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A new company – Royal Dutch Shell plc is born tomorrow A new company – Royal Dutch Shell plc is born tomorrow – but it will forever have a SECOND-HAND Internet id if Shell wins domain name battle

Tuesday 19 July 2005

The World Intellectual Property Organisation has appointed a panel to rule on the complaint brought against Alfred Donovan in respect of the domain names registered and used by him:; and

Since Shell has never previously expressed any interest in the two latter domain names which have been operational for such a long time that they have just been renewed, it is reasonable to conclude that Shell’s real interest is in the first name. It happens to be the name of the new public company – Royal Dutch Shell plc – which comes into existence tomorrow as a trading company. The latter domain names have undoubtedly been challenged by Shell in an attempt to bolster its claim to

The decision by the WIPO appointed panel is expected at the end of July. The losing party then has 10 days to launch court proceedings if they do not wish to accept the panel decision.

However, if Shell does eventually win – which seems possible given its army of 650 in-house lawyers backed up by unlimited financial resources, in an unequal contest against an 88 year old war pensioner – the Royal Dutch Shell $200 billion multinational will end up forever saddled with a SECOND-HAND domain name. That history can never be changed.

As Shell probably does not intend to actually use the domain name, bearing in mind that its principle portal website is and will no doubt continue to be perhaps this historical/hysterical blemish will not be too damaging. However what ever happens, we will remind Shell of the history of the domain name from time to time.

This website and sisters,,,, and, are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia segment.

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