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Trustpilot Review of Shell Energy: OMG. What a company !!!! The Devil could do better

3 March 2022

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

The Devil could do better

OMG. What a company !!!! They chase you hard for payment before your bill is due. Then they chase you once again after payment saying you have not paid. I am really tired of the games and wish they would employ people with a brain. Not recommended

Absolutely awful

Absolutely awful! Rude staff, was constantly fobbed off, was hung up on twice very unprofessional


If I could give less than no stars I would, the staff are so unhelpful my dad has been without a phone line for a week, we have tried many many times to get this sorted but keep getting transferred to technical help then after a 60 minute wait we gave up and tried live chat still no joy this company deserves a rocket they are a complete shambles NEVER NEVER swap your supplier to these I hope they go bust SOON and do us a favour

Avoid these cowboys who refuse to communicate with their customers

My electricity account was transferred to Shell Energy in Ocober 2021 when my previous supplier ceased trading.
Shell has flouted Ofgem rules and UK contract law on numerous counts.
We are now in March 2022 and they have ignored all of my communications since they took over. I have only ever received automated replies and emails from employees which refuse to answer questions about my tariff. No communication from me has ever resulted in a reply with aswers to my questions. I am still waiting for a reply to my last email after more than two weeks (I do not consider an automated acknowledgement to be a reply)!

Neither their bills or their website comply with Ofgem guidelines and they clearly do not want to discuss their failings with customers.

They offer the option of leaving my account number with this comment so they can contact me. I will not do that – their website and email address should provide a platform for communications – not Trustpilot!

Avoid these cowboys!

One star is too much!

Still waiting since September 2021 for my account to be transferred from Green. My direct debit has been cancelled but not by me. I an unable to send a meter reading and I do not know how much I owe. Despite making several calls and being told someone will get back to me in 5 days. This has never happened. Today I have made a complaint which I am advised will be resolved within 8 weeks. They say technical issues are to blame but have no idea when they will be fixed.

Awful experience !

Having read a review today from Joy W, all I can say is good luck and be prepared for a huge bill. Having been transferred from Green, their final bill gave me £107 in credit which was handed to Shell. Green carried on taking two further DD, which Shell eventually found and deducted accordingly from the bill they prepared. The outcome is: Four months and 15 days later, I have received a bill from Shell Energy for £532, for a 3 bedroom semi with two occupiers! This billing period was up to 12 February! This is before any increases due from 1 April. Very begrudgingly I have had to transfer this amount to this absolutely useless company . Still no direct debit payments been set and meter readings due again 8 March, so I expect another huge bill. Hopefully will be able to find a better company to go with.

Changed to shell because supplier went…

Changed to shell because supplier went bust for gas and electric. Can’t set up direct debit and they don’t answer phones (waited on hold for an hour). Can’t set up account because they haven’t sent info. Now charging extra for not having direct debit.

Shell energy have overcharged me

Shell energy have overcharged me, wouldn’t let me not have gas and I emailed several times for my energy are corrupted…do not use shell energy or if a customer double check your account,they are thief’s 100%

Shell Energy who threatens of court action before I got my first bill

I was with Pure Plant until it went bust last year. The last payment I made was in mid-December 2021. January 2022 got my first ever letter from shell energy they will be my new provider then in February I got my first bill. I email them straight away as the date of the money owns goes back to 17th October 2021. So I told them the bill was wrong and that I have already paid some of it off with Pure Planet. They said they didn’t know who I was even though I quoted the account reference number and address. I then rang them then told them that the money that I paid from Pure Planet would be deducted from the bill. 2 days later I received a bailiffs bill from them. The date on the letter was before I received my first ever bill from Shell Energy. I was shocked that a company that I did not even know until January is sending me a threatening letter to pay up. I Rang twice and emailed now 4 times with uploads of bank statements and screenshots of Pure planet records of payment. Each response from Shell is we still haven’t received your evidence of payment to Pure Plant. If it doesn’t get sorted out soon, I will complain to the ombudsman

One of the worst energy providers that…

One of the worst energy providers that I have ever come across. Poor customer service, poor customer satisfaction. Would give zero stars if possible. Asked for a smart meter to be put in and instead they’ve put in a pre payment metered which I didn’t even ask for. Spoke to someone over the phone and they are now trying to say that I’ve got to pay an outstanding balance to be put back then the normal meter which is terrible as I didn’t even ask for the pre payment meter not did they inform me about what was happening. None of the advisors seem to care at all and nobody wants to help to get this resolved. Will be taking this to the financial ombudsman due to the non stop problems with this terrible company. I would advise everyone to go elsewhere for a better service as there feels like there is no customer service from this company. Worst company I have ever come across and I will not be recommending this company to anyone. They didn’t even inform me about the pre payment meter and all I was told was that I no longer had to complete meter readings over the phone and that it would be done automatically

Smart Meter Issues and Poor Customer Service

I was switched to Shell Energy due to recent collapse of some energy companies.

I had a smart electric meter and analogue Gas Meter, both working as expected at the time.

I requested an upgrade of the gas meter to a smart meter so that both meters could automatically submit readings daily to improve the accuracy of my bills.

They replaced the gas meter with a SMET2 meter in Dec 21. After installation I was told by the installer that that I would still have to submit manual readings since the Electric meter was a SMET1 and is not compatible with the new SMET2 gas meter, and to call my supplier to get the electric meter upgraded.

I requested that the Electric SMET1 meter be upgraded to SMET2 and although initially they didn’t want to since it was not damaged, they agreed as this was the whole reason I upgraded the gas meter in the first place. Shell should have checked the compatibility before hand and arranged the replacement of both meters.

Shell replaced the Electric meter with a SMET2 in January and ever since both the gas and electric meters have not been able to communicate or send meter readings.

I was also given an in home display when the electric meter was changed which has never worked.

Customer service has been terrible, always sending me around in circles, not resolving the problem, not updating me on progress and asking me to wait almost a month before contacting them again if the issue isn’t resolved. I have contacted again after waiting and been told the same. I have also been unexpectedly cut off from calls and chats without being contacted back with the excuse being “technical issues”.

I am actually worse off than before the meter changes as I have to give manual readings for both electrical and gas now.

Cancel at once: Appalled & disgusted by shells service…i cancelled within a week of joining but they’re clearly tryin to force it against my wish

Below with evidence/ dates of my experience…i joined on 1/2/22

From: tee –
Sent: Wednesday, 9 February 2022, 23:55
To: Shell Energy
Cc: tee –
Subject: Re: 2ND CONCERN & REQUEST TO CANCEL as at 9/2/22- Your Enquiry [10806912]

Dear Shell,

I do not know what to say about your service but to leave an averagely okay Customer service to a worst one is an understatement. This is the case with shell!

Im upset and appalled at such a dire and very low service delivery.

I mean, apart from a 2hr waste of my time on the 1/2/22(refer to complaint email made after the call which too wasnt acknowledged until a very low customer service again today 9/2/22 with Nayim, my day4 call) And i haven’t even fully started let alone a customer acct number still not generated until i made mention of it again today???, or is it the complaint made and made known to the last credit control caller craig on 2/2/22 ” who should acknowledged and followed up as promised to, or is it my bank ACCT number which was given completely correctly l to naz at sales on day 1 which has caused the whole saga and craig now rerequesting it again on day 3 and not implementing it albeit it was confirmed as okayed by him on 2/2/22……………

After the appalling start, id made a complaint but to date wasnt acknowledged.

During todays call, 9/2/22 call which started okay but after another misguided long stint, i was again left very frustrated and nayim claiming again my bank account number not showing after previously given…He was even matching me in a slanging verbal match & all in front of my kids.

I have had enough and now wish my account cancelled….

Bad bad bad start…., thank God for being within cancellation things ll only get worse im afraid so i am out!

I dont want your £75 if this is how it will be.

Pls revert my service back to post office.

Kind regards


Have been trying to get my mothers phone line working haven’t been able to speak to anyone in 4 days she is 89 year old partially sighted partially deaf and suffers from dementia all I wants the line tested have been on Twitter aswell such a poor company who are quick to take your money but won’t give a service in reply



Waited over a month for them to connect my internet service before giving up. Kept giving dates for activation which were then missed, and vague explanations as to what the problem was. Also, different reps said completely different things. Gave up in the end. Service was active both before and after my attempt to switch to this company.

DISGRACE Broadband no working, an hour on phone…

Broadband not working, an hour on phone on hold and live chat the same. give up and will leave Shell asap

Use at your peril

Given an option, I’d give Shell -5 for telephone/broadband customer service. Held on the phoneline for over two hours waiting for a “tech guy” to check on a fault on my 93 year old mother-in’law’s phone line without success. The chat line was unavailable so the following day I tried again. Over 1 hour waiting without success. Frankly they are the worst provider I’ve ever had the misfortune to use.

Moved from post office to shell and…

Moved from post office to shell and nothing worked. Broadband speed dropped to 17mbs from 34 mbs. Could not get through on the phone, waited 41 mins, with no answer. Cancellation charge astronomical.

I have recently migrated over to Shell…

I have recently migrated over to Shell Broadband from Post Office.
Firstly they don’t have a freephone number for low-income customers where the Post Office did.
Secondly, I spend the best part of 1 hour and 10 mins on expensive 0330 number at .15 per min on the phone dealing with someone who was unhelpful and uncaring regarding slow broadband and now taking up my case with their complaints department about the refund of the phone call, to be honest with its a disgrace and frankly, they are the worst provider I’ve ever had the misfortune to use. I am looking to move away if possible penalty free!

Really unprofessional customer service…

Really unprofessional customer service team. Wasted my 3 days just for a Broadband upgrade! Completely unacceptable behaviour. I would never recommend this company to anyone. I will surely post my review to everywhere and I don’t even mind putting this to my fan page. A simple upgrade is taking more than a month for them. They promised lots of times but never kept their promises. I am very disappointed with their service.



I am a new Shell Broadband Customer.

I was sent a router with a defective wps connector and so am unable to connect to critical devices until the router is replaced.

To have it replaced I will have to ring Shell at 15. per minute [standard call charges] because they do not provide an 0800 number – and hope they will answer before they have bankrupted me.

I have to call them because the CHAT facility on their website has been deactivated.

When I try to use the app it doesnt load on my iPad or returns an error message on my iPhone:

“Oops! We were unable to add your account list – Try again.” Trying again only takes me through the same process.

My broadband speed at the moment is no more than 2kbs.

My previous supplier was PLUSNET which has an 0800 number and excellent customer service.

If you are reading this, whatever apparent financial inducement SHELL may offer for you to be come a customer it will COST YOU FAR MORE in the long run WITH NO SUPPORT or effective CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Avoid this company, they breach contract and charge you for cancelling, close your complaints immediately

First of all I want to say, AVOID, this company cuts off your internet without giving any prior notice as to why, when, or how, then when you submit a complaint they immediately close it without any correspondance whatsoever, what happened? Well let me tell you, I’ve been using their broadband for just under a month, everything was “fine” until one day my connection completely went off, I could not get in touch with anyone from the company, and the outage was during my work (I work remotely), they did not message, email or call to give notice, and after i call them to cancel the service they charge me £300 for an unstable service, and for the outage?
They offer a mediocre £5 credit, oh but wait theres more, i filed a complaint on the same call, and after i get off the phone i get an email saying my complaint has been closed.
So to sum up, they breach contract, due to loss of service and they close my complaint? This will be submitted to the ombudsman.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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