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Shell’s planned $12.5 billion gas-to-liquids plant revives traumatic memories

Donna Caillet

Donna Caillet

The news that Shell Oil Co. is considering building a $12.5 billion gas-to-liquids facility in Ascension Parish has brought back traumatic memories from long ago to my family about a deadly explosion at a Shell plant that shattered our lives. …not only was my father dead, apparently blown to pieces, but was also the person blamed for the explosion and the appalling consequences. We were shocked when we found out years later that the information given to us by Shell about the accident was false, and that my father had nothing to do with the explosion. In the meantime, Shell had destroyed the evidence.

By Donna Caillet

The news that Shell Oil Co. is considering building a $12.5 billion gas-to-liquids facility in Ascension Parish has brought back traumatic memories from long ago to my family about a deadly explosion at a Shell plant that shattered our lives.

Leroy Joseph Caillet

The area is across the Mississippi River from where my father, a WW2 Veteran, was working for Shell Oil at Bayou Sorrell Field in 1956. It was Dec. 21st and the last hour of work before the Christmas holidays. I was 10  and my two brothers were young teenagers. The night before was Thursday and the stores in large cities stayed open late on that night. My father and mother had taken us Christmas shopping and we parked our car at the levee and rode the ferry across the Mississippi River to downtown Baton Rouge, like most people did back then. My father took my brothers to a sporting goods store to buy them a shotgun for Christmas and I was given $20.00 to buy what I wanted. My mother took me and I bought a doll with no clothes and then headed to the third floor of JC Penneys where they sold fabric. I bought stacks and stacks of every color satin and tulle for my mother to make fancy dresses for my doll. There were piles of tickets and each half yard cost 17cents.We then met up and headed back to the ferry and the 25 mile trip home. As soon as we got back, I lined up my piles of goodies on my bed and called through the bathroom door for my father to come and see what I had bought. His job was about 12 miles each way and then after work the shopping trip was 50 miles round trip so I guess it was pretty late by then. His last words to me through the bathroom door was “Baby, daddy’s tired, I’ll see it as soon as I come home from work tomorrow.” I picked out the yellow fabric so my mother could have a fancy  dress made for the doll sitting on my bed when he got home. Not only was he a full time certified welder for Shell, but from 1952 until he died, he had a home upholstery business that he worked at almost every night and weekends. He also played the trombone  in The Merry Makers Orchestra and had played in the High School band as well as on the basketball team. They had just chosen a lot in a new development on which to build a new home. He loved his family, was a good provider and was working exceptionally hard for us to have a comfortable life with security and benefits from a company known to value good work ethics and family life. read more

Starbucks a novice at tax dodging compared with Shell

Shell’s penchant for tax dodging goes back almost 100 years. In comparison, Starbucks is a mere novice.


“This elaborate charade would have delighted Deterding who, in an earlier phase of the Group’s history, had excelled in devising convoluted schemes to avoid tax…”

By John Donovan

Starbucks’ £20m gift ‘makes joke’ of tax system

Starbucks has taken the “unprecedented” step of pledging to pay £20m corporation tax, even if it makes no profit – only for the move to appear to backfire and fuel the fiasco surrounding its UK operation. (SOURCE)

Starbucks the coffee conglomerate has negotiated a deal with HMRC to repay £millions siphoned off under the guise of “brand royalties” to an external tax haven. This was in response to a growing backlash from the UK public and calls for a boycott.

The tax dodging scheme which exploited a legal loophole, is similar to the machinations of Royal Dutch Shell who several years ago shifted ownership of Shell trademarks to a Swiss tax haven with the same objective. 

See: Royal Dutch Shell Plc Tax Dodgers: Offshore – and out of reach to the Revenue read more

Message to Shell HR EVP, Upstream Americas: Wake Up Culpepper, start listening for a change!


Mr Culpepper strikes again and tells senior leaders to suck it up and support the new Shell Real Estate vision of the future. The new open concept is a tremendous step backwards for all of those less than LC but is widely supported by senior management.

So Culpepper, why do you not listen to the staff on these issues, is it just pure arrogance when you totally ignore the last three years of Shell People surveys, which quite obviously show you that people DISLIKE their working conditions. Instead SRE go off on a multi million-dollar campaign to plant trees and flowers to make Alcatraz Woodcreek Branch look appealing. read more


United States Court of Appeals,Federal Circuit.


SHELL OIL COMPANY and Atlantic Richfield Company, Plaintiffs -Appellees, v. UNITED STATES, Defendant–Appellant.

No. 2010–5161.

— March 07, 2012

 Judgement to vacate a ruling (Re: Environmental Clean up Costs)

Shell Oil Company Invests Nearly $4 Million in The University of Texas at Austin

Feb. 14, 2012

AUSTIN, Texas — Shell Oil Company executives visited The University of Texas at Austin on Friday, Feb. 10, to present a check in the amount of $3,963,250, representing the company’s investment in the university for the year.

About $3.5 million of the total was designated for sponsored research. Shell has active research partnerships with the university’s Cockrell School of Engineering, Jackson School of Geosciences and Marine Science Institute. Those partnerships include the Shell-UT Unconventional Research (SUTUR) initiative. read more

Shell Oil Company dumped toxic chemicals into waterway for over 60 yrs

A Shell Oil Co. refinery dumped wastewater into the bayou for more than 60 years, lacing the mucky bottom with toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

DEQ says Bayou Trepagnier, one of state’s most polluted waterways, has been cleaned up

NORCO, La. — The state Department of Environmental Quality says one of Louisiana‘s most polluted waterways has been cleaned up. It’s Bayou Trepagnier (trep-AN’-yay) in Norco.

A Shell Oil Co. refinery dumped wastewater into the bayou for more than 60 years, lacing the mucky bottom with toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

The current owner, Motiva Enterprises LLC, agreed in 2008 to a $10 million cleanup plan.

DEQ says contaminated soil at the end nearest the refinery was removed as an 800-foot-wide “clean zone.” read more

Motiva refutes assertion of sole-source supply for Port Arthur refinery

Jill Davis, Media, Issues and Crisis Manager for Shell Oil Company has confirmed the authenticity of this Motiva Statement – June 14, 2011

A Dow Jones Newswire article published Friday, June 10, 2011 (below), discussed the future source of crude oil supplies for Motiva Enterprise’s Port Arthur, Texas, facility.  The article referenced a source who indicated that Saudi Arabia will be the sole supplier of crude oil for the expanded facility.  In response to this assertion, Motiva reiterates that no sole-source supply arrangements have been made for the Port Arthur refinery.  The company will continue reviewing its various supply options for a cost-efficient source of crude. read more

Controversy in U.S. fraud claim brought against Shell Oil

The lawsuit centers on claims by Sentis Group Inc., and owner Alan Barazi, regarding a contract with Shell Oil Co. to operate 29 mini-mart gas stations in Kansas City. Barazi disputed Shell's expense and profit figures and sought $28 million in damages for alleged fraud and breach of contract under the Petroleum Marketing Practices Act. Sentis Group Inc. v. Shell Oil Co., No. 07-2308 (8th Cir.)

Shell Sees Global Oil Demand Doubling By 2050

NPR Home Page

Morning Edition, February 27, 2009 · As oil companies plan for the future, they are expecting prices and demand to be higher. Oil company executives were on Capitol Hill this week to discuss offshore drilling, which they say needs to be part of America’s long-term energy policy. Shell Oil Company President Marvin Odum tells Steve Inskeep that he expects demand throughout the world to double by 2050.

Video clip available at… npr

2 JUNE 2008: STATEMENT BY SHELL OIL COMPANY: Shell Energy North America Merger Complete

Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell) announced today that the merger between its wholly owned subsidiary, Shell Energy North America (US), L.P. (Shell Energy North America) and four of that company's U.S.-based Coral operating companies is complete. Shell Energy North America is the remaining entity.

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