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Shell News Archive Tuesday 9 November, 2005

From our Shell News Archive Tuesday 9 November, 2005

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: THE AFTERNOON REPORT: “Oil executives went to Washington and tried to convince Congress not to siphon off any of their billions in third-quarter profits.”: Wed 9 November 2005: READ Shell’s ex-chairman escapes censure: “Former Shell chairman Sir Philip Watts has escaped censure from the City watchdog over his role in the oil giant’s reserves crisis.”: Wednesday 9 November 2005: READ

Reuters: FSA drops reserves probe into ex-Shell chairman: “Shell shocked investors in 2004 by admitting it had overstated its reserves by around a third. The scandal cost Watts and other senior Shell managers their jobs.”: Wed Nov 9, 2005: READ

BBC NEWS: FSA inquiry clears ex-Shell boss: “The row forced Sir Philip to resign and resulted in Shell being fined £17m for market abuse.”: Last Updated: Wednesday, 9 November 2005, 16:47 GMT: READ

Kommersant (Russia): Shell Expenses Out of Control: “The report was based on analyses of 13 Royal Dutch Shell projects, including Sakhalin-2.”: READ

San Francisco Chronicle: One worker burned in leak at Martinez refinery: “A leak at the Shell refinery in Martinez on Tuesday night spewed oil into the surrounding neighborhood, sent a cloud of gas into the sky and seriously burned an employee, according to Contra Costa health officials.”: Wednesday, November 9, 2005: READ

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Lawmakers Struggle to Define Gasoline Price ‘Gouging’: “…executives from five big oil companies get set to take the hot seat today in a congressional probe into “price gouging”: Wednesday 9 November 2005: READ

The New York Times: Big Oil Seen Toeing the Line at Hearing: “The all-star cast of energy executives due to face Congress on Wednesday has an unenviable task: convincing lawmakers that record profits in the face of sky-high gasoline prices do not warrant penalties.”: Posted Wednesday 9 Nov 05: READ

The New York Times: Editorial: The Windfall Profit Tax: “Top executives of the world’s biggest oil companies will appear today at a Senate hearing.”: Wednesday 9 November 2005: READ

The Guardian: Over a barrel: A decade after the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa, old and new battles against energy giants in Nigeria are raging: “Ten years on, the situation is as desperate as it was when Saro-Wiwa led a peaceful uprising of the Ogoni in opposition to Shell and the fact that the nation’s great oil wealth had never reached the people who had always lived there.” Wed 9 November 2005  READ

Financial Times: Nigeria can help create more moral global economy: By Ken Wiwa: “My father and many others in the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (Mosop) had been campaigning for years against the destruction of the environment of the Niger Delta by the working practices of western oil companies – in particular, Shell.”: Posted Wednesday 9 November 2005: READ

SHELL TO SEA campaign announcement: ”KEN SARA-WIWA” AFRICAN MONSTER PARTY: Commemorations to mark 10th anniversary of Nigerian executions: Posted Wednesday 9 November 2005: READ

The Times: The man who means business in Britain: “Maarten van den Bergh presides over four British quoted companies.”: “Mr van den Bergh has one thing in common with a lot of other captains of industry: he has spent a large part of his career at a single company. In Mr van den Bergh’s case that company was Shell.”: Wednesday 9 November 2005: READ

The Times: Veteran of Shell learns to float above many a boardroom crisis: Maarten van den Bergh has survived troubled times at the top of some of Britain’s leading companies: “Royal Dutch Shell, where he now sits as a non-executive director, where he was president until 2000 and where he began his career in the late 1960s, was forced to admit almost two years ago that it did not have as much oil as it thought it had. The subsequent revisions showed that its system of auditing reserves, for which the board had ultimate responsibility, was in complete disarray.”: Wednesday 9 November 2005: READ and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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