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Shell News Archive Friday 17 December, 2004

Shell News Archive Friday 17 December, 2004

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Bid for WMC May Be Canberra’s Next Headache: “Like the takeover battle in 2001 between Shell and Woodside Petroleum Ltd., the latest bid contains myriad potential pitfalls for Mr. Costello and the government. Woodside operates the multibillion-dollar North West Shelf gas project, and Shell is both a partner in the project and Woodside’s single biggest shareholder.” ( 17 Dec 04 Shell to overhaul global media setup: “Energy giant Shell has revealed it will review its £100m global media account in 2005, with a view to consolidating the entire business into one advertising network.” ( 17 Dec 04

Daily Telegraph (UK): Investors: We’re glad Shell came clean: “Reflecting on a disastrous year, Mr van der Veer said: “March/April was the nadir, with more debookings, press articles on ‘who knew what’, Shell leaking like a sieve – which still makes me angry – problems with the SEC, annual report delayed, agm delayed, hammering from all the media and financial markets.” ( 17 Dec 04

Daily Telegraph (UK): Corporate glasnost may be just the remedy to bring Shell in from the cold: Investors: We’re glad Shell came clean: “Mr van der Veer is a revelation for the Kremlinologists who are used to reading between the lines of Shell’s normally turgid corporate utterances. It actually looks as though he means business. At the end of its annus horribilis, Shell appears to have found an executive who grasps the need to change the way things are done there.” ( 17 Dec 04

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Kremlin Reasserts Hold on Russia’s Oil and Gas: “Sergei Bogdanchikov, who would lead Gazprom’s oil and gas business, said Gazprom wanted to compete with giants like Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell and BP.”: “For American consumers and investors, the obituary of Yukos would be a symbol of what Russia can do to companies that have come into such riches that even the Kremlin is envious.” ( 17 Dec 04

Business Wire: West Africa Breaks Ground on Major Pipeline Project; Nexant Provides Critical Advisory Services to Historic Venture: “The 693-km pipeline will transport natural gas from the Niger Delta in Nigeria”: “The pipeline’s owners/developers are the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, ChevronTexaco, Shell, the Volta River Authority of Ghana, Societe Togolaise de Gaz, and Societe Beninoise de Gaz.” ( 17 Dec 04

The Guardian (UK): ‘Time is running out’: “Certainly businesses and investors are not blind to the opportunities that climate change policies can deliver. A visit to WBCSD’s website (] shows how its member companies (which include international corporations such as Dow Chemicals, Shell and Coca Cola) are achieving significant business benefits through energy efficient operations and the development of energy-conserving products and services.” ( Posted 17 Dec 04

The Guardian (UK): My head is on the block, admits Shell chief executive: “Jeroen van der Veer, Shell’s chief executive, has admitted privately that many of his own managers have deep misgivings about the way the company is being run by him and his team.”: “And he admitted that if “I look at what our middle levels think about the company, I’m very concerned”. ( 17 Dec 04

THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Royal/Dutch Shell CEO frets about reserves: “The company is rechecking the remaining 6 billion barrels and expects to complete the review by the end of the month, he said. But failure to complete the job by then could be severe.” ( Posted 17 Dec 04 Shell Gasolines Meet ’Top Tier’ Gasoline Standard: “According to Shell, gasoline meeting only minimum requirements can leave harmful deposits on engine parts.” ( Posted 17 Dec 04

Lloyds List: North Sea oil output slumped to 14-year low in September: “New projects that have come on line this year, including Shell’s Goldeneye gas-condensate project and the imminent start-up of BP’s Clair project should reduce the rate of overall decline in 2005.” ( 17 Dec 04

Yahoo! Business News: Wood Group Production technology win 10 mln usd Shell contract ( Posted 17 Dec 04 (United Arab Emirates): Committee shortlists UAE schools’ proposals for 2005 Shell Better Environment Awards ( Posted 17 Dec 04 and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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