Royal Dutch Shell Plc  .com Rotating Header Image Shell Launches New Shell V-Power®, Its Most Advanced Fuel Ever (what, non-tainted?) Shell Launches New Shell V-Power®, Its Most Advanced Fuel Ever (what, non-tainted?)

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Posted 2 August 04

New Premium Gasoline Actively Cleans As Cars Are Driven, Has More Than Five Times the Minimum Amount of Cleaning Agents Required By Government Standards

As they prepare to head down the road to a beach, a barbecue or a backyard celebration, motorists traveling this summer will be able to fill up with a new premium fuel – Shell V-Power. The most advanced Shell fuel ever developed, Shell V-Power actively cleans critical engine parts – specifically intake valves and fuel injectors – as customers drive their cars. New Shell V-Power is available at Shell stations across the country.

Shell V-Power has more than five times the minimum amount of cleaning agents required by government standards, according to Mark Henry, manager of fuels for Shell Oil Products US. Just as the exterior of a vehicle accumulates dirt and other build-up over time, a vehicle’s engine may also accumulate build-up if it runs on low-detergent fuels. With regular use of Shell V-Power, drivers can clean their vehicles’ intake valves and fuel injectors as they drive.

“When your drains and pipes are clogged, you use a clog remover that can clean soap scum and food build-up so that water can move more efficiently through them,” Henry explained. “Similarly, Shell V-Power can remove carbon deposits left behind by low detergency gasolines so that the air and fuel can mix more efficiently inside your vehicle’s engine – cleaning your car’s engine as you drive. With millions of Americans planning to hit the road for vacations and road trips this summer, now is the perfect time to experience the benefits of this new fuel.”

Bob Weber, on-site mechanic for, affirms that keeping a vehicle’s engine clean is important. “Gasolines with inadequate additive packages can leave spongy carbon deposits in the engine. As a result, the spongy build-up may absorb fuel, which may cause a vehicle to experience hesitation during its warm-up period,” he explained. “To prevent carbon build-up, drivers should use quality gasolines that are high in additives or cleaning agents.”

Shell, which enjoys a position as the No. 1 selling gasoline brand in the United States, tested Shell V-Power prior to its introduction through independent, third-party testing facilities and at the company’s advanced Westhollow Technology Center, a fuel testing facility in Houston. Over the course of more than a year, this advanced fuel formulation was exposed to laboratory tests, engine test beds, and actual driving tests in vehicles of various makes, models and ages.

The tests proved that Shell V-Power helps remove deposits and can protect your engine from future carbon deposit build up. Removing these deposits is important because an engine will work most effectively when it has the maximum amount of air and an exact amount of fuel to burn together. Unfortunately, engines that have carbon deposit build up on intake valves and fuel injectors, may work less effectively while the engine is warming up to its normal operating temperature. If these deposits aren’t removed, the vehicle may experience hesitation during the engine’s initial warm-up phase.

“For most consumers, a car, truck or SUV represents the second-largest – if not the largest – purchase they will make during their lifetime, so it’s important to protect that investment,” Henry said. “Just as washing and waxing a car helps keep a car clean on the outside, using a high-quality, high-detergency fuel can keep intake valves and fuel injectors clean on the inside.”

Consumers will hear about new Shell V-Power through a $30 million national communications campaign, including print, television, radio and Internet advertising. The communications campaign to support the new fuel is one of Shell’s most significant marketing investments since the company began selling fuel in the United States nearly 100 years ago. Shell also is supporting the launch of the new fuel with a public relations program and other marketing initiatives, such as direct-mail promotions and point-of-purchase displays at all Shell stations.

In addition, Shell has created a mobile marketing tour that will visit approximately 20 major U.S. markets, giving consumers a fun way to learn about Shell V-Power and put a human face with the Shell brand. As part of the interactive tour, consumers will have the opportunity to have their picture taken with a Shell Ferrari F1 racecar while learning more about Shell V-Power. Consumers also will be able to find out more about the benefits of Shell V-Power through a consumer-friendly, product-specific Web site located at

New Shell V-Power gasoline replaces the company’s existing premium-grade offering and is currently available at Shell stations nationwide. While other differentiated premium fuels similar to Shell V-Power have been introduced by Shell in more than 50 countries worldwide since 1997, this launch of Shell V-Power in the U.S. marks the largest launch of the product to date. For more information on Shell gasolines, please log onto or

Shell Oil Products US, a subsidiary of Shell Oil Company, is a leader in the refining, transportation and marketing of fuels, and has a network of nearly 7,200 branded gasoline stations in the Western United States. Shell Oil Company is a 50 percent owner of Motiva Enterprises LLC, along with Saudi Refining, Inc., which refines and markets branded products through 11,000 stations in the Eastern and Southern United States. Shell Oil Company is an affiliate of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies (NYSE: RD/SC). For more information, please visit

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