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Shell News Archive Friday, 31 December 2004

Shell News Archive Friday, 31 December 2004

The Guardian (UK): Shell hits self-destruct button: “Shell will start the new year with a mountain to climb to re-establish its reputation after the most traumatic period in its 100-year history, with its chairman and two directors axed, legal action against it and condemnation by regulators.”: “An internal inquiry later came up with astonishing evidence that Sir Philip and Mr Van de Vijver were at war for years over the reserves issue. “I’m sick and tired about lying” said Mr Van de Vijver in one email.” ( 31 Dec 04

THE LONDON TIMES: Half of the FTSE 100 establish relief operations: “Shell is providing free fuel to rescue operations in Thailand and fresh water supplies in parts of Sri Lanka.” ( 31 Dec 04

THE LONDON TIMES: Tempus Ten end year with a bang despite early jitters: “Shares in BP, the UK’s biggest quoted company, were helped by the rising oil price. Contrasts with the managerial problems at Shell…” ( 31 Dec 04

THE INDEPENDENT (UK): Year of bids, deals, scandal and sackings: Business quiz of the year: Test your financial recollection of some of 2004’s most memorable moments: “16. Who slipped on an oil slick, but still walked away with £1m?”: “ANSWER: Sir Phil Watts, who was fired from Shell over misreported oil reserves.” ( 31 Dec 04

Reuters: Nigeria Chief Says Chevron Dispute Over: “Unarmed villagers from the Niger Delta village of Kula besieged three flow stations operated by Chevron and oil giant Royal Dutch Shell on Dec. 5 in a dispute over jobs and development, forcing the multinationals to shut in a total of 120,000 bpd.”: “Sara-Igbe also said his community was in talks with Shell that were expected to lead to the re-opening of Shell’s 100,000 bpd output.” ( Posted 31 Dec 04 Shell maps out potential social responsibility partnership for 2005: “In an unprecedented move, representatives of UAE governments, major NGOs and energy giant Shell have agreed to work towards ways of creating tripartite partnerships in sustainable development initiatives.” ( Posted 31 Dec 04

Borneo Bulletin: Shell staff reported missing in Tsunami tragedy ( Posted 31 Dec 04 and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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