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File of articles relating to the David Greer and the motivational memo scandal Shell Discovers The Perils Of Plagiarism 12 June 2007

Financial Times: David Greer Memo 12 June 2007

Financial Times: Energy Filter: Stirring words on Sakhalin 11 June 2007

Red Faces at Shell Over Leaked Memo 11 June 2007

HULIQ, NC: Breaking News: Royal Dutch Shell Executive disgraced in plagiarism scandal 11 June 2007

Financial Times: Motivational memos must make their message clear 11 June 2007 Live Chat debate on David Greer memo scandal 10 June 2007

The Moscow Times: Sakhalin Pep Talk From Old Blood and Guts: Oleg Mitvol, said Greer’s bombastic memo had made him laugh 9 June 2007

flipchartfairytales: Motivational e-mails – not a good idea 9 June 2007 Mike Chitty gives his expert opinion on the Greer motivational memo controversy 9 June 2007 Reply to Eric Arkesteijn of Shell-SEIC 8 June 2007 Personal vendetta 8 June 2007 “Pipeliners All!” Shell’s memo to Sakhalin 7 June 2007

Financial Times: FT Poll on Greer memo updated 07 June 2007

Financial Times: Shell man’s motivation memo is straight from the Patton script: “Talent borrows, genius steals” 7 June 2007 Former Shell Executive Paddy Briggs comments on the David Greer memo scandal 6 June 2007

MSNBC: “Pipeliners All!” Shell’s memo to Sakhalin 6 June 2007 David Greer accused of plagiarism: “This memo is not even in fact original” 6 June 2007 An open invitation to David Greer of Sakhalin Energy 6 June 2007

Time Magazine: Quotes of the Day: From General David Greer 6 June 2007

Financial Times: Is this the worst motivational memo ever? 5 June 2007

Financial Times: “Pipeliners All!” Shell’s memo to Sakhalin: The e-mail in full 5 June 2007

Financial Times: “Pipeliners All!” Shell’s memo to Sakhalin 5 June 2007

Royal Dutch Shell has this morning confirmed the authenticity of a leaked email from David Greer, Deputy CEO of Sakhalin Energy 5 June 2007

Archive article relating to David Greer:

Dow Jones: Russia: Sakhalin II and Bribery: article from October 2005

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