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How Chris Finlayson bungled the Mother of all Projects: Sakhalin II

Chris Finlayson representing Shell and Alexander Medvedev, Gazprom’s Vice Chairman

By John Donovan

Chris Finlayson, the newly appointed Chief Executive of BG Group, held a leadership position in Shell’s Sakhalin II project in Russia from September 2005 to September 2009. The venture was described as “the Mother of all Projects” by the Financial Times.

We have already published an article about his involvement in the Royal Dutch Shell reserves scandal, providing evidence – in the form of authentic Shell internal documents – supporting my conclusion that he was either part of the cover-up, or negligent in his fiduciary duties as a senior Shell executive to protect the interests of investors. read more

The loose cannon from Sakhalin Energy

I appreciate your intent but I think you are taking significant risks for your own safety with these emails. I strongly suggest you leave these things behind you and look for other opportunities and the future. Just forget about this as it is not worth it!”

By John Donovan

Our new Sakhalin source, whose identity is well known to Shell and associated parties including Sakhalin Energy and Gazprom, has supplied us with emails they have received from current and former senior people involved in Sakhalin Energy. We believe the emails are genuine.

The following are extracts from one such email they received:

I did not react to your first email a week ago and have mixed feelings when you now send me another one.
I appreciate your intent but I think you are taking significant risks for your own safety with these emails. I strongly suggest you leave these things behind you and look for other opportunities and the future. Just forget about this as it is not worth it!
Whatever happens with SNGS will happen but it is not up to me and neither do I want to be involved with SNGS now or in the future.
We were happy, not to have to be confronted anymore to anything related to all these negative things that happened in Sakhalin. We only would like to cherish the good things which luckily is much more than what happened at the end of our stay in Sakhalin.
Emails like you wrote to SEIC management will only be negative perceived by anyone who receives them and could be damaging for the people still working in SNGS. If we really do want to help the people in SNGS, than the best thing to do is to stay out of this and avoid that SNGS would receive more negative publicity regardless the good intentions you have. read more

Donovans mud throwing campaign against Shell

“It looks like the Donovans, the Royal Dutch Shell humiliators and mud throwing campaign initiators, the donors of cheat and steal approach are indemnified, otherwise they could have been sued for their below the belt statements derogating human dignity and respect. And the methods they use are outrageous examples of brainwashing of the people not involved in the petroleum industry, mixing true and false facts making it almost impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff. I am writing this because I have worked on the Sakhalin 1 and 2 Project…”

By John Donovan

Printed below is an extraordinary email circulated overnight by a disgruntled former employee of Sakhalin Energy to various recipients, including senior people at Sakhalin Energy, Gazprom, Royal Dutch Shell, the Financial Times, Dow Jones Newswires, Bloomberg, the Russian government and the UK Police. It was originally sent to Thomas Zengerly, a director of Sakhalin Energy.

As can be seen, the sender does not seem to be particularly fond of us or our involvement in the Sakhalin 2 project as a conduit for whistleblowers.
read more

Mysterious email to Sakhalin Energy

By John Donovan

I have printed below extracts from a mysterious email, partly in English and partly in Russian, circulated to a number of people at Sakhalin Energy earlier today, with a copy supplied to us. it seems to have been sent by a disgruntled employee (an interpreter/translator?) and has a sinister aspect with a reference to the Mafia (the Russian Mafia?).

It also makes a reference to plagiarism and contains a threat to “sell my story to and become the Donovans’ friend…” read more

Was Brinded pushed?

The Financial Times has described the unexpected exit of Malcolm Brinded from Royal Dutch Shell, as a surprise. Probably an even a bigger surprise to Brinded bearing in mind that at 58, he is still a few years from retirement. It seems to have been a case of premature ejection.

Another shell director playing General Patton?

Purported leaked email with video link received from an anonymous source with the covering message:

“Potential for another Shell director playing *General Patton…listen to the video…”


On behalf of Bob Turner,

We have just posted the latest video clip on the IPO website. In this clip I talk about Gas to Offshore and our preparations and some issues around our culture which I call “NO” will no longer be the low risk option”.

Please have a look. I hope you find it informative and topical. My previous clips will be archived in the Library folder.

As always I welcome your feedback.

Have a safe day


?Bob Turner Video


*From Wikipedia article “List of plagiarism controversies

On 6 June 2007, the Financial Times published a front page article under the headline: “‘Pipeliners All!’ Shell’s memo to Sakhalin”[24] read more

Former Shell exec David Greer on the poach

David J. Greer I have recently moved on to another exciting challenge and have been appointed as CEO of SIS, the flagship company of the Al-Suwaidi Group, providing professional project management, construction and maintenance services to major industries and is one of the most respected and reputable contractors in Saudi Arabia.

In this regard, I am very interested in hiring experienced construction managers and supervisors, contract engineers, estimators, quantity surveyors, planners and project accountants who I have had the pleasure of working with in past projects.

Interested? Please get in touch asap


AP: David Greer

Friday, June 22, 2007. Issue 3683. Page 5.
By Max Delany
Staff Writer

David Greer, the Sakhalin Energy deputy CEO running the giant Sakhalin-2 oil and gas project, has left the company unexpectedly just weeks after a leaked e-mail he wrote revealed the pressure that managers working there were facing.

Greer’s departure comes as Shell is adjusting to ceding control of the $20 billion project to Gazprom after sustained state pressure.

“I can confirm that David Greer has left the company to pursue other business interests,” Sakhalin Energy spokesman Ivan Chernyakhovsky said Thursday. He did not elaborate on Greer’s future plans. read more Wikipedia article December 2007 version

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Revision as of 19:16, 24 December 2007

Regal Falls to Record on Greer Exit, Ukraine Gas Flow Failure


By Eduard Gismatullin – Sep 30, 2010

Regal Petroleum Plc, the U.K. explorer focusing on natural-gas projects in Ukraine, fell to the lowest share price on record after Chief Executive Officer David Greer quit and as gas wells failed to stabilize output.

Regal dropped as much as 31 percent to 18.25 pence in London trading, the lowest price since Sept. 27, 2002. The stock was at 21 pence at 10:03 a.m. local time, valuing the company at 66.86 million pounds ($106 million). The shares have fallen about 80 percent in the last year. read more

How to take safe but satisfying revenge on the boss

There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing bosses fall not on their own swords but on their own words. David Greer, a Shell executive, gave a lot of pleasure to a lot of people with his leaked e-mail that ordered his underlings to "lead me, follow me or get out of my way".

David Greer still bobbing and weaving at Regal

In February, David Greer, chief executive, said he expected the loan documentation to be finalised within six weeks. However, on Wednesday he said: “We chose to suspend talks with Macquarie because of the heavy obligations and onerous conditions that were being proposed.

Regal denies reports of $1.2bn approach by Shell

Mr Greer added: “Nobody in this company has received any letter from Shell of the type reported in the newspapers?.?.?.?The only letter I have received from Shell is my pension statement.”

Business big shot: David Greer of Regal Petroleum

Mr Greer's exhortations that his staff should “lead me, follow me or get out of my way” bore a striking resemblance to a famous speech given by the American general George Patton to troops during the Second World War. Widely ridiculed, Mr Greer, every inch the grizzled oilman, resigned.

Regal Petroleum denies $1.2bn Shell offer

In a formal statement released this morning, Regal said they had not received an offer. But the denial did not convince the market that a bid offer is out of the question, as Regal shares were holding their early gains by late morning.

Regal Petroleum Jumps on Reports Shell to Bid $1.2 Billion

Shell spokeswoman Olga Gorodilina declined to comment on the report.

Regal says no bid approach from Shell

A Regal spokesman said the Daily Telegraph report that the company had received a letter proposing a 300 pence per share bid was not true. "We have seen no such letter," the spokesman said, citing comments he had just received from Chief Executive David Greer.

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