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Royal Dutch Shell News Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Royal Dutch Shell News Tuesday, 26 April 2005

LONDON EVENING STANDARD: Shell hit by Gulf setback: “SHELL, still reeling from the scandal of its overstated reserves last year, today found its attempts to look for new oilfields around the world has hit problems in the Gulf.”: “Shell is a 34% investor in Petroleum Development Oman… the country’s government has moved to bring in Occidental Petroleum as a co-investor, ordering Shell to hand over technical and geological data.” ( 26 April 05

Financial Times: BP beats expectations and boosts FTSE: Shares in Shell were helped by the results and firmed 0.4 per cent to 480p. Shell is due to announce its interim results on Thursday.” ( 26 April 05

THE INDEPENDENT (UK): The twilight zone: We’ve been warned about ‘peak oil’- the day that heralds the end of cheap energy. It’s the biggest threat to our lives and livelihoods, but no one is listening. Former industry insider Jeremy Leggett outlines the six reasons why we need to act now: “Then the Shell reserves fiasco began to unfold in January 2004…” ( Posted 26 April 05

Los Angeles Times: Shell May Lose Oman Oil Field to Occidental: “Royal Dutch/Shell Group, Europe’s second-largest oil company, may lose its rights to a 2.4-billion-barrel oil field in Oman because of a disagreement with the government over how to develop the deposit, officials familiar with the talks said Monday.”: “Shell is seeking new fields after disclosing in January 2004 that it had overstated oil and gas reserves for years.” ( 26 April 05

AME Info (United Arab Emirates): Qatar Shell, huge investments: “Qatar Shell has signed agreements for the $6-7 billion Qatargas 4 LNG plant and a $2 billion petrochemical plant this year.” ( 26 April 05

Lloyds List: Auk, Fulmar and Dunlin to leave the nest: “SHELL and ExxonMobil are selling their interests in the Auk, Fulmar and Dunlin production platforms in the UK North Sea.” ( 26 April 05

THE LONDON TIMES: Race for pumps as fuel protesters take to road: “Sources confirmed, however, that the decision by the farmers’ group to protest at Stanlow and park heavy farm equipment and tractors near the Shell plant had changed the mood among some people.” ( 26 April 05

DAILY TELEGRAPH (UK): Campaign diary 2005: Running out of gas: “The group Farmers for Action, which caused tremors and long queues at petrol pumps around Britain in 2000, tried to stage a repeat at the same Shell oil refinery at Stanlow, Cheshire, where it had such success before.” ( 26 April 05

The Guardian (UK): Farmers stage fuel price demonstration: “A Shell spokeswoman said the protest had not caused any disruption to the fuel supply.” ( 26 April 05

The Guardian (UK): High oil prices will damage markets, warns Bush: “Yesterday the pressure group Farmers for Action launched a protest at Shell’s Stanlow refinery in Cheshire that was at the centre of nationwide protests in 2000.” ( 26 April 05

The Guardian (UK): Greens say big three ignore climate change: “… fuel protestors of five years ago re-emerged to picket a Shell refinery in protest at high fuel prices.”: “A Shell spokeswoman said: “We would like to reassure our customers that we will do our very best to ensure there is no interruption to supply and that our operations are running as normal.” ( Posted 26 April 05

Reuters: Shell says fuel supply unaffected by protest: “Oil major Shell said on Monday fuel tankers movements in and out of its Stanlow refinery have not been affected by a protest outside the plant by campaigners against high fuel prices.” ( Posted 26 April 05

THE LONDON TIMES: Fuel protesters say they made their point: “At the height of the protest up to 30 tractors and agricultural vehicles formed a rolling blockade at one of the gates to Shell’s refinery in Stanlow, Cheshire…” ( Posted 26 April 04 Committee Blames Shell, NNPC for High Fuel Price ( Posted 26 April 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: ExxonMobil: Singapore Naphtha Cracker Study Progressing: “In December last year, Royal Dutch/Shell Group (RD) announced plans to build a $1 billion naphtha cracker in Singapore with a targeted startup date in 2009. Shell is planning to build a unit with a capacity of 600,000 to 900,000 tons/year, together with the Singapore Economic Development Board.” ( 26 April 05 and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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