would receive my refund within 5 days, this was in October. It is now January and despite chasing them I have still not received my refund. The staff I have spoken to seem totally pointless and cannot provide any useful information ot take action to resolve this.

Awful customers treatment

They have not much consideration for their customers, make mistakes on billing and are slow in amending them, creating further administrative and accounting issues to their clients making great effort to contact them by phone and e-mails. Bad customer service and mistreatment, they are really not for private and retail users. Their excuse is that they are a multi-billion company which can not take care of each customer specific account! Amazing!

Utter Customer Service Vacuum

Was a Green Energy client in credit, who swapped to another provider the day before Green folded. Despite contacting Shell 6+ times to clarify and provide the necessary information that I am now with and paying another provider, they have still also started charging me for electricity and have not paid me the credit I am due from Green (who were a great ethical company, and much missed!). Every time I contact Shell, I get a *new* case number and they just ask for the same info yet again (although I provide the existing case numbers as well). They have yet to follow up even one time, and sort this (Since 04 Oct). Still not sorted (06 Jan). Have contacted Shell complaints (no contact after 2 weeks) + ombudsman (fingers crossed).

0/10 – absolutely appalling service

I decided to switch from my current provider at the end of September last year. The Shell Energy salesperson convinced me that they could beat the deal I was currently on (even though I was already on a competitive rate). I was advised that they could offer me £46 per month FIXED for 2 years.

I also told the salesperson that I needed my direct debit to be setup for the 12th of every month (my payday). Instead of this, they setup the direct debit for the 25th. Because I wasn’t aware of this, my direct debit got returned.

I got in touch with Shell via phone and email multiple times-they never changed the direct debit date. I was then forced to cancel it, because they seemed completely unable to do what I asked.

Things got even worse when they suddenly sent me a bill for £394 (this is for 3 months gas and electric). I live in a 1 bedroomed flat, on my own, I only have 3 radiators in the property. It’s like they plucked the figure out of thin air. The actual figure I owed was £138, NOT £394. I consistently had to try and communicate with them via email regarding all of this, because I would be on hold for very very long waits, if I tried to call them.

They would keep sending me emails back stating “we do not recognize your email address”. This is despite the fact that earlier in the same day, I got responses back from different people. I was essentially told “That’s not the projection, you owe us this money, it’s tough luck”. I have spent the last 3 months going backwards and forwards with Shell and have not been able to make the slightest headway with anything and the whole thing has been the equivalent of a splitting headache.

I have now switched back to Octopus Energy (they took me back immediately and kept me on the same rate I was paying before), I was so appalled with the service I received, I felt I had no other option.

DO NOT switch to Shell Energy under any circumstances. They miss-sell their products and service; they clearly don’t honour the deals that they sell. They are woefully incompetent, not friendly, not helpful, certainly not professional. I can honestly say, my experience of dealing with Shell Energy, has easily been one of the worse customer service experiences I have ever dealt with in my entire life.

Avoid at all costs!….

Dreadful company

Helped a neighbour out with problems regarding his phone. Had to make numerous calls on his behalf and was on hold for ages and when I did get thru it was always to a different department than I asked for, was then put on hold again or cut off. He was an elderly man with no computer yet was told to go online to deal with it all. Even transferring to another company was a nightmare. They also took money out of his account that they should not have.

Shocking Business practice

After signing with Shell Energy, its very difficult to cancel your account. I have been trying for months. Funny that I noticed the same when I moved into my rental. The previous tenant was being billed as well. Now the very same has happened to me. I have moved, notified Shell and the bills just keep coming!!

Appalling service

Have been moved to Shell energy following the collapse of Pure Planet.
All starting readings are supposed to be passed to the new provider so that when I give an opening reading to Shell they can bill me the correct figure based on previous usage figures provided. I came to provide new readings to find they have the wrong figures from Pure planet. Online chat said I must prove the figures wrong by providing timestamped photos from back in October, despite me having a bill from Pure planet. What a disgrace my only option appears to be the ombudsman.

Extremely poor customer service

Extremely poor customer service. Not recommended as they do not answer calls or email. Change contracts with no notice or advice of any type

Despite having been assured by Sara

Despite having been assured by Sara on the 22nd December that a “relevant” person would contact me asap to correct Shells opening Electric meter reading anomaly I am still waiting for this to happen. Sara does not appear to be “shop floor” and as such I do not imagine she will get involved with the actual assistance she promises to most of Shell’s critical reviewers. I suspect that Sara is in the world of Sales/Marketing and, not surprisingly, is not really interested in what happens next in the real world.
What I am also struck by is that when genuine critical reviews appear they seem hurriedly buried under a sudden deluge of purportedly genuine reviews by “invited” reviewers which curiously rate Shell great or better – Just saying!.
Anyway, could someone meantime get a “relevant” member of the Shell workforce to sort my issue without any further procrastination.. No contact with me is necessary just change the opening Electric meter reading on my account to the correct 01924 which is substantiated by the detailed “Goto” bill and the photographic evidence I have already sent you.
Many thanks

Disorganised and untrustworthy

Property reposessed found broken meter. Someone at their call centre entered a guessed/made up figure without my knowledge. Took over 3 months to get a new meter fitted. Property empty so no usage but Shell keep demanding payment for estimated usage. Won’t accept the fact that its empty and are saying unable to adjust estimates till three months actual usage. The initial 3 months had no usage but as no working meter they can’t accept it. Now being asked for physical meter read when the new meter is a supposedly smart meter . Absolutely useless avoid at all costs as they really are disorganised and untrustworthy.

Switching to them was easy

Switching to them was easy. Then for no reason they pretty much doubled my direct debit. Have tried to contact them so many times to ask for it to be lowered

Edit: this remained a draft from some time ago and I only noticed the other day.

I know how a direct debit works for energy bills. I entered my last years usage, Shell forecast my usage for the next year, I switch then two months of one of the coldest springs on record later and they double the direct debit and I can’t make contact to get it lowered?!?!?!? Bordering on robbery

Still no account or bills after 3 months…

We were moved over to Shell Energy from Green in September after moving to a new house in July. Green had never contacted us to create an account, so we did not know they were our supplier until they collapsed.
Now we have been waiting for Shell to create an account for us, and after 3 months the only progress is that we have an account number in one of the standard letter they sent us. No bill, no online account, the account is not in our names…
We have contacted them multiple times by email or phone explaining all of this and providing our details but this didn’t help at all. We have randomly been told to provide readings for a bill to be issued, that an account had been created and the email was on its way, that Shell wasn’t providing our energy…

They are clearly clueless…


Don’t use this company for broadband

Don’t do it. This company is run for their shareholders only.

Yet another let down from the Shell…

Yet another let down from the Shell Energy Brokenband Team, got to hand it to you, if nothing you are consistent in failure. Was promised a callback from a manager between 2-3pm today and, yes you guessed it…zero. They are maybe too busy inflicting stress on other or, prospective customers.

Not even worth one star

The worst I’ve ever seen. Wifi drops and won’t reconnect for up to an hour (so far) no matter what I do, you have to stand next to the router for a strong connection, calls made with wifi drop randomly and either don’t reconnect or reconnect and are then patchy and bad quality and you can’t use it for games or calls if another person in the house is doing the same. Absolutely terrible company and I’d advise anyone who’s thinking about getting with them to look literally anywhere else.

Worst provider ever

Worst provider ever ! Full of broken promises and, the customer service is abysmal. They could not run a bath, let alone a successful broadband connection. Stick to ripping people off at the fuel pumps and, destroying the environment. I am a disabled person who, requires a trusted company who can provide unlimited broadband as, this is my only contact with the outside world and, enables me to control my home smart devices. I am becoming very suicidal with the utter contempt this Company treats it’s customers with.

The worst customer service I have ever encountered

After reporting a faulty landline, the engineer turned up unannounced and my broadband was disconnected without notice whilst looking for the fault. 2 hours later he returned having found the fault which would need to be repaired on another day. He reconnected at my box at the rear of my property and drove off but had reconnected the wrong wires at the junction box so I had to call in again to report that my broadband was still not working. They couldn’t send an engineer again until the following day, causing me to have to take a days leave from work at short notice as I require my broadband for working from home and had no access to the office. My broadband was connected in the afternoon of the following day, but the landline was not repaired until 28 days after the initial complaint. I had expected an automatic refund of at least a month’s charges, and in addition some compensation for the loss of earnings and extreme inconvenience.  On finding no refund on my bill today I called customer services to register a complaint.
I explained the full situation, with dates and times. The customer services representative offered me £10 in compensation. He claimed (incorrectly) that I was not entitled to compensation for my landline being faulty, but only for my broadband and very patronisingly said that the £10 offered was a good will gesture. I know that if Shell were a member of the voluntary compensation scheme I would have automatically been awarded £225.68 for loss of service for this length of time. Needless to say this one is going to the Ombudsman.  Shockingly poor broadband service and even worse customer service. Unethical. A complete disgrace.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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