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Mysterious email to Sakhalin Energy

By John Donovan

I have printed below extracts from a mysterious email, partly in English and partly in Russian, circulated to a number of people at Sakhalin Energy earlier today, with a copy supplied to us. it seems to have been sent by a disgruntled employee (an interpreter/translator?) and has a sinister aspect with a reference to the Mafia (the Russian Mafia?).

It also makes a reference to plagiarism and contains a threat to “sell my story to and become the Donovans’ friend…”

The reference to plagiarism may allude to the David Greer Motivational Memo debacle – a leaked internal email from Greer to his demoralized Sakhalin II work force – that ended in his resignation as Deputy Chairman of Sakhalin Energy as a result of our involvement.

As to selling a story to us, we have never paid anyone for information and will never do so.


Subject: Re: No subject
Date: 30 June 2012 14:05:19 GMT+01:00
To: “[email protected]” <[email protected]>, “[email protected]” <[email protected]>, “[email protected]” <[email protected]>, “[email protected]” <[email protected]>
Cc: [email protected]

Соскучились по Палажченко? Allegations of plagiarism as an internationally accepted practice, this time it’s Romania’s turn… Do you ever get that feeling… When everything you’ve lived for Just walked out the door Every time you get close to the top You fall Crashing down from the sky. Strange behavior, really strange. Что за понты, Ponta? Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes, especially when the President’s name is Traian. It’s an anonymous Nature… UB40, 2?

17.06.2012, 18:04,
It’s amazing that the ideas expressed by different philosophers, psychologists are so much applicable to SNGS and the case with Mr. Wijnen-Riems… I have only mentioned sketchily the basics stated by Sighele.. but it’s amazing that you, Big Bosses, haven’t u read them? Still amazed..

29.03.2012, 19:48, ”

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve already mentioned that Pavel Palazhchenko’s My Unsystematic Dictionary is my book of wisdom and let’s compare it with another ‘book of wisdom’ — Dictionary of Bushisms, the former is so complicated than the latter that Mr. Chernyakhovskiy didn’t recognize some wordings borrowed from there and couldn’t grasp the ideas.

And I’ve already said that I have all reasonable grounds to sue ENL and any American would have done that to get compensation for moral damage or to sell my story to  and become the Donovans’ friend, “месть такое же простое и верное человеческое чувство, как благодарность; …восстановление правды дороже мести.” Northing’s indestructible.

“La revolution est faite: c’est clair comme bonjour,” – one might have said in 1991 talking about the whole country or in 2007 talking about the Projects. But really couldn’t understand why I should come back to the hostile work environment plus you’ve got the army of soldafons and orient slaves worth nothing if compared to one warrior in me.

“Грандиозные вещи делаются грандиозными средствами,” and if you have surrounded yourself by the crowd of cheats, “принимающих Россию – за аферу, службу – за выгодную сделку, место – за счастливый случай наживы”…

Keep smiling… Fools smile as they kill. I don’t f. care about that Cosa Nostra and La Piovra – я эти щупальца-то вырву и рога пообломаю, the power of word, you know. The reasons to hide were the reasons I cried Fools pass laughing still. Komm und rette mich. Hear my cry. But even tears wouldn’t leave a stain, a powerful weapon used by many women to bruise one’s soul. Fools die laughing still.

Am I nervous? “An interpreter’s first commandment,” according to Pavel, 40, “is never to be at a loss. So the nervousness factor has to be cut off. An interpreter must know how to be in complete control of himself.” And I’ll be forty this year…on the 30th of September, which is also the International Translators’ Day.



We have received further cryptic emails overnight from the same source, circulated to senior people at Sakhalin Energy, including for example, Ivan Chernyakhovskiy, Head of Communications. We will not publish anything further unless supplied with a clear account of what this is all about.

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